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Friday, May 30, 2014

PLEASE Support Black Wall Street Chicago

(left to right) 
President Barack Obama and Mark Allen

When you mention the name Mark Allen in Chicago peoples' faces light up with hope...hey, I know that brother. I worked with him on this project. Yeah, I know him as well I worked with him on that project. Mark Allen is an over 40 year community organizer and veteran activist in Chicago. He's worked with Rainbow Push Coalition, South Street Journal Newspaper and various organizations to didactic of a list for me to mention. He's personally worked with Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., and now President of the United States of America Barack Obama.

"...Mar Allen is a blogger 
with Chicago NOW!"

A true brother of the TALENTED TENTH that has taken his skills and talents to create, develop and implement an economical apparatus in the Black community. Mark Allen (no relations to the famous Jim Allen of Tha Movement University) is humbly asking all to support National Black Wall Street Chicago by donating any amount to their great organization. Many thanks for your support! Send donations to the address below!

National Black Wall Street Chicago 
4655 S. King Drive (suite 203)
Chicago, IL 60653 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hip Hop, Dope, President Reagan "YOUNG NIGGA MOVE THAT DOPE!"

"...the proliferation of crack cocaine in the Black 
and Brown ghettos of America was nothing more
than a sideshow and sacrifice. Black life wasn't 
taken into consideration nor was it valued!" 

The guy who brought us the international song "HAPPY" has a song promoting drug dealing called "Young Nigg Move That Dope". As African American men across America continue to be locked up at alarming rates its really unfortunate well known Hip Hop Artists would encourage at-risk, fatherless Black young men to sell dope! Where's the outrage over this diabolical song?! Then again who cares about niggas in the ghetto selling dope, who cares of nigga crack babies, who cares about drug lords and drug wars?!

Jay Z calls himself a 
product of Reaganomics 

The image of former United States President Ronald Reagan in this video is directly linked to the Reagan Administration and the CIA allowing drug trafficking and the proliferation of crack cocaine in America and South America in order to fund the Contras. Many Hip Hop Artists, including Jay Z praise former President Ronald Reagan for allowing drugs to enter the inner cities of America (crack cocaine boom of the 1980's!) Click below LINKS:

The Black Man was enslaved by the White Man in America. The Black Man freed himself from that slavery only to be deceived by his own brethren promoting a system that keeps Black men locked in prison and caught in the doors of recidivism!

"Young nigga move that dope! 
Move that dope till you're locked 
in prison for life! Move that dope 
till your communities are filled with 
poison! Move that dope till you 
end up dead!" 

Be sure to support Tha Movement University. 
Click below LINK:

Is The PUT THE GUNS Down Campaign Working? (Chicago)

campaign working?"

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has launched an initiative called PUT THE GUNS DOWN. This initiative is driven by radio personalities and DJ's during their radio shows reciting a message to the effect of "one love, one Chicago, put the guns down". 

I asked the above question to a few friends...some of them said the message seems like an MK Ultra trick. Others agreed, 'yes it seems not only as a MK Ultra trick, but its useless and passive.'

Be sure to support Tha Movement University. Click below Link:

I ask you, is this message potent enough to change the mind of a killer? Is it powerful enough the change the mind of a young man bent on shooting up his school, or is this only the icing on the cake relative to an introduction of youth/gang violence prevention.

Click below link:  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

U S Attorney Zachery Fardon FIGHTING For At-risk Youth!

Please view above video. 

Many thanks Mr. Fardon. 
You have the full support of 
Tha Movement University! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

APEX Construction CHICAGO


We're here to serve you. We're willing to match or beat any price! We have a diverse workforce that's extremely professional and highly skilled, trained and educated. Be sure to click all photos! Many thanks for considering us... 

"If you can dream it,
we can build it!" 







Monday, May 19, 2014



Founded in 1909 by 4 Caucasians and 2 African Americans the NAACP has done amazing things as it relates to human rights, civil rights and women's rights. This post isn't meant to be a didactic history on the NAACP; however, it's meant to spark thought and dialogue.

For years I've wondered why won't the NAACP tap a Caucasian as its National President and CEO? I'm not all that familiar with the NAACP's newest President/CEO Mr. Cornell William Brooks, but I honestly was hoping to see someone other than another African American lead this great historic institution.

Honestly I'd love to see an intelligent Caucasian woman highly educated in economics, preferably a Rhodes Scholar lead the NAACP. This isn't to say a Caucasian man wouldn't bring me jubilation as well. As African Americans we can't only desire corporate employment and high government positions without allowing others beside our own Race and Color to lead major Black institutions.

We have an African American President of the United States of America, a Black 1st family living in the White House. Would of been refreshing to see a Caucasian President/CEO of the NAACP! Maybe one day in the near future my dream will come to reality...

jim allen 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Support Tha Movement University

Jim Allen, President & Founder of
Tha Movement University 

"Why should you support Tha Movement University
Its simple, we're on the cutting edge of fighting 
against gang violence and bullying of all sorts." 

Written By: 
Cherish Jackson 

In 2013 Jim Allen lost his job because he stood up for a young Caucasian man who was being discriminated against by Black co-workers simply because of his Race and he was mentally challenged (Autism). Jim Allen would watch  this young man be teased, things thrown at him, and co-workers purposely taking their lunch breaks around the same time he took his break so they could aggravate him and make him upset. Time after time his parents were hauled into the front office to discuss their son, they had no clue their son was being bullied EVERYDAY. He couldn't express and/or articulate what was happening to him. As time went on 'Jim Allen said the hell with this!' He sprung into action, spoke up for the young man, spoke up against those who were bullying him. However, as they say no good deed goes unpunished. Jim Allen was soon taken off 1st shift, the same shift the young man was on. He was placed on 2nd shift and was treated like unfairly. His work load increased, he was alienated. This went on for months. Nevertheless, Jim Allen said "I don't regret my actions! I will do it all over again if I had too!" The young man who was bullied suffered PTSD behind the incidents but has bounced back. His treatment and work environment is much, much better.

"As Leader of Tha Movement University, Jim leads by example. 
Although he lost his job he'd still do it all over again because that's 
the foundation Tha Movement University is built on!" 

When Oak Park, Illinois was being terrorized by a cold blooded thug who was robbing seniors and women it was Tha Movement University who offered 5K dollars for his capture. We passed out thousands of flyers of the robber's profile and makeup. Our efforts were instrumental in shutting him down. Click below link:

When the City of Chicago was searching for a Police Superintendent it was Tha Movement University who was contacted by Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism for our views on who the next Police Superintendent of Chicago should be. Our guy isn't the Superintendent but he's the Deputy Superintendent...not bad huh? Click below LINK:

When the City of Chicago was searching for a Mayor after former Mayor Richard M. Daley announced his retirement it was Tha Movement University who stood with Rahm Emanuel and supported his candidacy way before his residency issues. Click below LINK:

It's no wonder Tha Movement University was named HOME TOWN HERO by a radio station in another State! Our reach is global. We have over 300K views on our blog and our President and Founder has over 2 MILLION views on his google site. Please click below LINK: HOME TOWN HERO

Tha Movement University sprung into action when Pastor Charles Jenkins was taking all sorts of hits over a leaked nude photo on the world wide web. It was TMU who changed the conversation and dialogue. Leaking a nude photo of someone in attempts of receiving a bribe is called "Revenge Porn!" TMU was instrumental in bringing redemption and balance to that particular situation.

PLEASE CLICK PHOTO: What's been said about 
Jim Allen and TMU? Click PHOTO!
 TMU has helped many 
politicians, businessmen, and children.Our President 
and Founder was honored for 10 years of volunteer 
service to Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 2014

The above are just a few small things our President and Founder Jim Allen and Tha Movement University continues to do for people being bullied or suffering abuse on a daily basis. Some of what we do is public and others are private. Tha Movement University has served as a THINK-TANK for years! Many organizations, groups, universities and individuals come to our site for inspiration, news and guidance. Support us by continuing to share our BLOG which is the hottest in Chicago.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Gangster Disciples Are No MORE!

Be sure to order the royal ring of Growth & Development
Click below link:

Please click all photos! 

"Larry Hoover has abolished the name, term,
and title of Gangster Disciple! There are 
no more Gangster Disciples." 




Wallace "Gator" Bradley, 
Larry Hoover Jr, 
2 brothers of 
Growth & Development 

Please Click Below Websites:

Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm BLACK And I support Donald Sterling!

written by: 
jim allen

Can you imagine your private conversation about your pastor, boss, wife or friends being made public? I mean...hell, you personally think your pastor is a crook, you think your boss is an asshole, you think your wife has gotten to got damn fat and you envy your friends because they have better lives. However, this doesn't mean you don't wanna be around them or that you meant half the crazy stuff you said about em'!

Can you imagine the horror, the shame of someone you trust secretly recording you telling them your wife doesn't know how to give a good blowjob and then making the recording public?! This is America where we once had SLAVES. Where White women couldn't vote or own property. Where Jim Crow (legal segregation) was the law of the land. Of course we've made great advances, but the history of our darkness is still ever present in our bright future. Our E Pluribus Unum will forever be intertwined with racial slurs and jokes!

I think Donald Sterling was simply showboating to his mistress. I think he didn't want her around Black men because Black men have big penises and he didn't want her getting a hold of one she couldn't let go. LOL! I think Donald's statements were meant to scare her not cause a proverbial Race Riot. I don't sincerely think the Donald actually hate Black people, hell, his entire team is Black and the coach is Black!

In this time of pseudo post-racial Barack Obama era anything that gets said relative to Color of skin is exaggerated and blown out of proportion. Should Donald Sterling be kicked out the NBA? Hell no! Should he be fined? Yes!

"...Should your wife divorce you for thinking she bites more than she sucks? Of course not! Should your boss fire you for thinking he's an asshole? No! Should your pastor stop praying for you because you think s/he is a crook? Nope! Should (some) of your friends dump you because you envy their lives? Nah!"

Its time we grow up! Leave Donald alone and let the man live...GEESH!   

Friday, May 9, 2014



For years violence has ravished Chicago. For years Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Jim Allen, Father Michael Pfleger, Minister Darius Randle, Mark Allen, Ronald Holt, Diane Latiker and so many others have been raising their voices thwarts violence in Chicago. Raising their voices for FUNDS to provide recreational, social, educational programs for at-risk youth in disenfranchised neighborhoods and communities.

Meetings after meetings, prayer vigils after prayer vigils, marches after marches, protests after protests only to be told there's no funds available for at-risk youth programming. Only to be told no one really cares about Black and Brown kids of the ghetto! Only to be told maybe next time.

NOW to find out all that was a LIE! There was funding, there was monies set aside specifically for poor Black and Brown children of Chicago: Austin, Garfield Park, Lawndale, Humboldt Park, Little Village, Pilsen, Auburn Gresham, Back Of The Yards, Roseland, Englewood, Grand Crossing. In fact there was 55 MILLION DOLLARS set aside to create, develop and implement programs for Chicago's poor children!

"...What the hell happened to the money? It's simple, 
it was stolen and misused by politicians 
and pseudo community groups 
claiming to benefit the poor!"


55 million dollars...gone, just simply disappeared! The Governor has no clue who did what and/or where the funds went. In one interview Governor Quinn claimed money was given to Cook County Clerk Dorthy Brown and some Pastors. The Governor has made all sorts of statements and none of his statements make any sense!


Can you imagine the programs that could have been created to stop youth/gang violence? Can you imagine the impact 55 million dollars would of had on youth who walk the streets of Chicago with nothing to do besides get into trouble? We could of created AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS, MENTORING PROGRAMS, SPORTS PROGRAMS, ETC... Instead more chaos was created! More confusion was created! More dead bodies of young people who could of been safe and sound in a 55 MILLION DOLLAR PROGRAM in his or her community! But then again, who gives a rat's ass about poor children in Chicago? The Politicians surly don't, nor do a lot of these fake Black organizations and Leaders!

The children of Chicago, that's who!   

Music Artists: Get HEARD, Get SEEN!

| Gospel | Hip Hop | 
 | R&B | Indie | Rap|  

Midwest Independent Recording Artist Association has provided platforms for many artists such as Anita Wilson, Jonathan McReynolds, Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, PJ Morton and many others! The Association is designed to bring exposure to underrated artists. One of their success stories out of many was a showcase called Worship On Wednesdays (W.O.W.) which created a platform for artists to perform and promote their music.

W.O.W. featured great artists such as but not limited to: Jonathan McReynolds, San Franklin, Anita Wilson, and Kevin Gray to name a few. MIRAA also provides a platform for indie artists as well. If you are an independent artist looking for a platform to showcase your talent please consider allowing MIRAA to market and promote your brand. Be sure to click below website.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pastor Charles Jenkins MISTRESS Speaks OUT...

Mundi Griffin 
(this photo was publicly 
released by Mrs. Griffin)

The mistress of Pastor Charles Jenkins candidly speaks about her affair with Pastor Charles Jenkins to blogger Rae Lewis-Thornton. The interview is raw yet a bit confusing. For instance the claim of clergy abuse as it relates to Pastor Jenkins having an affair with Mundi Griffin that allegedly lasted for 8 years in my personal view shouldn't be considered clergy abuse but rather two consenting adults hooking up and having sex.

The steamy details make good for lunch time conversation, but it also touches on several other topics. In the interview Mundi stated she was married at the time of her affair with Pastor Jenkins. She also stated her marriage was over when it began, her husband didn't know what to do with her. Not really sure what that means? Because her marriage was failing the reason she was open as it relates to being pursued by a man of power? Be that as it may, the reality remains both parties were married.

I personally think Rae Lewis-Thornton blew an opportunity to empower women with Mundi's story, she blew the opportunity of providing restoration, instead she gave personal details that only made Mundi seem ambitious and desperate. Example, what woman in her right mind would carry on an 8 year affair with a married man? I sort of see why Delta Sigma Theta canned Rae Lewis-Thornton as an honorary member, lol! Girl you start too much ISH! Just kidding Rae, got nothing but love for you boo. Click below LINK:

"...young boys sexually abused by Priests 
is clergy abuse, but are grown women who 
voluntarily participate in sexual acts with Pastors 
considered clergy abuse as well or
are we dealing with misuse of power, malpractice?" 

According to the interview Fellowship paid Mundi Griffin 106K yearly for her services. What isn't clear is how many years was she paid over $100,000 was it for the entire 8 years of their affair or a couple years towards the end? Questions, questions, questions...what made this beautiful ivy league graduate think Pastor Jenkins would leave his wife which means possibly losing his job as Pastor to be with her (Mundi Griffin)?

How did Mundi plan on breaking the news too her husband its over she plans on being with Pastor Jenkins (wishful thinking)? Then there's the naked photo that was leaked to ObnoxiousTV which is a blog un-associated with Rae Lewis-Thornton. According to Mundi she didn't leak the nude photo, so who did? It's interesting and puzzling. The photo was leaked, now comes Mundi Griffin's whole truth interview.

"did Mundi feel the need to leak the nude photo thus 
damaging Pastor Jenkins reputation because the affair
was revealed and she was fired?
Or was she a woman scorned because Pastor Jenkins
made her promises he didn't keep?" 

One thing I don't agree with is lambasting Mundi Griffin for what happened, nor am I judging Pastor Jenkins for his actions. The shame behind this affair is equally distributed; however, in the midst of emotions and finger pointing only Mundi and Pastor Jenkins know what they shared. They shared intimacy, they shared time, they shared moments that can NEVER be erased from their minds...they shared each other for an alleged 8 years. That's a long time for anyone too say the affair meant nothing. At the time to them their union meant more than we'll ever know.

Mundi Griffin 

Wanna thank Rae Lewis-Thornton for interviewing Mundi Griffin. Wanna thank Mundi for giving her side and version of her truth. The question remains where do we go from here? Women are going to continue to sleep with Pastors - Pastors (not all) are going to continue to make sexual advances towards women outside of their wives.

How does the church as a whole plan on dealing with this issue that has been going on for decades? How do women arm themselves from Pastors who prey upon their weaknesses or in a sense use their charisma and authority to entrap them? There's a POWERFUL book I've read years ago titled "When A Man of God Hurts You". I think church leaders and church members should purchase the book, study it, and develop platforms for women to speak and empower one another.

click below link to order book:

We pray for the total restoration of Mundi Griffin, Pastor Charles Jenkins and their families. At the end of the day this isn't about name calling or placing blame. We've heard both sides, saw the ugly details, laughed and cried at this story of tragedy and hope. This is NOW about moving forward, healing and being better than we were. 

We're all Mundi Griffin!
We're all Pastor Charles Jenkins! 
Their story is our story. 
Their pain is our pain.
Their triumph must 
become our triumph. 

Mundi's interview w/ Rae Lewis-Thornton can be viewed by clicking below link: