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Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Oneness of God

No (one) religion has the full revelation of God. All the religions combined don't have the full revelation of God.

All the names (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, Amen-RA, Vishnu) etc., given to God by men can't express the true name of God.

All religions are but narrow paths seeking the LI/G\HT of God's divinity. When the world is at peace and when there is global religious tolerance is when the fullness of God will be revealed.

The fullness of God is intertwined within the oneness of humanity. As long as racism and sectarian violence is allowed due to ignorance or misguided zealots, the fullness of God's tranquility cannot rest upon the earth.

The Torah, Bible, Koran, Kemetic Papyrus, etc., combined is but 1° of knowledge of the science and spirituality of God's true nature within the universe He created.

No man has the Godly right to enslave and/or kill another because of religious belief. The oneness of religion has the ability to change the direction of governments and spirituality as we know it.  

Dr. Jim Allen

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jesus the Metaphysician

As it relates to Spirit Science: Metaphysics means mind over matter. Spiritual over the physical. Beyond is above below. Faith in the unseen.

Moving Objects:
Being able to move objects with your MIND is a major part of metaphysics. This takes a high degree of faith. Jesus told us we can move objects as big as mountains in a proverbial and physical sense (Mark 11:23).

Mind Over Matter:
Being able to walk on water is a high degree of metaphysics in that water isn't a solid substance; however, those who believe and is in a dire situation can walk on water. Jesus walked on water and so did Peter, until doubt came into Peter's mind (Matthew 14:26-31).

Mind reading, perception of thoughts, discernment and telepathy are all the same...just different names. Jesus had a high level of telepathy and so can we (Luke 5:22).

A person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future is a clairvoyant. Jesus was a supreme clairvoyant (Matthew 24:3).

Metaphysics involves being able to transform one's image in a proverbial and literal sense. In the Bible it's called TRANSFIGURATION. During sessions in metaphysics sometimes a person's face and clothes will change (Matthew 17:1-13). Also during such sessions people from the past are known to visit and speak messages.

Healing through energy, earthly substances, and laying on of hands is something Jesus did often. Jesus was filled with energy, power and faith (Luke 6:19). However, Jesus only healed after asking the person in need of healing "do you believe?" A person's belief is what brings healing. Jesus also healed with his saliva mixed with mud (earthly substance) that created a solvent (John 9:6).

Metaphysics and the Body:
Those who study metaphysics must also understand the elements within their bodies: 99% of the body is oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus.
0.85% of the body is potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. The human body also has 0.2 milligrams of gold in it that maintains the joints and provide electronical signals throughout the body. Understanding your body is also scientifically made of stardust is also a magical yet powerful thing. The universe is inside you as you are inside the universe. Your presence within the universe matters.

Jesus the Metaphysician:
You cannot study metaphysics and leave out Jesus of Nazareth. His teachings and supernatural ability to heal, cast out evil spirits, walk on water, raise the dead is what all metaphysicians should ascribe to. Jesus the metaphysician has empowered all who believe to do what he did (Matthew 10). I'm not asking you to be a Christian, I'm asking you to study the metaphysical powers of Jesus of Nazareth and apply your research to your daily lives.
(John 14:12)

Dr. Jim Allen

Friday, August 19, 2016

Understanding Spirituality

Ready to understand metaphysics, spirituality,
the universe and the spirit realm? Ready to move to a deeper level of the terrestrial and celestial? Be sure to check this course out. Please click the below flyer:

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Single Black Christian Men Want?

I think women haven't been told the truth about what most Black single Christian men want. Sure, they need a sanctified, saved and Holy Ghost filled woman but most Black Christian men are visual as well.

Most Black Christian men don't have a long list of what a Christian woman should be or look like. The list is rather short and goes like this:

√ Saved,
√ Sexy,
√ Cool,
√ Works,

This is why certain women in Christianity are winning and some aren't. Of course men like what they like...meaning various men are attracted to various women of different sizes, height, skin color, etc. By-in-large, Christian women should up their game in the sexy department.

This is why women like Andrienne Bailon, Charlene "Tweet" Keys and Meagan Good are winning.

Black single Christian men are attracted to women who are comfortable and secure with and in themselves. Men want to feel needed, thus a woman being interdependent is a turn-on for most Black Christian men.

It's time for most (not all) Black single Christian women to turn up the sexy...get your swag back! If not you'll be forever hating and dazed by why you can't win in the love department.

Gospel Singer Israel Houghton
and Andrienne Bailon.

Min. Devon Franklin
and Meagan Good.

Pastor Jamal Bryant
and Charlene "Tweet" Keys.

There's a reason the above women are winning Christian Black men most think should be with more spiritual women. Stop hating and start taking notes.

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen

Monday, August 15, 2016

Why Isn't Oprah (Legally) Married?

For years many have asked why isn't Oprah legally married? One must understand the history of marriage within the United States of America to understand why some aren't fully enthused to buy in.

First we must understand African American slaves could not legally marry in the United States of America. Slaves who were ritually married were labeled by White slave masters as "shacking". This meant since African American slaves weren't allowed to legally marry, it was legal for White slave owners to have sex with and impregnate African American slave women even though those women had husbands they jumped the broom with.

White slave masters didn't respect any ceremony or ritual of marriage among African American slaves.

*Shacking is a term used by White slave masters during African American slavery. Because slaves lived in shacks and couldn't legally marry they were labeled as shacking. Even though African American slaves held their own marriage ceremonies: Jumping The Broom, etc., they were still viewed as shacking.  

In fact, most African American men were bought to breed. Their jobs was to impregnate as many African American women as possible to keep the plantation filled with generations of slave babies.

African Americans as a whole didn't get the right to legally marry until 1865, and even in some of those cases African American marriages weren't honored or respected.

As far as marriage among interracial (Black and White) couples it was first legalized throughout the United States of America in 1967 (Loving vs. Virginia) decision.

Black women like Oprah know a piece of legal paper given by a government that refused to give to her ancestors i.e. African American slaves doesn't make one married! They know a marriage license is easy to buy but hard to get out of. They know that under $100 piece of legal license can cost you half or all of your fortune in a divorce.

I tell high-paid Black women all the time, "If you're gonna get a marriage license from the State you better get a prenuptial agreement first because divorce is real and losing your assests is a painful thing!"

Ancient Marriages:
But even when we look at marriages in ancient times, most didn't involve the State relative to a license. Among The ancient Hebrews, the fathers arranged the marriages. Fathers received a dowry for marrying off his daughter, whereas he had to give a dowry for marrying off his son. The fathers agreed to the exchange. In the book of Genesis, Dinah was gained by gifts given to her father. Abraham gave jewels of silver, gold and raiment for his son to marry Rebekah, he also gave precious things to Rebekah's brother and mother.

"...Adam and Eve weren't
married in a church, temple,
or synagogue! They became
one flesh through sexual intercourse".

In ancient Greece, marriages were usually arranged by the parents. The couple participated in a ceremony or a ritual; however, the couple living together actually made them married.

Even Jesus knew two people leaving their mother and father and becoming one flesh through consummation are married (Matthew 19:5-6). Jesus talked about divorce and marriage whereas He stated if a woman commits fornication her husband can divorce her (Matthew 19:9)...wait, how can a married woman commit fornication? Because fornication is the act of having sex with multiple people!

Its simple, once you have sex with someone else you no longer belong to your spouse. You now belong to the person you had sex with. Why? Because sex consummates a marriage.

Many people are caught up in soul-ties because they don't know how to divorce their souls from people they've had sexual experiences with!

In a spiritual and metaphysical sense, within a committed relationship, sex makes that relationship a marriage. Oprah and women like her know they don't need a piece of legal paper from the State to quantify their relationship.

Oprah isn't the only high-class African American woman not buying into the whole legal marriage license, Iyanla Vanzant believes the same thing. She said she's never going to marry again. Click below link:

She doesn't mean she's never gonna love again, she means she's never going to legally marry again because she knows the pros and cons thereof as it relates to legal marriage in the United States of America.

She know legal marriage in the United States of America has become one of the greatest scams, and easiest way to lose one's hard earned wealth.

Those in legal marriages only stay because it's cheaper to keep her...meaning although the love is gone: They're not having sex, sleeping in different rooms, not coming home at times, seeing other people, they'd rather stay in a legal agreement than split things half and half. That's a miserable existence.

"...A dysfunctional marriage is
worser than a divorce!"

Simply put, the government should stay out of marriage. People should also be more responsible who they decide to enter relationships with. If you're going to get a marriage license from the State please understand in full detail what that entails relative to your money, children, and life.

Nevertheless, the State doesn't make you married. Your word of commitment and the leaving of your father and mother's house and becoming one flesh makes a couple married.

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen

Can Christians Have Demons?

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen

I've been preaching the gospel for 20 years. Never have I seen so many confused Christians and unlearned pastors.

From a "Spirit Science" perspective, a Holy Ghost filled Christian cannot also be filled or possessed with demons, that within itself is theologically and spiritually impossible. Two can't walk together except they agree...the Holy Ghost will never agree to occupy a demon filled or possessed soul!

The soul cannot house the spirit of light and the spirit of darkness at the same time. Even Jesus said you're either HOT or COLD, lukewarm is spewed out.

Thoses possessed by the Holy Ghost can't also be possessed or filled with demons! That's counterproductive to salvation and spirituality. Your fight against demons are without you ((not)) within you!

What's the sense of having the Holy Ghost within you if He can't protect you from demon possession? Greater is He (Holy Ghost) that is within you then he (demonic spirit) that is within the world.

The Fight Without:
Yes, we will always war against the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life; however, those are outside forces! The flesh/body is an outward shell that goes in the earth after physical death. The flesh isn't dominant, the soul which has accepted the Holy Ghost is dominant.

I wonder if Pastors' who teach Holy Ghost filled Christian can be possessed by demons also think the same for themselves? Oftentimes those who teach Christians can be filled or possessed by demons do so out of their own opinion and not from a theological, biblical or spiritual viewpoint. They teach this type of doctrine to control Christians rather then empower them.

As a believer saved and filled with the Holy Ghost please understand demons can't control and/or live within you! Demons fight on the outside to influence the mind and feelings of believers but demons can't control or live within the Holy Ghost filled believer!

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Apostle John Eckhardt,
Dr. Jim Allen

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Looking For A New Career?

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I have been licensed since 2006 and I have personally done all things mentioned above. I want to share my insights and experience with other moms with the goal of inspiring entire families to become business owners and increase their net worth.

When: Sunday, August 21, 2016
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Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Chicago Cops and Gangs Are Buddies

Recently the Chicago Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police sent out an alert claiming 3 West Side streets gangs (Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, Four Corner Hustlers) had a meeting to discuss shooting and/or killing Chicago police officers as retaliation for the murder of 18 year old Paul O'Neal by reckless Chicago police officers after killing the teen they pursued as he exited a stolen Jaguar and ran.

Why would West Side gangs meet to discuss shooting Chicago cops for something that happened on the South Side of Chicago? Most gangs are territorial and can careless what happens on the next block let alone a different side of town.

According to the Chicago Police Department, gangs in Chicago have no structure and are led by 15 years olds. So 3 West Side gangs known for killing each other and led by 15 year olds united to discuss shooting/killing Chicago cops? How ignorant is that?!

Here's the reality, gangs in Chicago make 5K - 20K a night! Shooting/killing cops would stop their money flow as gangs want less police interaction as possible in order to sell drugs without interruption. If you're running a drug operation that's grossing 5K - 20K a night, why would you jeopardize that by shooting at law enforcement?

Let's be honest...the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Street Gangs have a long history of working together as buddies:
* Marquette 10 (ten crooked cops paid by South Side gangs to allow a 24/7 drug operation on the South Side of Chicago) 1980's.
* Austin 7 (seven crooked cops paid by West Side gangs to extort other gangs. They allowed drugs and guns to freely flow throughout the West Side of Chicago) 1990's.
* Chicago Anti-Gang Unit (shut down by the FBI for allegedly running a cocaine ring). This unit had 104 members. 2000's!
* Crooked cops working for the Latin Kings while in uniform. Supplied the Latin Kings with drugs and guns. 2011.
√ Currently the Chicago Police Department is under investigation of the FBI and the Department Of Justice for systemic racism, corruption, gang involvement, drugs and police brutality. 2016.

On top of all this, Chicago police stops are down by 90%!

You'd be a fool to think cops aren't still getting paid by gangs to provide intel and protection from other gangs. The streets is big money and best believe cops are getting their share (not all) but many!

But where are the indictments of supposedly gang members meeting to shoot or kill Chicago police officers? Isn't that conspiracy to commit murder?

This is nothing but a diversion tactic by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Chicago Police Department to marginalize and demonize the Black community. This is nothing but a smear campaign against the Black community in Chicago!

The Chicago Sun-Times should be ashamed of itself for running a bogus story that has no legitimacy. Pretty sure more unarmed African American will die at the hands of cops.

It's funny how each time an African American is pursued s/he must DIE right there on the spot. No due process, no arrest, no court date...just cold-blooded murder! Cops are not judge, jury and executioner!

African Americans are being killed by cops for selling cigarettes, selling bootleg movies, for playing with toy guns in a park, for driving with a taillight out, for failing to signal while switching lanes, etc...

Meanwhile, White folks shoot up schools, theaters and churches and are arrested...taken to Burger King, and get to live the rest of their lives in prison getting 3 hots and a cot.

Of course no one should break the law, nor should teens be killed for stealing a car! A car can be replaced, a life can't! I'm pretty sure that fancy Jaguar was insured. We've all done crazy things at 15, 16, 17, 18 years old, the question is should we have died by the hands of cops for youthful mistakes and decisions?
Dr. Jim Allen

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Interview: Dating Black Single Christian Men

Dr. Jim Allen

This interview was conducted on the Real Talk, Real People Show (Monday, August 1, 2016) hosted by Art "Chat Daddy" Sims.

Dr. Jim Allen and Chat Daddy kept it real and raw. Please click the link below to listen. Great conversation and hot topic ⤵