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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Q & A with Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei

Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei

RIGHT NOW: I'm interviewing Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei right here on facebook. We're going to discuss criminal law, misdemeanors, traffic law, probate law, child support, etc... I'll ask the attorney some questions and you guys can feel free to ask questions as well.
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  • Brunell Donald-Kyei Helen Tyner usually individuals in a community can get together to file a lawsuit it however can take years of fighting in court to get a resolution. With the right attorney who is skilled in battling banks a lawsuit could be successful.
  • Jim Allen Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei can the City of Chicago boot someone's car if it's parked in a Jewel, McDonald's, Church, etc., lot?
  • Michelle D Ivy The wife thought she had power of attorney. He went into the Hospital and was transferred from the hospital to the rehab center in the nursing home facility. His daughter signed the papers for him to be there, but when the rehab center was ready to release him to go home they said they had to get the doctors permission since she's the one who signed the papers initially, and the daughter is now refusing to let him leave. The doctors have deemed him competent and he suspects his daughter has also emptied his bank account, which is probably why she does not want him to leave the facility at all. He is not even allowed to leave the building per his daughters request. The wife is just trying to figure out what power she has and what she can do.
  • Helen Tyner Attorney is it deceptive for Banks to not notify a x homeowners, they will not take possession of the foreclosed property, therefore the previous homeowner is still liable for the property
  • Brunell Donald-Kyei Jim Allen usually the City does not boot on private property. Unless there has been some agreement between the city and the private owner.