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Friday, September 27, 2013

The INTERNATIONAL Power of Tha Movement University

Tha Movement University is a multiracial, multilateral, multiethnic think-tank and forum. Our reach is global and has been seen around the World. I wanna thank all of our viewers' Worldwide for so much love and dedication. Most of all thanks for putting us in your daily rotation ;)

Below are our Monthly Views and our Monthly Audience
for Aug 28 - Sep 26, 2013

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Monthly Audience Views for 
Aug 28 - Sep 26, 2013
4,401 views in the USA
417 views in France
180 views in Russia
160 views in Taiwan
124 views in Germany
114 views in United Kingdom
106 views in Poland
99 views in Ukraine
70 views in China
38 views in Canada

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Monthly Stats for 
Aug 28 - Sep 26, 2013

the above pictures were taken by my cell phone.
Blogger has a tool that allows you to see 
your daily, weekly, monthly and all 
time views. I simply took a picture 
of my computer screen.

TMU's all time views is 
284,897 and counting....

How To Reach MILLIONS of New Customers

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The Black Mall

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Left to Right: 
Cassiopeia (The Black Mall)
Jim Allen (Tha Movement University) 

Rainbow Push: Emerging Leaders Conference

left to right: 
the beautiful Brittney Gault and Jim Allen
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there's me (Jim Allen) in the Black Suit w/ Black Tie

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Rainbow Push Emerging Leaders Conference...

Jim Allen "Be sure to become a member of the 
Rainbow Push Coalition. Its only $35 yearly for adults
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Me and the beautiful Cassiopeia 
she is the owner of The Black Mall.
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