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Sunday, December 25, 2016


Join me and my main man Father Michael Pfleger and many others DECEMBER 31, 2016 as we MARCH to remember the over 700 people killed and 3,000 shot in Chicago. Meet us by the Tribune Tower (435 N. Michigan Ave) or board the bus at St. Sabina (1210 W. 78th Place) at 10AM! Call to register for a bus ride 773-483-4300! Again, we'll be MARCHING starting at the Tribune Tower. Bring signs and photos of loved ones for PEACE! Stop the violence, save the children. LAST MARCH OF 2016!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chicago: Democrats, Vice Lords and Disciples.

For the last 30 years Chicago 
has been ran by Democrats.

* Harold Washington (first Black Mayor of Chicago) 1983 - 1987. 
* David D. Orr (1987) Interim Mayor. 
* Eugene Sawyer (Chicago's second Black Mayor) 
1987 - 1989 appointed by city council after the death 
of Harold Washington. 
* Richard M. Daley (1989 - 2011) served as Mayor for 22 years.
* Rahm Emanuel (2011 - PRESENT)

Chicago has been ran by democrat Mayors' and Aldermen for the last 30 years and the results for the African American community has been higher property taxes, increased drug infestation, gang violence, poverty, failing schools and murder. In October 2016, Chicago had 78 murders and 353 shootings...yes, in one month!

The Chicago Police Department remains under investigation of the Department of Justice relative to police brutality cases. Chicago cops have also been found guilty of working with and for various Chicago street gangs. Here's a chronological look:

* 1972 - 1991 Jon Burge and several Chicago police officers tortured innocent African American men into false confessions. Many of those men were put on death roll and locked up for life! Some served over 30 years before they were finally found not guilty.
* 1980's Chicago police officers worked with drug lords in the Marquette community on Chicago's Southside. A 24 hour drug operation is allowed to flow as drug lords bribe and pay off cops. Google: Marquette 10 Chicago. 
* 1990's Chicago police officers work hand in hand with gang members and drug lords on Chicago's Westside. The cops are paid bribes to shake down rival gangs. Google: AUSTIN 7 Chicago. 
* 2000's Chicago police officers arrested for working with the Latin Kings Street Gang. Chicago cops on different occassions demanded bribes from drug dealers in housing projects. Click link:

How is it the African American community in Chicago remains disenfranchised after 30 years of democrat rule?! What's going on? Why do African Americans in Chicago and other poor inner cities continue to support democrats? 

The answer is because democrats are go at delivering SOCIAL WELFARE FOOD STAMP PROGRAMS. Hear me out...this isn't to shame and/or condemn anyone on public assistance! This is to wake those on public assistance up! 

I've learned that not only do democrats fail to create JOBS for poor African American communities, they don't won't nor know how to create jobs at all. The only thing democrats know how to do is push for social welfare food stamp programs because these programs keep the poor dependent on democrats, meanwhile poor and disenfranchised African Americans continue to vote for democrats 80% - 90% in local and national elections!

Democrats thrive off of poverty! They thrive off of social welfare food stamp programs. This is how they stay getting elected term after term. They don't want you to work because then you'll see all the taxes they take out of your check and the many taxes you pay for everything sometimes 5 to 10 times a day. 

Democrats don't want you to prosper! They don't want you to make $500 - $800 a week, they're fine with you receiving $200 in cash and $500 in food stamps a month from the government! Democrats are fine with you being on social welfare food stamp programs all your life! They hope and pray you never wake up and seek better for yourself and your family. 

In Chicago we're taxed for everything we buy, every time! You buy groceries, tax! You buy clothes, tax! You buy furniture, tax! You buy food from the restaurant, tax! Every time you buy something in Chicago you are being taxed at a high rate! 

All of these taxes yet the African American community in Chicago and around the country looks like a third world ghetto. The taxes are so bad in Chicago to the point many including myself buy food and gas from Indiana (a Republican state)!

For decades democrats have told African Americans "The republicans are only for the rich. The republican party is only for White folks!" I've come to learn that's a lie straight from Benghazi! It took a brother by the name of Lenny McAllister ( to open my mind years ago about the republican party! I'm so glad he did.

"...Black men in Chicago are begging for jobs, but the democrats keep responding with more social welfare food stamp programs, which is causing more and more Black men to turn to crime to feed themselves and their families!" 

Honestly, I've created more jobs than most elected officials in Chicago. I have many at-risk youth working in my program which pays $10 - $15 an hour, click link:

Is it hard to create jobs? YES! However, it's worth it! How can one feel like a man if he doesn't have a job to feed his family?! The democratic party has failed the Black man in Chicago and around the country! It's shameful and painful to see on average 30 killed and 300 shot every month in Chicago. 

Children and senior citizens are being killed in democrat Chicago! There's no plan to help the Vice Lords, Disciples, Black P Stones, Latin Kings, etc., reintegrate back into mainstream society. No plan by democrats in Chicago to employ them as well!  

Hopefully President-elect Donald J. Trump's "NEW DEAL FOR BLACK AMERICA" click link: will help Black men in Chicago and other urban communities get their dignity and families back...the democrats sure in hell aren't gonna do it! 

-Dr. Jim Allen 


The above photo was taken after Donald Trump's

- OCTOBER 26, 2016 -


Trump’s New Deal for Black AmericaWith A Plan for Urban Renewal
Nobody needs to tell African-Americans in this country that the old new deal from the Democratic Party isn’t working for them. In election after election, Democratic party leaders take African-American voters for granted and year after year the condition of Black America gets worse. The conditions in our inner cities today are unacceptable. Too many African-Americans have been left behind.
African-Americans need a new deal from their next president. Donald Trump is proposing just that. The following are ten promises announced by Donald Trump on October 26, 2016 in Charlotte, NC that will define a new deal for Black America:
1. Great Education Through School Choice. We will allow every disadvantaged child in America to attend the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice. School choice is the great civil rights issue of our time, and Donald Trump will be the nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice in all 50 states. We will also ensure funding for Historic Black Colleges and Universities, more affordable 2 and 4-year college, and support for trade and vocational education.
2. Safe Communities. We will make our communities safe again. Every poor African-American child must be able to walk down the street in peace. Safety is a civil right. We will invest in training and funding both local and federal law enforcement operations to remove the gang members, drug dealers, and criminal cartels from our neighborhoods. The reduction of crime is not merely a goal – but a necessity.
3. Equal Justice Under the Law. We will apply the law fairly, equally and without prejudice. There will be only one set of rules – not a two-tiered system of justice. Equal justice also means the same rules for Wall Street.
4. Tax Reforms to Create Jobs and Lift up People and Communities. We will lower the business tax from 35 percent to 15 percent and bring thousands of new companies to our shores. We will also have a massive middle class tax cut, tax-free childcare savings accounts, and childcare tax deductions and credits. We will also have tax holidays for inner-city investment, and new tax incentives to get foreign companies to relocate in blighted American neighborhoods. We will empower cities and states to seek a federal disaster designation for blighted communities in order to initiate the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties, and the increased presence of law enforcement.
5. Financial Reforms to Expand Credit to Support New Job Creation. We will have financial reforms to make it easier for young African-Americans to get credit to pursue their dreams in business and create jobs in their communities. Dodd-Frank has been a disaster, making it harder for small businesses to get the credit they need. The policies of the Clintons brought us the financial recession – through lifting Glass-Steagall, pushing subprime lending, and blocking reforms to Fannie and Freddie. It’s time for a 21st century Glass Steagall and, as part of that, a priority on helping African-American businesses get the credit they need. We will also encourage small-business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty assistance into repayable but forgive-able micro-loans.
6. Trade That Works for American Workers. We will stop the massive, chronic trade deficits that have emptied out our jobs. We won’t let our jobs be stolen from us anymore. We will stop the offshoring of companies to low-wage countries and raise wages at home – meaning rent and bills become instantly more affordable. We will tell executives that if they move their factories to Mexico or other countries, we will put a 35% tax on their product before they ship it back into the United States.
7. Protection from Illegal Immigration. We will restore the civil rights of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and all Americans, by ending illegal immigration. No group has been more economically-harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income African-American workers. Hillary’s pledge to enact “open borders,” – made in secret to a foreign bank – would destroy the African-American middle class. We will reform visa rules to give American workers preference for jobs, and we will suspend reckless refugee admissions from terror-prone regions that cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. We will use a portion of the money saved by enforcing our laws, and suspending refugees, to re-invested in our inner cities.
8. New Infrastructure Investment. We will leverage public-private partnerships, and private investments through tax incentives, to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years, of which the inner cities will be a major beneficiary. We will cancel all wasteful climate change spending from Obama-Clinton, including all global warming payments to the United Nations. This will save $100 billion over 8 years. We will use these to help rebuild the vital infrastructure, including water systems, in America’s inner cities.
9. Protect the African-American Church. We will protect religious liberty, promote strong families, and support the African-American church.
10. America First Foreign Policy. We will stop trying to build Democracies overseas, wasting trillions, but focus on defeating terrorists and putting America First.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Black Men & White Women

Interracial marriage became legal nationwide in 1967 "Loving vs Virginia" case that went before the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus interracial marriage is fairly a new in the United States of America. There's an incredible phenomenon of rich black men marrying white women. We've all seen it and we all know of it. The question is why?

Are white women better than black women? What's the fascination? For one, white women aren't better than black women and vice versa. For two there's no fascination or mystique! As someone who's worked in sports and worked with NBA players, I'd say the issue is more so cultural than personal.

Cultural as in most (not all) black women are raised seeing their mothers do everything. Most black women are raised without a father in the household. Most black women are raised to be strong and to take care of themselves. Most black women are raised to pay their own bills because they've seen their mothers do it time and time again.

Most (not all) white women are raised differently. Most white women are raised seeing a man in the house. Most white women are raised to be dependent on a man. Most white women are raised to be the weaker vessel in a relationship. Most are raised to be docile.

In essence rich black men (not all) choose white women because they i.e. white women are mistakenly viewed as socially weak, docile, and easily controlled when in a relationship. Black men (not all) in these cases find it more convenient to be with a white woman than a black woman.
In 2013 (25% of black men 
married outside their race). 
Click above image. 

A black woman isn't easily controlled or manipulated. She's not going to stand for certain things. She's taught to be strong and to hold her own with or without a man. In most cases black women are the way they are because of their fathers. Their fathers deserted them which in turn caused momma to take on both gender roles.
In most cases (not all) just because rich black men choose white women over black women doesn't mean white women are better. It means white women are viewed as naive, easily to control and weak. You must understand to a rich black man who's making millions of dollars playing sports, it's all about his ego. I mean...these guys are in perfect shape, look like action figures, make great money and play ball all around the country. In their minds they are God's gift to humanity.

They need a woman who's willing to go along with the program. Don't question their whereabouts, don't talk back as much, just shut up and make their lives easy because after all the universe revolves around them. In their minds a white woman fits the description. These type of black men know a black woman isn't going to subscribe to their demands on that level. But even when these type of rich black men choose white women, they still cheat with other women, so there's really no prize or reward.

While it maybe fun and convenient, being with someone you can easily manipulate can be dangerous. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why powerful men like Tiger Woods are able to screw so many women and get away with it. Their wives don't challenge them or ask their whereabouts. Those men are pretty much free agents.

Telling a man "No, you're not going out every night. "No, I'm not performing oral sex every night!" "No, you can't do whatever you want in this relationship". That type of challenge is what builds character in a man. It makes a man respect a woman that will stand up for herself and her dignity.

"...It's more so an issue of 
control. One is perceived as 
easy to control. The other isn't!"

Should black women be more submissive, easily controlled, easily manipulated? Of course not! But stop thinking there's something wrong with you...there isn't! The real truth is there's something wrong with a man who would rather be with a woman he thinks he can control over a woman who would challenge him.

- Dr. Jim Allen

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dear Trick Daddy...

Dear Trick Daddy,

Your recent disparaging comments do not reflect the sentiments of ALL black men in America as it relates to our beautiful black sisters.

Trick Daddy you speak for the type of black men who doesn't know true black culture or history, nor the amazing contributions black women in America have and continue to make.

Trick Daddy you speak for deadbeat fathers, losers, and women abusers.

What you fail to understand is black female business is up 322%! In fact black women have the most doctorate degrees and undergrad degrees in the United States of America, making them the most educated group!

While black men like you Trick Daddy were rapping about violence and going back and forth to jail, black women were busy educating themselves and starting businesses.

Trick Daddy you're nothing more than a symbol of ignorant bliss for men who have 4, 5, 6 different baby mommas and working on the 7th!

Men who listen to you Trick Daddy also enjoy going back and forth to prison to hang with their buddies. They are the type of men who steal credit cards and offer people discount gas at the gas station.

Trick Daddy how would you feel if black women said "Sisters' we need to look at white and brown men because black men keep going to prison, making babies and not taking care of them, dropping out of high school, are unemployed at the highest rates among all racial groups!"

Wouldn't that statement piss you off?! This is why you can't generalize and marginalize people!

Men who listen to you Trick Daddy live house to house, are lazy and sit around waiting for their girlfriend's income tax refund. Trick Daddy you are a JOKE and should apologize to all black women for your stupid, uninformed comments!

Dr. Jim Allen,
Vineyard Chicago

Thursday, October 27, 2016

WAR: God & Demons!

According to Moses and Miriam, the LORD (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh) is a man of war (Exodus 15:3). We must understand under the right circumstances war is just as divine as peace. The first war we read about in the Bible is recorded in heaven (Revelation 12:1-17), it declares there was war in heaven.

This means the art of war was founded in heaven before it was carried out by nations against nations. We must also understand God sanctions war. In the Old Testament, God sanctioned war through his kings and prophets. Abraham was blessed by the King of Salem "Melchizedek" after he had killed various kings in war (Hebrews 7:1).

Countless times we read of kings and prophets praying for God's approval as they went into battle against other nations. Why? The people of Israel had to fight for their families and sovereignty thwarts foreign invaders. Also if and when a nation is conquered by another nation - the conquering nation enacts its social, philosophical, legal and religious views upon the conquered or colonized.

As long as Israel kept God's commandments, God kept Israel from losing in battles against nations twice its size in military might. God does not choose sides in war, no, nations and kings must choose God's side in war. God is on the side of righteousness, for no matter what or which nation is in power,God yet rules in the kingdom of all men (Daniel 4:17).

In the earthly and spiritual realm there is also war. The spiritual and physical world has always been at war, and now we're also at cyber war. There has never been a time of worldwide peace. The Apostle Paul stated "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".

The believer must understand s/he is in a 
constant mental and spiritual battle, 
thus s/he must always be in a mental 
state of prayer without ceasing.  

A nation or country that is under the God (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh) must spiritually and physically protect itself. Jesus said turn the other cheek; however, he also said in (Luke 22:36) "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag, and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one". Jesus knew it was a time to be humble and a time to defend one's life, family, property and country!

The Bible states: A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up
(Ecclesiastes 3:3). God has given us a time for war and a time for peace. A Christian must be willing to go to war in DEFENSE of his belief and for his family.

As it relates to the spirit and evil energy known as Lucifer/Satan: We must never forget the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds!

Is GOD the author of War?
When the measure of the iniquity of the Canaanites was full, Israel was told by God to sweep the Canaanites off the face of the earth. The Israelite people had to take possession of the promised land by war. They had to engage in a long and bloody war against Canaanitish tribes. In the days of king Saul and king David, the people of Israel engaged in many wars with various nations around them. After the division of Israel (North and South) Israel fought against the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians and among their own tribesmen.

From Israel to the church of Jesus (Yahshua), the church represents a spiritual Israel, according to the Apostle Paul. The church has and continues to endure bloodshed and war by radical groups such as but not limited to: BOKO HARAM, Janjaweed, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Al-Nusra Front, ISIS/ISIL! The church must not turn its cheek against such evil groups, the church must by a sword (Luke 22:36) and fight back against those who will attempt to rape, enslave and destroy it!

Jesus stated "And from the time John the Baptist began preaching until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people are attacking it!" These violent people are anti-Christ (1 John 2:18). The Christian must remain with a warfare mentality of prayer and protection.

"...No! No one should be forced by the sword or bullet to convert to any religion! Religion should be the choice of the people. Jesus never taught to kill those who didn't believe in his doctrine. Those who force people into conversion and/or kill people because of their faith are of the DEVIL!"  

Within the mind of God, He sees his followers as warriors of prayer, praise and worship. He has sanctioned the believer to mentally, physically and spiritually protect himself, family and country! Put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), for war is as divine as peace, for war originated in heaven (Revelation 12:7).

Dr. Jim Allen

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pluralism, Tolerance, Diversity: HEALING!

The world is moving towards pluralism and diversity, which is what's needed. The time of endless wars and global famine must come to an end or else the WATCHERS will visit earth and enact strict justice, which is why we're seeing so many alien life-form manifestations in space.

All religions lead to the divine; however, the actions of those in power have used religion too rape, enslave and murder. This is a violation in the earth and spirit realms. Religion has been misused for political purposes as well. When religion is misused for political purposes we create ungodly wars!

When we allow tolerance, pluralism and diversity to be taught is when the earth will heal. The world will receive a tremendous abundance of physical blessings. The earth will open her vaginal chakra and yield a worldwide harvest.

The earth/world must heal of sectarian violence and racism. When this happens we'll also see economical trade open up. The world will truly become ONE!

"Racism is a disease created by humans. Because of slavery 'ancient and modern' this disease is inside all of us. In various Countries, we're breed to be racist. The only cure is too teach a new way of thinking! Tolerance, pluralism, diversity is our only way out"

All of our prophecies of doom and gloom has clouded our judgement as many (religious zealots) are in a rush to literally fulfill metaphysical prophecies. The age of the religious zealot has ended. This is an age of tolerance, pluralism, diversity and unity.

This is an age of peace and economical prosperity. Our jobs as Ministers, Imams, Pastors, Rabbis, Metaphysicians, Spiritual Advisors, etc., is too usher in the aforementioned age!

Our theological seminaries must teach tolerance, pluralism, and diversity. Of course this doesn't mean we must murge religious beliefs, but rather respect the religious beliefs of others too the degree enslavement, murder and rape because of one's religious belief becomes unacceptable.
 I applaud Harvard Divinity School for taking a sincere interest in this didactic work. It's time for world leaders and healers to shift us into a new direction and destination.

Dr. Jim Allen, DD
Theological Metaphysical
Research Society

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Oneness of God

No (one) religion has the full revelation of God. All the religions combined don't have the full revelation of God.

All the names (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, Amen-RA, Vishnu) etc., given to God by men can't express the true name of God.

All religions are but narrow paths seeking the LI/G\HT of God's divinity. When the world is at peace and when there is global religious tolerance is when the fullness of God will be revealed.

The fullness of God is intertwined within the oneness of humanity. As long as racism and sectarian violence is allowed due to ignorance or misguided zealots, the fullness of God's tranquility cannot rest upon the earth.

The Torah, Bible, Koran, Kemetic Papyrus, etc., combined is but 1° of knowledge of the science and spirituality of God's true nature within the universe He created.

No man has the Godly right to enslave and/or kill another because of religious belief. The oneness of religion has the ability to change the direction of governments and spirituality as we know it.  

Dr. Jim Allen

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jesus the Metaphysician

As it relates to Spirit Science: Metaphysics means mind over matter. Spiritual over the physical. Beyond is above below. Faith in the unseen.

Moving Objects:
Being able to move objects with your MIND is a major part of metaphysics. This takes a high degree of faith. Jesus told us we can move objects as big as mountains in a proverbial and physical sense (Mark 11:23).

Mind Over Matter:
Being able to walk on water is a high degree of metaphysics in that water isn't a solid substance; however, those who believe and is in a dire situation can walk on water. Jesus walked on water and so did Peter, until doubt came into Peter's mind (Matthew 14:26-31).

Mind reading, perception of thoughts, discernment and telepathy are all the same...just different names. Jesus had a high level of telepathy and so can we (Luke 5:22).

A person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future is a clairvoyant. Jesus was a supreme clairvoyant (Matthew 24:3).

Metaphysics involves being able to transform one's image in a proverbial and literal sense. In the Bible it's called TRANSFIGURATION. During sessions in metaphysics sometimes a person's face and clothes will change (Matthew 17:1-13). Also during such sessions people from the past are known to visit and speak messages.

Healing through energy, earthly substances, and laying on of hands is something Jesus did often. Jesus was filled with energy, power and faith (Luke 6:19). However, Jesus only healed after asking the person in need of healing "do you believe?" A person's belief is what brings healing. Jesus also healed with his saliva mixed with mud (earthly substance) that created a solvent (John 9:6).

Metaphysics and the Body:
Those who study metaphysics must also understand the elements within their bodies: 99% of the body is oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus.
0.85% of the body is potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. The human body also has 0.2 milligrams of gold in it that maintains the joints and provide electronical signals throughout the body. Understanding your body is also scientifically made of stardust is also a magical yet powerful thing. The universe is inside you as you are inside the universe. Your presence within the universe matters.

Jesus the Metaphysician:
You cannot study metaphysics and leave out Jesus of Nazareth. His teachings and supernatural ability to heal, cast out evil spirits, walk on water, raise the dead is what all metaphysicians should ascribe to. Jesus the metaphysician has empowered all who believe to do what he did (Matthew 10). I'm not asking you to be a Christian, I'm asking you to study the metaphysical powers of Jesus of Nazareth and apply your research to your daily lives.
(John 14:12)

Dr. Jim Allen

Friday, August 19, 2016

Understanding Spirituality

Ready to understand metaphysics, spirituality,
the universe and the spirit realm? Ready to move to a deeper level of the terrestrial and celestial? Be sure to check this course out. Please click the below flyer:

I, Dr. Jim Allen fully endorse
and recommend this powerful 
course of study! Be there and
be transformed

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Single Black Christian Men Want?

I think women haven't been told the truth about what most Black single Christian men want. Sure, they need a sanctified, saved and Holy Ghost filled woman but most Black Christian men are visual as well.

Most Black Christian men don't have a long list of what a Christian woman should be or look like. The list is rather short and goes like this:

√ Saved,
√ Sexy,
√ Cool,
√ Works,

This is why certain women in Christianity are winning and some aren't. Of course men like what they like...meaning various men are attracted to various women of different sizes, height, skin color, etc. By-in-large, Christian women should up their game in the sexy department.

This is why women like Andrienne Bailon, Charlene "Tweet" Keys and Meagan Good are winning.

Black single Christian men are attracted to women who are comfortable and secure with and in themselves. Men want to feel needed, thus a woman being interdependent is a turn-on for most Black Christian men.

It's time for most (not all) Black single Christian women to turn up the sexy...get your swag back! If not you'll be forever hating and dazed by why you can't win in the love department.

Gospel Singer Israel Houghton
and Andrienne Bailon.

Min. Devon Franklin
and Meagan Good.

Pastor Jamal Bryant
and Charlene "Tweet" Keys.

There's a reason the above women are winning Christian Black men most think should be with more spiritual women. Stop hating and start taking notes.

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen

Monday, August 15, 2016

Why Isn't Oprah (Legally) Married?

For years many have asked why isn't Oprah legally married? One must understand the history of marriage within the United States of America to understand why some aren't fully enthused to buy in.

First we must understand African American slaves could not legally marry in the United States of America. Slaves who were ritually married were labeled by White slave masters as "shacking". This meant since African American slaves weren't allowed to legally marry, it was legal for White slave owners to have sex with and impregnate African American slave women even though those women had husbands they jumped the broom with.

White slave masters didn't respect any ceremony or ritual of marriage among African American slaves.

*Shacking is a term used by White slave masters during African American slavery. Because slaves lived in shacks and couldn't legally marry they were labeled as shacking. Even though African American slaves held their own marriage ceremonies: Jumping The Broom, etc., they were still viewed as shacking.  

In fact, most African American men were bought to breed. Their jobs was to impregnate as many African American women as possible to keep the plantation filled with generations of slave babies.

African Americans as a whole didn't get the right to legally marry until 1865, and even in some of those cases African American marriages weren't honored or respected.

As far as marriage among interracial (Black and White) couples it was first legalized throughout the United States of America in 1967 (Loving vs. Virginia) decision.

Black women like Oprah know a piece of legal paper given by a government that refused to give to her ancestors i.e. African American slaves doesn't make one married! They know a marriage license is easy to buy but hard to get out of. They know that under $100 piece of legal license can cost you half or all of your fortune in a divorce.

I tell high-paid Black women all the time, "If you're gonna get a marriage license from the State you better get a prenuptial agreement first because divorce is real and losing your assests is a painful thing!"

Ancient Marriages:
But even when we look at marriages in ancient times, most didn't involve the State relative to a license. Among The ancient Hebrews, the fathers arranged the marriages. Fathers received a dowry for marrying off his daughter, whereas he had to give a dowry for marrying off his son. The fathers agreed to the exchange. In the book of Genesis, Dinah was gained by gifts given to her father. Abraham gave jewels of silver, gold and raiment for his son to marry Rebekah, he also gave precious things to Rebekah's brother and mother.

"...Adam and Eve weren't
married in a church, temple,
or synagogue! They became
one flesh through sexual intercourse".

In ancient Greece, marriages were usually arranged by the parents. The couple participated in a ceremony or a ritual; however, the couple living together actually made them married.

Even Jesus knew two people leaving their mother and father and becoming one flesh through consummation are married (Matthew 19:5-6). Jesus talked about divorce and marriage whereas He stated if a woman commits fornication her husband can divorce her (Matthew 19:9)...wait, how can a married woman commit fornication? Because fornication is the act of having sex with multiple people!

Its simple, once you have sex with someone else you no longer belong to your spouse. You now belong to the person you had sex with. Why? Because sex consummates a marriage.

Many people are caught up in soul-ties because they don't know how to divorce their souls from people they've had sexual experiences with!

In a spiritual and metaphysical sense, within a committed relationship, sex makes that relationship a marriage. Oprah and women like her know they don't need a piece of legal paper from the State to quantify their relationship.

Oprah isn't the only high-class African American woman not buying into the whole legal marriage license, Iyanla Vanzant believes the same thing. She said she's never going to marry again. Click below link:

She doesn't mean she's never gonna love again, she means she's never going to legally marry again because she knows the pros and cons thereof as it relates to legal marriage in the United States of America.

She know legal marriage in the United States of America has become one of the greatest scams, and easiest way to lose one's hard earned wealth.

Those in legal marriages only stay because it's cheaper to keep her...meaning although the love is gone: They're not having sex, sleeping in different rooms, not coming home at times, seeing other people, they'd rather stay in a legal agreement than split things half and half. That's a miserable existence.

"...A dysfunctional marriage is
worser than a divorce!"

Simply put, the government should stay out of marriage. People should also be more responsible who they decide to enter relationships with. If you're going to get a marriage license from the State please understand in full detail what that entails relative to your money, children, and life.

Nevertheless, the State doesn't make you married. Your word of commitment and the leaving of your father and mother's house and becoming one flesh makes a couple married.

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen

Can Christians Have Demons?

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen

I've been preaching the gospel for 20 years. Never have I seen so many confused Christians and unlearned pastors.

From a "Spirit Science" perspective, a Holy Ghost filled Christian cannot also be filled or possessed with demons, that within itself is theologically and spiritually impossible. Two can't walk together except they agree...the Holy Ghost will never agree to occupy a demon filled or possessed soul!

The soul cannot house the spirit of light and the spirit of darkness at the same time. Even Jesus said you're either HOT or COLD, lukewarm is spewed out.

Thoses possessed by the Holy Ghost can't also be possessed or filled with demons! That's counterproductive to salvation and spirituality. Your fight against demons are without you ((not)) within you!

What's the sense of having the Holy Ghost within you if He can't protect you from demon possession? Greater is He (Holy Ghost) that is within you then he (demonic spirit) that is within the world.

The Fight Without:
Yes, we will always war against the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life; however, those are outside forces! The flesh/body is an outward shell that goes in the earth after physical death. The flesh isn't dominant, the soul which has accepted the Holy Ghost is dominant.

I wonder if Pastors' who teach Holy Ghost filled Christian can be possessed by demons also think the same for themselves? Oftentimes those who teach Christians can be filled or possessed by demons do so out of their own opinion and not from a theological, biblical or spiritual viewpoint. They teach this type of doctrine to control Christians rather then empower them.

As a believer saved and filled with the Holy Ghost please understand demons can't control and/or live within you! Demons fight on the outside to influence the mind and feelings of believers but demons can't control or live within the Holy Ghost filled believer!

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Apostle John Eckhardt,
Dr. Jim Allen

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Looking For A New Career?

Property Preservation. BPO's. Property Flipping. -Ask me how!
Oakview Community Center in Oak Lawn, IL.

ATTENTION: The Mommy and Me Real Estate mastermind is calling all moms and daughters aged 7+


Open to moms and daughters. We will talk about multiple ways to use real estate to increase your income enough to leave your 9 to 5 for good.

With real estate your income is only limited by lack of knowledge about different revenue streams. I was able to surpass my corporate income by completing 100 Broker Price Opinions per month. If you have ever wanted to do BPO's then you need to be present at this event.

I have successfully flipped properties in as little as 120 days with great success - if property flipping is on your to do list, you should be present as well.

Finally, are you aware that banks and servicing companies are actively seeking property preservation specialists? Currently, we service 75 ZIP CODES in Cook County. If you want to break into the business, I greatly look forward to speaking with you.

I have been licensed since 2006 and I have personally done all things mentioned above. I want to share my insights and experience with other moms with the goal of inspiring entire families to become business owners and increase their net worth.

When: Sunday, August 21, 2016
12:30 PM - 2 PM
Where: Oakview Community Center
4625 W. 110th Street (room 9)
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Chicago Cops and Gangs Are Buddies

Recently the Chicago Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police sent out an alert claiming 3 West Side streets gangs (Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, Four Corner Hustlers) had a meeting to discuss shooting and/or killing Chicago police officers as retaliation for the murder of 18 year old Paul O'Neal by reckless Chicago police officers after killing the teen they pursued as he exited a stolen Jaguar and ran.

Why would West Side gangs meet to discuss shooting Chicago cops for something that happened on the South Side of Chicago? Most gangs are territorial and can careless what happens on the next block let alone a different side of town.

According to the Chicago Police Department, gangs in Chicago have no structure and are led by 15 years olds. So 3 West Side gangs known for killing each other and led by 15 year olds united to discuss shooting/killing Chicago cops? How ignorant is that?!

Here's the reality, gangs in Chicago make 5K - 20K a night! Shooting/killing cops would stop their money flow as gangs want less police interaction as possible in order to sell drugs without interruption. If you're running a drug operation that's grossing 5K - 20K a night, why would you jeopardize that by shooting at law enforcement?

Let's be honest...the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Street Gangs have a long history of working together as buddies:
* Marquette 10 (ten crooked cops paid by South Side gangs to allow a 24/7 drug operation on the South Side of Chicago) 1980's.
* Austin 7 (seven crooked cops paid by West Side gangs to extort other gangs. They allowed drugs and guns to freely flow throughout the West Side of Chicago) 1990's.
* Chicago Anti-Gang Unit (shut down by the FBI for allegedly running a cocaine ring). This unit had 104 members. 2000's!
* Crooked cops working for the Latin Kings while in uniform. Supplied the Latin Kings with drugs and guns. 2011.
√ Currently the Chicago Police Department is under investigation of the FBI and the Department Of Justice for systemic racism, corruption, gang involvement, drugs and police brutality. 2016.

On top of all this, Chicago police stops are down by 90%!

You'd be a fool to think cops aren't still getting paid by gangs to provide intel and protection from other gangs. The streets is big money and best believe cops are getting their share (not all) but many!

But where are the indictments of supposedly gang members meeting to shoot or kill Chicago police officers? Isn't that conspiracy to commit murder?

This is nothing but a diversion tactic by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Chicago Police Department to marginalize and demonize the Black community. This is nothing but a smear campaign against the Black community in Chicago!

The Chicago Sun-Times should be ashamed of itself for running a bogus story that has no legitimacy. Pretty sure more unarmed African American will die at the hands of cops.

It's funny how each time an African American is pursued s/he must DIE right there on the spot. No due process, no arrest, no court date...just cold-blooded murder! Cops are not judge, jury and executioner!

African Americans are being killed by cops for selling cigarettes, selling bootleg movies, for playing with toy guns in a park, for driving with a taillight out, for failing to signal while switching lanes, etc...

Meanwhile, White folks shoot up schools, theaters and churches and are arrested...taken to Burger King, and get to live the rest of their lives in prison getting 3 hots and a cot.

Of course no one should break the law, nor should teens be killed for stealing a car! A car can be replaced, a life can't! I'm pretty sure that fancy Jaguar was insured. We've all done crazy things at 15, 16, 17, 18 years old, the question is should we have died by the hands of cops for youthful mistakes and decisions?
Dr. Jim Allen

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Interview: Dating Black Single Christian Men

Dr. Jim Allen

This interview was conducted on the Real Talk, Real People Show (Monday, August 1, 2016) hosted by Art "Chat Daddy" Sims.

Dr. Jim Allen and Chat Daddy kept it real and raw. Please click the link below to listen. Great conversation and hot topic ⤵

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dating A Black Christian Man

There's a certain image  women have in their minds about a Black Christian man. This image is one who attends Bible class throughout the week and Sunday service. It's an image of a man who takes charge and pays all the bills.

That image probably worked in the 1960's, but not in 2016. The reality is men of all religious backgrounds have lied and cheated no matter age, time or decade.

Women (not all) fail to understand a man can't take charge unless you allow him, if not it becomes a game of tug and war. No man wants to feel he's in a competition with his woman as it relates to his manhood within a relationship.

The roles of man and woman has drastically changed. Our views of the good ole days where men did everything have changed as well. Women now have more rights and power than ever before, and to think, America just may be on the brink of electing its first female President.

The role of men have changed in the United States of America. The role of the "agrarian man" who worked with his son in the fields while the woman stayed home is over.

The agrarian man was replaced by the "manufacturing man", this is much attributed to technology which forced the agrarian man to leave working the fields and now working in warehouses as an executive or assembly worker. When this happened, the father no longer worked with his son in the fields.

Daddy had to go work at the steel mill, factory, warehouse, plant, etc., while son stayed at home with mom...however, this is one of the reasons for take your child to work day.

When many manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc., moved overseas it left millions of men jobless.

Then came the boom of women workers into the workforce. No longer was the man the sole bread winner...women were now doing it for themselves.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (Black women are now the most educated group in the United States of America). Black women earned 66% of bachelor's degrees, 71% of master's degrees and 65% of all doctorate degrees (2009 - 2010).

According to the 2015 State of Women-Owned Business Report, Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. Black women-owned businesses grew by 74% between 1997 - 2015.

The number of Black women-owned businesses has grown by a whopping 322% since 1997. Today, Black women own roughly 14% of all businesses in the Country which tallies around 1.3 million businesses. Nationwide, Black women-owned businesses employ 300,000 workers and generate $52.6 billion in revenue.

In contrast, the prison population grew by 700% from 1970 - 2005, the incarceration rates disproportionately impact men of color. 1 in every 15 Black men are incarcerated compared to 1 in every 106 White men. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 3 Black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime.

There's a great shortage of Black men in church mainly because of prison, gang violence, and lack of church community outreach. Most Black men in churches (and yes they are few) really don't see the need to pull other Black men off the streets and into the church. Part of the reason is laziness relative to evangelism. Most (not all) Black men in church see no need to invite their work buddies or to do street ministry as a means of bringing more men into the church. Why?

Well, most married Black men don't have time to do street ministry and most single Black men aren't ready or willing to do street ministry targeted to Black men because of competition. As of right now the numbers favor the men within the Black church.

When I say numbers I'm speaking of women to men. Most (not all) Black single Christian men are having a ball with the numbers. Most of these men aren't willing or ready to settle down. These men are having sex with multiple women at church and then bragging to each other about it.
These guys go on dates and expect to get a hand job or a blowjob on the first date. They know Black women in church are desperate, thus they take advantage of them.

The sad part is most Black pastors aren't preaching the importance of family or relationship stability. They're not even condemning men who misuse Black women within the Black church.

Most Black men were never taught by their father or mother to respect their bodies, in fact, in American culture, a man sleeping with many women is actually honored. Professional athletes, movie stars, and artists have all bragged about sleeping with multiple women. Most Black boys' are never told by their parents that their bodies are special. Most Black men don't view their bodies as special which is why most (not all) are promiscuous. If you ask the average Black man if his parents or any family member taught or told him his body was special? He's gonna say no! I've asked this very question to many Black men of various educational backgrounds and they all said no they were never taught to view their bodies as it relates to sex as special.   

A lot of Black single Christian men are super-predators. They use women for money, fancy suits, expensive dress shoes, etc! It's utterly disgusting, especially seeing how educated and successful most Black women are compared to Black men. I know Black women with master's and doctorate degrees and can't find a good Black Christian man.

The only solution is to bring more men into the faith of Jesus Christ. Notice I didn't say church because the church system has failed to produce stable relationships and families. Most (not all) of the people getting married in the Black church are those in the in-crowd, those are the only people lucky enough to be married by Passa!

It's also important to note, the Black church isn't the only way to Jesus Christ.

As we move into a more conscious and spiritual movement, many Black women are going to start looking for men outside of the Black church. I don't blame them!

At the present time all we can do is pray Black pastors will teach manhood relative to sexuality. The idea of being responsible as it relates to sex and character. Pastors and spiritual leaders must teach the power of sex and its soul bonding.

In most societies and even Biblically, sex is what makes a man and woman married. When men understand the true meaning of sex is when they'll stop freely having it. The Bible says when a man goes inside a woman she becomes his wife.

The problem with western theology is it doesn't teach the Biblical perspective of sex and marriage. Of course this only applies when one wakes up to his/her higher self of spirit and religion. When you're mentally dead you have no clue of the primitive meaning of things.

For a Black woman to be successful in dating a Black Christian man I'd say pay close attention to his words and actions. If he'll try to screw you on the first date of meeting you then best believe he's done that many times to many women.

Watch how he interacts with other women at church. If he's a flirt then chances are he's also a player. Be sure to see where his mind, spirit and passions are. What are his goals as far as a long term relationship and if he's ready to settle down.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't give him a hand job or a blowjob! Make him work for your love. Jacob worked a total of 14 years for Rachael!

I know you think you don't have time but you do, you have plenty time. The right love isn't gonna mind putting in work for you, after all you deserve it.

There are some decent Black Christian men out here, but that number is very slim. Most Black single Christian men are in church having the time of their lives screwing as many women as possible.

If you fell into one of their traps please don't feel bad. Just do better next time around, keep your eyes open and stay woke.

Click below link to hear interview

Dr. Jim Allen

Thursday, July 21, 2016

God and Predestination

As in to foreordain, predetermine, predestinate. The notion God predetermined all events (natural, spiritual, human) is simply not true nor is it Biblically sound. Below are a few examples of how predestination is man-made. No matter how deep or great our knowledge is about God - God remains above human thought and conception. 👑

If we accept the idea God has predetermined all events then we must also accept the fall of Lucifer, Adam and Eve as being foreordained, destined, and predetermined by God.

After all, God created Lucifer, Adam and Eve. The question becomes did God predestine Lucifer, Adam and Eve to fall? Or was their fall brought on by their own disobedience?

Why would a loving God foreordain so much pain in the world? Or did he? In the book of Isaiah 45:7 (NIV), God says "I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things". ➡ This doesn't mean God is evil!

It means God creates the daylight, and the night... God brings wealth when we're righteous and disaster when we become his foe. If we believe God predestined all things then we must also believe Hitler was predestined to kill 6 million Jews. God forbid!

God would never predestine such destruction of innocent life! If we believe God predestined all things then we must accept slavery in America as a preordained event sanctioned by God! No! God has not preordained all events.

We have to understand demonic and human interaction within the workings of the universe. For one: We must understand humans are demigods in the sense we carry the breath of God in our souls (Genesis 2:7) KJV. For two: (Psalm 82:6) declares humans are gods, sons of the Most High. This divine nature within humans makes us a little lower than the angels (Psalm 8:4-9). Just as God, Lucifer, angels and demons are eternal, so are humans for humans have a soul that is eternal or long lasting, for the soul that continues in disobedience shall die. Meaning evil souls shall burn in Sheol for a long time until they are no more.

In (1 Samuel 28:11-19) we see the soul of Samuel awaken, although Samuel was physically dead his soul was awaken in the spirit realm and he did physically talk to King Saul and the Medium. Do you think God preordained all that to happen? Why would God preordain King Saul to consult a Medium to awaken Samuel's soul and then punish King Saul for doing so?

God did not preordain Lucifer to fall, nor did God preordain Adam and Eve to fall! Yes, God can predestine things for our lives; however, we have the power of freewill to accept or reject what God preordains for us.

Predestination can and has been interrupted by fallen angels and humans. For example: Slavery in the Americas (Trans-Atlantic) has changed the destiny of many Countries (good and bad). Slavery in all its horror and gruesomeness has changed the trajectory of Races and cultures around the globe.

Colonization was not of God more than it was man's own plan and manifest destiny. Predestination continues to be interpreted the wrong way, it continues to be misused by people who seem to think everything that happens to them was preordained by God. It wasn't!

The child that was molested, the woman raped, the kid killed by a stray bullet was not predestined by God, but was brought on by human actions and evilness.

It was Joseph who said God turned an evil situation into a good one (Genesis 50:20). God said to Jeremiah "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you an expected end". However, this isn't forced by God, it must be accepted according to freewill.

Just as God has a predestined plan, so does Satan. In the Bible we read of a faithful man named Job. God's plan for Job's life was going well until Satan challenged God concerning Job (Job 1:7-12). Although God delivered Job from his troubles, he suffered great loss. The life of Job proves God has not preordained all things. At any moment Job could of given up and cursed God to his face.

There are things evil spirits and humans can preordain as well. Predestination must be re-taught in the sense God isn't some being who predetermined all things and is sitting back watching all things unfold in rewind.

Predestination makes freewill null and void. If some are predestined by God for heaven and others for hell that means God isn't a fair and just God. That would mean no matter how good a person is, if God predestined him/her for hell then that person's good deeds means nothing. A person predestined for hell before the foundations of the world was better off aborted or not even born.

This brings the Apostle Judas to mind. Was Judas predestined for hell? No! He had a choice. He became the son of predition (John 17:12) because of greed; however, predition and predestination have different meanings. On the contrary, Jesus did everything possible to save Judas (John 6:70), however, Judas chose his own destiny.

The Apostle Paul talked about believers being chosen before the foundation or creation of the world (Ephesians 1:4) if this is hyperbole I do not know. The question becomes what's the purpose of salvation if *some have already been chosen before the foundation or creation of the world and others not?

How can one be shapen in iniquity, born in sin (Psalm 51:5) and yet be chosen by God before the foundation or creation of the world? Again, just because God chooses someone doesn't mean He can't or won't reject them. Saul as King was chosen and rejected by God because of his disobedience to Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh! That wasn't predestination, that was King Saul's freewill that lead to his removal and demise.

Being chosen isn't a guaranteed path to heaven. Let's look at Moses - Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians (Acts 7:22). God revealed Himself to Moses and gave him the TEN COMMANDMENTS, even revealed the Torah to Moses.

Moses saw the back image of God (Exodus 33:20-23). God did many miracles, signs and wonders with and through Moses, yet Moses angered God and was not allowed to enter the promised land. Once again we see God's plan (predestination) being broken by human error. Why? Because there is no such thing as predestination to God, only freewill!

Let's look at King Solomon. Solomon was an amazing man whom God gave supernatural wisdom too. Solomon had riches, he had a kingdom of peace with various Nations. God had planned (for lack of a better word) many things for King Solomon until Solomon started doing things his way and broke from God's plan for his life (1 Kings 11:4-13). Again, we see being chosen doesn't mean the agreement, oath, covenant can't be broken.

What about predestination and global warming? The Apostle Paul spoke about the creation groaning in pain (Romans 8:22) was he talking natural or spiritual /or/ both? Did Paul recognize the effects of global warming before 21st Century scientists? For warming is totally caused by humans. Can humans change the climate or is humans use of nature changing the climate?

The effects of global warming is projected to have a number of effects on the oceans. Ongoing effects include rising sea levels due to thermal expansions and melting of glaciers and ice sheets and warming of the ocean surface, leading to increased temperature stratification. The Apostle Peter spoke of elements melting with fervent heat, he also spoke of the earth being burned up (2 Peter 3:10) KJV. Was Peter speaking of global warming as it relates to predestination or was Peter prophesying?

Prophecy doesn't mean predestination. In the book of Genesis, God used rain and rising sea and ocean water to drown those who didn't enter Noah's ark. Could part of that punishment be considered global warming?

Can man reverse God's mind relative to global warming? In a sense yes! If man humbles himself, pray, seek God's face and turn from his wicked ways; God will hear, forgive, and heal the land (2 Chronicles 7:14). This means although God may plan, preordain or predestine a thing, man has the ability to change God's mind and plans.

God is too great and the universe He created is too vast for Him to be a God who predestined all things!

"...Predestination is boring!"

Why would God predestine all things just to bore himself by knowing the outcomes?! God is to awesome and creative for humans or theologians to lock in a box that attempts to rationalize the mind of that great God known as (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh).

If God plans a thing for us we must remain in the vein of God to receive it. If and when we leave the vein of God is when we step outside of what His plan is for our lives.

God planned for Adam and Eve to live a life of abundance in Eden, however, Eve was deceived and Adam disobeyed (1 Timothy 2:14) (Romans 5:19-21) which was their choice and freewill to do.

We are destroyed because we lack knowledge, not because God preordain or predestines us to fail. Such a notion doesn't fit the character of a loving Father.

Again, God's plan for our lives can be accepted or rejected. When we teach predestination from this perspective is when we'll take personal responsibility for our lives and stop blaming God for everything!

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Repentance means to literally turn, the activity of reviewing one's actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs. Isn't it amazing God repented many times in scripture for his words and actions? Repentance is necessary for salvation.

Many times in New Testament scriptures we see repentance and salvation going hand and hand (Matthew 3:2) (Acts 2:38). Even Jesus preached repentance (Matthew 4:17). God is our perfect example as it relates to repentance.

The LORD repented that he made man and sought to destroy man and beast from the earth (Genesis 6:6-7) but Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. Because of Noah's faithfulness, God decided to give man and beast another chance.

In the book of Exodus, the LORD was upset with the children of Israel because in Moses's absence they had made idols to worship. God told Moses to leave the mountain where he was revealing things to Moses and to go quickly to correct the children of Israel. Before Moses could get his sandals on fast enough, God was so angry he was telling Moses "now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them. Then I will make you into a great nation!"

God was so angry he proposed consuming the entire nation of Israel and starting a new with Moses and his wife. However, Moses begged God not to destroy the children of Israel (Exodus 32:11-13). Moses begged God so much so, God repented of his thoughts and actions towards Israel (Exodus 32:14). That's powerful stuff. It means we have the ability to convince God not to destroy us.

Yes, God will punish us but through prayer and fasting we can change God's mind. I find the repentant mind of God to be spiritually groundbreaking. It means although God may decree a thing, we have the ability to ask for mercy thus altering God's wrath. It's important to note repentance is only granted to humans.

Angels do not or cannot receive repentance. The reason being is angels are fully spirit and have seen the full glory of God. When they become followers of Satan there is no repentance for them. Once a fallen angel leaves its first estate (Jude 1:6) that's it.

Humans are granted repentance because we've never seen or experienced God's full glory. We've never seen God's face, thus because we see now through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: we know in part, but as prophecy is fulfilled we shall fully know, for too much prophecy could make us fearful of the future.

Repentance is granted to humans because we walk with God by faith although we haven't seen God in the physical. This is why angels desire to look into the mystery of salvation and repentance (1 Peter 1:12).

Repentance is also contrition which means to feel remorseful and penitent. Because of King David's contrition, God forgave him of many shortcomings and transgressions. King David was so close to God because he understood the power of repentance. He knew how to touch God's heart and mind. King David said "the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise!"

When we have a repentant mind we are indeed in tune with God's mind. Repentance leads to mercy and mercy leads to forgiveness. Jesus, John the Baptist, and all of the Apostles taught the importance of repentance, why? Because repentance is the gateway and spiritual portal to God. 

Repentance is the soil for seeds of salvation, healing and the fruits of the spirit too grow. The repentant mind of God gives us hope no matter how bad a situation may look, feel, or seem.

"...Once again, we see God's great redemptive work as a response to repentance" ⤵
God did not destroy Nineveh because the people hearkened to the voice of Jonah and repented (Jonah 3:10). 

God repented to the prophet Samuel for allowing Saul to be king over Israel (1 Samuel 15:11). Although it's very unfortunate to read of God repenting of his leadership picks, it's also refreshing to see God isn't afraid to admit when he's wrong and when he makes mistakes. 

Yes! I said God isn't afraid to admit when he's wrong or when he makes mistakes. I think that's the beauty of the repentant mind of God!

For too long pastors, ministers and theologians have taught of a God that doesn't have feelings or emotions. A God that is perfect and doesn't make mistakes or regretful decisions. A God that doesn't lose his cool at times. 

That type of God is no where in Old or New Testament scriptures. No! God does not have schizophrenia. No! God does not suffer from multiple personality disorder. God is as confident as he is repentant. 

The mystery lies in freewill, of which God doesn't control, manipulate, or dictate. God is simple in the sense that if we draw nigh to him he will draw nigh to us. No force or control...all voluntary. Repentance then makes us excited about our future. It makes God listen to our supplication. 

In the 15th chapter of Luke, Jesus mentions repentance in verse 7 and 10. In verse 7 of chapter 15, Jesus said "I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repents, more than over ninety and nine just persons which need no repentance".

When one person on earth repents of their transgressions there's joy in heaven. Why? Because another person has connected to the mind of God - God must first be reached through and by repentance. 

If the almighty God (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh) has no problems repenting, so shouldn't we.

The Apostle Paul talked about doing works meet for repentance (Acts 26:20). Repentance is an action. It's a literal turning away or changing one's mind. That type of action takes courage and humility. Repentance has saved nations and kingdoms from destruction. 

Ask yourself...has God ever repented to you? Has God ever told you he's sorry for things that happened to you that wasn't supposed to happen? Chances are God has repented to you but you weren't aware of it. I'm convinced God has repented to all of us which is why we must repent to him. When we repent to God - God also repents to us because our spirit is open to receive his tears and sorrow for our earthly pain.

Just like a good parent, God can be hard on us at times. The Bible says God chastens whom he loves, but there are times God repents to us for things that happened in our lives that he didn't plan or allow. 

Freewill comes with consequences of which leads us to celebration or repentance. Understand God isn't some strict parent looking to punish us every time we fall short, for the Bible clearly states we are saved by grace; however, God loves when we like King David are responsible enough to admit our wrongs. 

None of us are perfect in this body of imperfection, but repentance keeps us on a road of pursuing God's mind of mercy. The reality remains if you are a parent, God knows you weren't perfect. If you are a son or daughter, God knows you weren't perfect. But being able to repent to your children or parents...tell them you're sorry can possibly heal years of hurt. 

Through repentance we cleanse our mind, heart and soul of everything we've done or was done to us. Repentance means, no, we are not perfect, but we are righteous. Anyone who refuses to repent will never know the redemptive power of God, for even God has and continues to repent to us! 

Just as God repented in scripture, he still repents today...and no, he isn't the son of man that he should have to repent, but as the God of man he does repent ❤

Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen