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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Attendings and Residents

The medical field relative to attending (senior) doctors and residents is disgusting. It's a troubling situation that in the end affects patient care.

I've written the US Surgeon General and several residency programs around the country concerning the way attending doctors mistreat resident doctors.

Attending doctors treat residents doctors like crap! Many resident doctors are stressed out, depressed, and burnt out. This trickles down to patients. If a resident doctor is mentally ill how can s/he fully help patients?

As of now I'm moving to another phase of my campaign. I will be exposing attending doctors from all over the country who treat resident doctors like crap!

I will take emails, comments and posts from anonymous sources i.e. medical students and resident doctors, their experiences with BAD ATTENDINGS and will add to this site and other social media sites under the hastag #attendingsandresidents

Sexism, racism, sexual harassment, and verbal abuse will be exposed! Hopefully then the abuse will stop!

Dr. Jim Allen

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Please HELP Chicago's Poor Children

Dr. Jim Allen,
President of
Washtenaw Park Advisory Council

One of my duties as President of the Washtenaw Park Advisory Council is to make sure our children are participating in park programs. Most of the children at our park are below the poverty line. I'm humbly asking (ALL) to sow a seed into the lives of the children of Washtenaw Park by paying seventeen dollars for them to be able to participate in after school programs at the park. Yes, I'm upset there's a fee, but that's just the way it is. If you can, please help. Make your check or money order out to:
Washtenaw Park
(After school Program)
 $17 per child
Mailing address is:
2521 S. Washtenaw Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60608
Many thanks and much LOVE!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pluralism, Tolerance, Diversity: HEALING!

The world is moving towards pluralism and diversity, which is what's needed. The time of endless wars and global famine must come to an end or else the WATCHERS will visit earth and enact strict justice, which is why we're seeing so many alien life-form manifestations in space.

All religions lead to the divine; however, the actions of those in power have used religion too rape, enslave and murder. This is a violation in the earth and spirit realms. Religion has been misused for political purposes as well. When religion is misused for political purposes we create ungodly wars!

When we allow tolerance, pluralism and diversity to be taught is when the earth will heal. The world will receive a tremendous abundance of physical blessings. The earth will open her vaginal chakra and yield a worldwide harvest.

The earth/world must heal of sectarian violence and racism. When this happens we'll also see economical trade open up. The world will truly become ONE!

"Racism is a disease created by humans. Because of slavery 'ancient and modern' this disease is inside all of us. In various Countries, we're breed to be racist. The only cure is too teach a new way of thinking! Tolerance, pluralism, diversity is our only way out"

All of our prophecies of doom and gloom has clouded our judgement as many (religious zealots) are in a rush to literally fulfill metaphysical prophecies. The age of the religious zealot has ended. This is an age of tolerance, pluralism, diversity and unity.

This is an age of peace and economical prosperity. Our jobs as Ministers, Imams, Pastors, Rabbis, Metaphysicians, Spiritual Advisors, etc., is too usher in the aforementioned age!

Our theological seminaries must teach tolerance, pluralism, and diversity. Of course this doesn't mean we must murge religious beliefs, but rather respect the religious beliefs of others too the degree enslavement, murder and rape because of one's religious belief becomes unacceptable.
 I applaud Harvard Divinity School for taking a sincere interest in this didactic work. It's time for world leaders and healers to shift us into a new direction and destination.

Dr. Jim Allen, DD
Theological Metaphysical
Research Society

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Oneness of God

No (one) religion has the full revelation of God. All the religions combined don't have the full revelation of God.

All the names (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, Amen-RA, Vishnu) etc., given to God by men can't express the true name of God.

All religions are but narrow paths seeking the LI/G\HT of God's divinity. When the world is at peace and when there is global religious tolerance is when the fullness of God will be revealed.

The fullness of God is intertwined within the oneness of humanity. As long as racism and sectarian violence is allowed due to ignorance or misguided zealots, the fullness of God's tranquility cannot rest upon the earth.

The Torah, Bible, Koran, Kemetic Papyrus, etc., combined is but 1° of knowledge of the science and spirituality of God's true nature within the universe He created.

No man has the Godly right to enslave and/or kill another because of religious belief. The oneness of religion has the ability to change the direction of governments and spirituality as we know it.  

Dr. Jim Allen

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jesus the Metaphysician

As it relates to Spirit Science: Metaphysics means mind over matter. Spiritual over the physical. Beyond is above below. Faith in the unseen.

Moving Objects:
Being able to move objects with your MIND is a major part of metaphysics. This takes a high degree of faith. Jesus told us we can move objects as big as mountains in a proverbial and physical sense (Mark 11:23).

Mind Over Matter:
Being able to walk on water is a high degree of metaphysics in that water isn't a solid substance; however, those who believe and is in a dire situation can walk on water. Jesus walked on water and so did Peter, until doubt came into Peter's mind (Matthew 14:26-31).

Mind reading, perception of thoughts, discernment and telepathy are all the same...just different names. Jesus had a high level of telepathy and so can we (Luke 5:22).

A person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future is a clairvoyant. Jesus was a supreme clairvoyant (Matthew 24:3).

Metaphysics involves being able to transform one's image in a proverbial and literal sense. In the Bible it's called TRANSFIGURATION. During sessions in metaphysics sometimes a person's face and clothes will change (Matthew 17:1-13). Also during such sessions people from the past are known to visit and speak messages.

Healing through energy, earthly substances, and laying on of hands is something Jesus did often. Jesus was filled with energy, power and faith (Luke 6:19). However, Jesus only healed after asking the person in need of healing "do you believe?" A person's belief is what brings healing. Jesus also healed with his saliva mixed with mud (earthly substance) that created a solvent (John 9:6).

Metaphysics and the Body:
Those who study metaphysics must also understand the elements within their bodies: 99% of the body is oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus.
0.85% of the body is potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. The human body also has 0.2 milligrams of gold in it that maintains the joints and provide electronical signals throughout the body. Understanding your body is also scientifically made of stardust is also a magical yet powerful thing. The universe is inside you as you are inside the universe. Your presence within the universe matters.

Jesus the Metaphysician:
You cannot study metaphysics and leave out Jesus of Nazareth. His teachings and supernatural ability to heal, cast out evil spirits, walk on water, raise the dead is what all metaphysicians should ascribe to. Jesus the metaphysician has empowered all who believe to do what he did (Matthew 10). I'm not asking you to be a Christian, I'm asking you to study the metaphysical powers of Jesus of Nazareth and apply your research to your daily lives.
(John 14:12)

Dr. Jim Allen

Friday, August 19, 2016

Understanding Spirituality

Ready to understand metaphysics, spirituality,
the universe and the spirit realm? Ready to move to a deeper level of the terrestrial and celestial? Be sure to check this course out. Please click the below flyer:

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Single Black Christian Men Want?

I think women haven't been told the truth about what most Black single Christian men want. Sure, they need a sanctified, saved and Holy Ghost filled woman but most Black Christian men are visual as well.

Most Black Christian men don't have a long list of what a Christian woman should be or look like. The list is rather short and goes like this:

√ Saved,
√ Sexy,
√ Cool,
√ Works,

This is why certain women in Christianity are winning and some aren't. Of course men like what they like...meaning various men are attracted to various women of different sizes, height, skin color, etc. By-in-large, Christian women should up their game in the sexy department.

This is why women like Andrienne Bailon, Charlene "Tweet" Keys and Meagan Good are winning.

Black single Christian men are attracted to women who are comfortable and secure with and in themselves. Men want to feel needed, thus a woman being interdependent is a turn-on for most Black Christian men.

It's time for most (not all) Black single Christian women to turn up the sexy...get your swag back! If not you'll be forever hating and dazed by why you can't win in the love department.

Gospel Singer Israel Houghton
and Andrienne Bailon.

Min. Devon Franklin
and Meagan Good.

Pastor Jamal Bryant
and Charlene "Tweet" Keys.

There's a reason the above women are winning Christian Black men most think should be with more spiritual women. Stop hating and start taking notes.

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen