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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Has Black WOMEN Forgotten How To LOVE Black Men?

Black unemployment is at an all time high. In Illinois Black unemployment among teens is 88%, Black unemployment in Chicago ages 20 - 24 is 67%, Black unemployment in Illinois is 59%, Nationally Black unemployment is 49%! With high unemployment of Black men the Black man is losing respect. Poverty causes pressure, and pressure causes problems or innovation.

Many Black men in urban Cities across America are chasing a wet dream of becoming a rapper or attempting to live the lifestyle of rappers by selling drugs or other criminal activities. Fantasy has replaced reality as Black men sleep chasing the elusive American dream. Most Black women in urban areas of America have become extremely disrespectful relative to how they treat, talk to and interact with Black men.

Just the other day I was at the gas station in Oak Park, Illinois walking to my car. I happened to glance at a Black woman and she said "what the fuck are you looking at?!" At first I wanted to tell kick her teeth out, then I said nah, I'm a man. But before I pulled out the gas station I yelled "you're just another bitter Black b!tch". Sure, it was wrong, but hey she had it coming! Yeah...that was wrong to say though!

Black women in the ghetto have no respect for Black men mainly because most of the Black men in the ghetto are in and out of jail, don't have jobs, caught up in recidivism, etc., thus they gets no respect at all, and I mean none! Black men on the PLANTATION were respected and treated better by Black women then Black men in 2014! Its really sad. Black women in the ghetto are only concerned with being so called "bad bitches" yet they receive public aid, live on section 8, and work dead-end jobs, but hey I guess that's more then what Black men have, huh?

The Black man on the PLANTATION was respected by his wife even though he worked for free and didn't have a job! Black women has forgotten that concept! Black women has forgotten how to build Black men! Most importantly, Black women has forgotten how to LOVE Black men!

Jim Allen, click below link:



There will be a Birthday celebration for Minister Rico AKA Rahim Justice EL
We celebrate his release and freedom. We celebrate his wisdom and knowledge 
to combat violence be it: Youth Violence, Gang Violence, Sectarian Violence, 
Domestic Violence, Sexual Orientation Violence and Racial Violence! 


There will be a Panel Discussion as well as an Award Ceremony for 
community leaders. We'd love to see you there. 



Many men are in verbal and even physical domestic relationships all around the Country. Most of these men are ex-felons and really have no where to live; however, some of them are working class men who moved in with their spouses or mates. I've spoken to many of these men through a program I volunteered with on Chicago's West Side.

These men were in tears as they told me stories of being put out the house in the dead of winter. Most of these men aren't on their spouses or mates lease thus whenever an argument would break out they would be told to leave and the police was called. It's sad, most of these guys were stand up guys they just needed a program to assist them as they transitioned from place to place.

"Are you a victim, 
are you ashamed or 
afraid to ask for help?!"

The women would allow them to live at their houses for sex and other conveniences and then would put them out a few days later. One guy told me he noticed a pattern. He said "Jim, whenever my wife uses up my pay check she then starts an argument in order to put me out the house". He said this happened almost every time after payday.

Another guy told me he overheard his wife talking about him like a dog to her girlfriends. She talked about how he didn't work, yet he gave her $3000 of his tax refund. The brother was in tears when he told me this. I couldn't help but cry as well...he said "Jim, I told my wife 'baby, I may be in love but I'm not stupid'". The whole conversation is something I will never forget!

A lot of these men you see walking around at (work, at church, in your neighborhoods) are technically homeless, they are broken and abused men. Please keep them in your prayers.


1) Never bust a chick down at her house and her man lives there, he just might pop up.

2) Never talk down about her man because after all you don't want her thinking y'all might become an actual couple. Chick you cheating on your husband/man with me...why would I wanna be with you?!

3) Never eat her peaches! Why? Who knows where that kitty been?! And besides you don't wanna wake up with a cauliflower on your lip.

4) Never go inside her raw, that's a no, no!

5) Never tell her "I LOVE YOU!"

6) Always use critical thinking: is what she telling me true, half true, or a flat out lie?

7) Remember you're not Dr. Phil so cut all conversations about her husband/man short. You're only there to stick and move NOT be a relationship counselor!

8) Never take her out for Valentine's Day or on her Birthday, that's disrespectful and will blow her cover. The last thing you wanna do is kill her relationship when you have no plans on being her man.

9) Never meet her children, like ever!

10) Know that there's a possibility you might get killed in the process of all of this.