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Monday, June 2, 2014


(Left to Right) OTF NuNu and Lil Durk 

On the afternoon of May 31st an up and coming rapper named OTF NuNu was gunned down on Chicago's South Side. OTF NuNu who's government name is McArthur Swindle is the cousin of gangster rapper Lil Durk who is involved in an all out beef with several gangster rappers including but not limited to: Chief Keef, the Game, Lil Wayne, Tyga.

"...was OTF NuNu a victim 
of a gangster rap beef?" 


With DefJam and Interscope signing gangster rappers to multimillionaire dollar contracts this move has attracted many gangsters to become rappers. They aren't rapping about the ills of the hood as it relates to overcoming and surviving. No! These guys seem to be glorifying murder and mayhem. They've given Chicago and name Chiraq because more people was killed in Chicago than in Iraq during United States occupation under the Bush-Obama Administration. The problem is these gangster rappers are intertwining street beefs on their albums. Gang banging on wax while their followers are ending up in wooden coffins.

Checkout OTF NuNu's twitter page. Click below LINK: 

Even the Almighty Sosa (Chief Keef) rarely visits Chicago, he's also planning on moving to California if he hasn't made that move already. A few weeks ago Chief Keef's cousin Big Glo was murdered. Its really a sad turn of events in Chicago. We have multimillion dollar gangster rappers influencing murder, mayhem and chaos for the sole purpose of record sells regardless of the collateral damage.

Click Below LINKS for answers to (maybe) why OTF NuNu was killed:

Stopping VIOLENCE in Chicago! MUST SEE!


I (Jim Allen) will continue to work with Law Enforcement against senseless shootings and killings, rapists and robbing of elders and senior citizens! Many thanks for this video coming across my desk via email! STOP THE VIOLENCE, SAVE THE BABIES! By any means necessary!

Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, Nation Of Islam (UNITE)

Jim Allen at the mic, to my left is Mark Carter 
and Wallace GATOR Bradley. 
"Silence while I speak to the masses, 
they come to hear the Master at work".


Stop The Violence, 
Save The Babies! 

Vice Lords, Disciple Nation, Latin Kings,
Mickey Cobras, Black P Stones, El Rukin, 
Growth & Development, ETC...

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