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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chicago: Fight For George Lucas Museum!

Written by:
Dr. Jim Allen,
Pastor of Vineyard Chicago
President of the Washtenaw Park
Advisory Council

Why are Friends Of The Parks BLOCKING the building of the George Lucas Museum? Racism! George Lucas is the creator of the Star Wars movies. He's married to a BLACK woman, Mellody Hobson! Friends Of The Parks know that if built, the George Lucas museum would create JOBS for minorities, thus they are BLOCKING the museum that would be built on ((UNUSED)) parkland.
Please click above photo! 
This move by Friends Of The Parks is ignorant and pure racism! Lastly, the George Lucas museum won't cost taxpayers any money! Yes, ZERO tax money would be used to build the George Lucas museum. Please click below link:

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Do men respect their bodies?

As a man it took me over 30 years to really understand and respect my body. As a boy I lost my virginity at 12 years old to a young woman older than me...she was maybe 18 or 19 years old.

As long as I can remember no one ever told me how special my body was. No one ever told me how special sex was, in fact growing up as a teen in the early 1990's, sex was objectified through rap lyrics that called women b!tches and h*es. Sex in those days to a young confused fatherless black boy had no value.

Even though my mother raised me and my siblings in church, I can't ever remember a Sunday school teacher or a preacher telling me my body was special. Not even my mom had the foresight to tell me how special my body was and how sacred sex was. My mom's only advice was "bring a baby home and I'm whipping your a**!"

As years went on I began to see how special sex really is, I also marvelled at how long it took me to realize this. It was like a spiritual awakening or some sort of phenomenon. Even as a Minister (1996) I didn't have a full grasp on the importance of my body and sex.

As I researched sex relative to men of ancient and modern times I saw a pattern where men have never really taught boys to respect their bodies.

In ancient times it was lawfull for men to have multiple wives, it was lawfull, however, because something is lawfull doesn't make it spiritually or morally right.

In the early 1960's Black and White couples couldn't legally marry, yes that was the law, but it wasn't morally right and was changed!

It was in Freemasonry and other ancient texts that I learned whenever a man enters inside a woman she becomes his wife. The second Jacob went inside Leah she bacame his wife (Genesis 29:23). A man becomes one flesh with a woman during sex (Genesis 2:24).

During sex the BONDING CHEMICAL oxytocin is released in the brain affecting the entire body. Not only does sex have mental and physical ramifications but spiritual ones as well. Sex is the most intimate thing two people can ever share.

Jesus dealt with sex as a mental act before the physical manifestation, if adultery starts in the mind so does marriage.
When we teach our boys they aren't dogs in heat but are young men who will have lasting memories of that special one is when we indeed prepare our boys for greatness.

When I became aware of the power of sex I started changing my wayward ways. Yes, even preachers' (not all) are taught through nonverbal communication, sex with multiple women is biblical. However, many have misinterpreted the Bible.
Sure we are living in times where men are dying in wars: Street wars, military wars and in prison. Women are desperate for a man. All this is true, just keep in mind God has the man for you so there's no need to give your body to multiple numbers of men in search for love.

Yes our children will make mistakes and bad decisions. They will have sex with people they shouldn't have sex with, but when you become a man it becomes more than just physical. It becomes a ritual. It becomes moral. It becomes spiritual.

Many governments know sex is what physically and spiritually makes a couple one. Here in the United States of America, most States allow teens ages 15 - 16 to marry with and sometimes without parental consent. Why? Because the government knows if couples marry young they'll probably have a chance of growing together and staying together...of course that isn't always the reality.

The reality is if you have sex make sure it's with someone you want to speed the rest of your life with. Remember, as a MAN when you enter inside a woman you are spiritually and physically making her your wife ❤

If you don't want that responsibility then don't go inside her! Many will say "well, the law of the land makes one married!" My question is as African Americans, did your great great grandparents have a marriage license? The answer is probably no! Because slave masters didn't give their slaves marriage licenses, which is why our ancestors in America "JUMPED THE BROOM!"

The law stated if a couple Black or White had a marriage license than they were free. This is why most of our great great grandparents didn't have a State marriage license. Yet in God's eyes they were married! Their word and sexual intercourse made them married!

As men we must learn to respect our bodies! You don't have to screw every woman that comes on to you! Brother learn how to say NO! Don't lose your soul through your pee-hole. Respect your mind, body and soul for it's all connected.

It's time to teach our boys to respect their bodies! It's time to teach men the same! Sleeping with multiple women isn't macho, it's actually stupid and dangerous. The more people you sleep with is the more you give away yourself. Pretty soon you'll have nothing left for you. Your soul will be empty. You'll be empty and broken 💔 stay whole by protecting your soul and who you share it with!

Pastor Jim Allen

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The BAD Attending Doctor!

An Attending in layman's terms is a senior doctor who's over Resident Doctors. The Attending is suppose to supervise Resident Doctors and teach them as well, yet we're hearing from Resident Doctors around the Country, advising us their Attendings' are mean, arrogant, and downright disrespectful.

We've heard stories of Attendings mentally abusing Resident Doctors by embarrassing them in front of patients. Can you imagine as a patient hearing a Senior Doctor i.e. Attending cursing out and screaming at a Resident Doctor in front of you while surgery is going on?!

I've spoken with Resident Doctors who are clinically depressed, nerves are shot, anxious, and every other bad thing you can imagine. The fact that an Attending can pass or fail a Resident Doctor relative to rotations also make it hard on Resident Doctors as well.

"...and then there's the RACIST Attending who treats black Resident Doctors (male and female) like total crap!"

I've spoken with Resident Doctors who've had sex with their Attending to pass rotation. I've spoken with Resident Doctors who are chronically sexually harassed by their Attending. They don't report it for fear of being an outcast or failing rotation.

"...are you a BAD Attending? Do you get a kick out of degrading Resident Doctors in front of patients? Do you get a kick out of making Resident Doctors cry under your iron hand of mental oppression? Indeed you are sicker than your patients!" 

It's absolutely disgusting! We send our children to school to become doctors because doctors heal people and make people better so we think...only to find out our children are going through hell trying to be a doctor of integrity.

"How can a mentally sick doctor 
focus on healing a dying patient?" 

The medical system is extremely broken. Something must be done! I think if doctors had a union or some other type of outside advocacy agency things would be a lot different. Sure, we all know rookies must pay dues but this is beyond paying dues! This is total abuse and it's criminal!

Tha Movement University will continue to stand with Medical Students and Resident Doctors. We will remain their voice!

Click below links about the crisis in the American medical field:

Pastor Jim Allen