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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Do Men Enjoy Eating Ass?

This is one of the most controversial questions women love to ask but don't have the nerve. I've asked several men via social media (in private messages) do they enjoy eating ass and why? 

Let me start by saying not all men eat ass, just as not all women suck balls. There are plenty relationships where oral sex isn't on the main menu, in fact, in some relationships oral sex is rarely performed...and then there are relationships that are strictly oral sex oriented, yet even in those relationships (most, not all) women aren't getting their asses ate.

Sure, there are men who are freaks and will eat any woman's ass, but that's rare among alpha men who have several women throwing their panties at them. Educated men who have several women trying to sleep with them typically aren't out here in these streets eating every woman's ass. Mainly because they know women talk and to add that's just not a good look. 

"60% of the adult population has never once dared 
to have anal sex nor put their tongues on or in a butt hole!"

Some of the men who responded to my question said they've eaten ass and it gives them an intense erection. I can't help but wonder if this "intense erection" is mental, physical or metaphysical as it relates to every hole on our bodies being a type of portal or Chakra. For example: Some women get excited when performing oral sex and their man says "yeah baby, suck this dick!" seems to me his words are entering her ears, registering in her brain and causing some type of endorphin effect. Maybe ass eating causes the same endorphin effect? Maybe there's something special about a woman's root Chakra? 

One thing for sure is most men are attracted to certain female body parts and if a woman has a nice round ass her man is thinking one, two, or three things...he either wants to stick his dick in your ass, eat your ass, or all of the above. LOL! Women in relationships w/ nice asses need to understand this is a fantasy of most (not all) men. 

"...Again, not all men eat ass, 
so please don't go asking your man 
to eat your ass if he hasn't offered!"

If a man eats your ass it's because your ethos, aura, energy and sexuality gives him a certain vibration to be freaky with you. It means there's something about you that turns him on. Certain women turn men on in certain ways just like certain men turn certain women on in various sexual ways. 

Some women will suck her man's dick on a basic level, and then there are women who will suck her man's dick like it's the best thing she's ever tasted. Why? Because the man she's having sex with gives off a certain sexual energy that brings out the nasty freak in her, same thing for men. 

Don't assume because your man ask to eat your ass that means he's eaten ass before, wrong, you just might be his first. You just might be the one that brings the freak out of him... 

The reality is there are women who will never get their asses ate in this lifetime and I'm sure they are probably fine with that, but for the men who eat asses of women they love and are in long-term monogamous relationships, I say "hey, keep her happy if that's what she likes!" 

At some point we have to stop all the hype and stereotypes, if you enjoy eating ass then continue to eat ass, just keep it clean and classy. Don't be out here tossing salad on random THOTS! 

By: Dr. Jim Allen  

Thursday, March 16, 2017


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100 Black Leaders of Chicago, and the
Southside Economic Development Project.
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Is Suicide A SIN?

Is suicide an unforgivable sin? In fact there are no clear cut answers on whether or not suicide is an unforgivable sin. Nor is there Biblical proof that suicide is murder in the first degree. I use the wording "murder in the first degree" because my mind slips me of a better analogy. 

Suicide is indeed the ending of one's life by said person. But are there other ways of committing suicide? For example are the words "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" a form of verbal suicide? Is remaining in a relationship or marriage that's gone south...a slow a painful suicidal death as well?

In the book of Exodus chapter 20 and verse 13 we see the command "THOU SHALT NOT KILL", yet this same awesome God tells his Kings' (Saul, David, and Solomon) to kill men, women and children. This means "thou shalt not kill" is conditional relative to the circumstances. 

When a person is about to commit suicide or when a person is at the brink of suicide, they feel an amazing uplifting of their problems. They feel nirvana in all its essence. They feel freedom. This is because they've found a selfish answer to their pain. 

"You're not alone...
Many pastors have committed suicide!"

Yes, suicide is selfish, but sometimes it's the only answer the hopeless soul has left. People who commit suicide aren't weak, they're actually strong. They are strong enough the face death and the unknown world most of us are trying to avoid. 

I do not condone suicide; however, I do not condemn it as well when in the proper context of a dire situation. It's my prayer all who feel suicidal will receive the help they need to continue on earth, it's also my prayer those who've committed suicide will be judged by their God fairly and justly. 

Suicide is a sin of a broken heart and a lost soul that is now in the hands of God before its time...and yes, God forgives those who've committed suicide. 

By: Dr. Jim Allen 


President Donald Trump's "BAN ON MUSLIM COUNTRIES" is not only Islamophobia but also ignorant. At first Trump wanted to ban Muslim people, then he found out you can't ban Muslim people because Brown, Black, White, Red and Yellow people are also Muslim. After seeing that wouldn't work he decided to ban various Muslim countries. 

"...President Donald Trump's ban on Muslim countries is going to spark more hatred for Americans' around the world. We're going to see more beheadings and more misguided and hopeless souls joining ISIS!" 


Viewing by the countries he's banned, it's possible Trump is on the verge of reigniting the Crusaders of old all over again! This action is extremely dangerous and will have serious blowback! In 2015, then Governor Mike Pence said it was unconstitutional to ban Muslims, wonder if he still feels the same way?! 

At any rate the world is on fire...the JOKER is president of the United States and BATMAN (Barack Obama) is in seclusion recovering from 8 years of political and ideological war with the Republican's "League of Shadows". 

In the end, there's really no difference between racism and sectarianism. Both are rooted in the same poisonous soil of bigotry, ignorance, self righteousness, arrogance and sheer madness!

By: Dr. Jim Allen