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Friday, May 9, 2014



For years violence has ravished Chicago. For years Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Jim Allen, Father Michael Pfleger, Minister Darius Randle, Mark Allen, Ronald Holt, Diane Latiker and so many others have been raising their voices thwarts violence in Chicago. Raising their voices for FUNDS to provide recreational, social, educational programs for at-risk youth in disenfranchised neighborhoods and communities.

Meetings after meetings, prayer vigils after prayer vigils, marches after marches, protests after protests only to be told there's no funds available for at-risk youth programming. Only to be told no one really cares about Black and Brown kids of the ghetto! Only to be told maybe next time.

NOW to find out all that was a LIE! There was funding, there was monies set aside specifically for poor Black and Brown children of Chicago: Austin, Garfield Park, Lawndale, Humboldt Park, Little Village, Pilsen, Auburn Gresham, Back Of The Yards, Roseland, Englewood, Grand Crossing. In fact there was 55 MILLION DOLLARS set aside to create, develop and implement programs for Chicago's poor children!

"...What the hell happened to the money? It's simple, 
it was stolen and misused by politicians 
and pseudo community groups 
claiming to benefit the poor!"


55 million dollars...gone, just simply disappeared! The Governor has no clue who did what and/or where the funds went. In one interview Governor Quinn claimed money was given to Cook County Clerk Dorthy Brown and some Pastors. The Governor has made all sorts of statements and none of his statements make any sense!


Can you imagine the programs that could have been created to stop youth/gang violence? Can you imagine the impact 55 million dollars would of had on youth who walk the streets of Chicago with nothing to do besides get into trouble? We could of created AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS, MENTORING PROGRAMS, SPORTS PROGRAMS, ETC... Instead more chaos was created! More confusion was created! More dead bodies of young people who could of been safe and sound in a 55 MILLION DOLLAR PROGRAM in his or her community! But then again, who gives a rat's ass about poor children in Chicago? The Politicians surly don't, nor do a lot of these fake Black organizations and Leaders!

The children of Chicago, that's who!   

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W.O.W. featured great artists such as but not limited to: Jonathan McReynolds, San Franklin, Anita Wilson, and Kevin Gray to name a few. MIRAA also provides a platform for indie artists as well. If you are an independent artist looking for a platform to showcase your talent please consider allowing MIRAA to market and promote your brand. Be sure to click below website.