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Friday, January 27, 2017


President Barack Obama... CHICAGO NEEDS YOU NOW! I truly understand you and Michelle are on vacation. I understand you and your entire family need to relax, rest and release from the last 8 years of an amazing presidency; however, people in Chicago are being shot and killed just about everyday. We're out of solutions Mr. President. We've tried just about everything you can think of.

We've marched. We've protested. We've had job fairs. We've hired (more) cops. We've recently hired a new Chicago police superintendent i.e. Eddie Johnson. We've prayed on corners. Millions of dollars in funding and grant money has been lost, stolen and mismanaged. I'm well aware you and your family will remain in Washington, DC until Sasha completes high school. That's the responsible thing to do, but please Mr. President, can you and Michelle please visit Chicago and help our activists and organizers create, develop and implement strategies for peace in Chicago?
I sincerely believe Mr. President your voice, mind, connections and brilliance can raise poor areas of Chicago not only out of poverty but also out of this abyss of a public health and safety crisis we're currently in. I know in the coming years you plan on implementing MY BROTHER'S KEEPER. I also know in the coming years your Presidential Library will be open on Chicago's south side in Jackson Park. I look forward to the aforementioned. The only thing is Chicago can't wait that long for someone of your stature to help us. Enjoy your vacation Mr. President, hopefully Chicago will see you and first lady really soon.

-Dr. Jim Allen