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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Vice Lords, Disciples, Latin Kings: PUBLIC SAFETY!

Recently the Chicago FBI along with the U.S. Attorney's office shutdown the two largest drug dealers in the history of Chicago, twin brothers Pedro and Margarito Flores residents of the Little Village community who moved cocaine and heroin through Chicago worth 1.8 billion dollars. The twins turned states and helped bring down the biggest drug dealer in United States history, El Chapo! This would of never happened if the Mayor of Chicago i.e. Rahm Emanuel was soft on crime or unwilling to allow government agencies to work in Chicago for purposes of stopping crime. Click below LINK:

Under Mayor Rahm Emanuel residents feel safe. We have a tough Mayor whose tough on crime and soft on at-risk youth. Mayor Emanuel has publicly verbally supported programs like B.A.M. (Becoming A Man) a mentoring program for all at-risk youth, especially Black and Hispanic youth with a focus on manhood and gang violence prevention.

"...we have a Mayor who understands you can't simply lock up at-risk Black and Hispanic youth, but rather provide social programs and summer jobs for at-risk youth to have a chance to succeed! If Mayor Emanuel isn't re-elected Chicago stands to lose in a huge way". 

(1) the Mayor is respected around the Country as a tough no non-sense guy. (2) the Mayor has connections to the President of the United States of America which favors well for Chicagoans. (3) Mayor Emanuel is the guy you need at the negotiations table with national and international business gurus. (4) he has a comprehensive public safety agenda that includes the input of community leaders. (5) Rahm Emanuel isn't just for one race or ethic group, he's for everyone White, Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow.

Guys like Chuy Garcia, Willie Wilson, Bob Fioretti, and Dock Walls would probably make good Alderman; however, none of those guys have the experience or toughness to be Mayor of the City that works! You don't send a boy to do a man's job! Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a man's man, a man of fairness, a man who believes women should be paid equal pay, a man who believes people should have the right to marry whom they love, a man who is fighting for FREE community college for Chicagoans!

I'm asking you to dig deep, look pass the lies, look pass the folly and re-elect Mayor Rahm Emanuel because so much is at stake!

Jim Allen 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Was Ald. Deborah Graham SETUP?

Alderman Deborah Graham 

When 29th ward Alderman Deborah Graham walked into a political forum held Sunday, January 25, 2015 she was under the impression she was entering an unbiased, fair, and equal platform. To her surprise she was overtaken by implanted agitators in the audience. She walked straight into a surprised attack organized by members of the West Side NAACP and some West Side of Chicago pastors. 

Just days before the political forum held by the West Side NAACP, some of it's members organized a secret meeting for her main opponent Chris Taliaferro at the exact location the political forum would take place. The secret meeting invited Austin pastors along with a few community leaders to hatch a plan to disgrace the Alderman at the upcoming forum which was taped for CANTV. 

The question becomes was the host of the political forum in on this as well? Why would the West Side NAACP meet with the opponent of the incumbent only days before the political forum? Should that forum be viewed as a setup, illegitimate, biased, and bogus? 

"...that would constitute cheating!"

Mr. Michael Romain Editor of the Austin Weekly News said the political forum felt like "an indictment and an inquisition". Indeed it was! It was a setup with implanted agitators in the audience thwarts Alderman Deborah Graham. 

"Makes one wonder if Chris Taliaferro 
had a heads-up on the questions?"

The purpose of that political forum was to aggravate, frustrate, and make Alderman Deborah Graham appear incompetent. Disingenuous and a disgrace to openness and the public trust, skulduggery at best! Click below link to better understand the environment Alderman Graham walked into at the political forum.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 

In response to this blog post you'll see the sentiments of Rev. Ira Acree below. I guess he and others have no problems organizing pastors and community leaders at his church for a particular candidate, prepping him, and creating a political forum in his favor? At the end of the day the above forum was tainted, compromised, and down right illegal! Hopefully the next forum will be fair and balanced because the last one was clearly a setup! Jim Allen.

  • Ira J. Acree Jim, I am outraged at your unfounded attack on my character. I considered you a friend up until now.
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  • Jim Allen It's no attack on your character. Merely a disagreement of the tactics used. It was an ambush at best. The West Side NAACP is known for being biased and partisan. Alderman Deborah Graham is owed an apology. Respectfully.
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  • Ira J. Acree You are lying! There was no one from the Naacp at the meeting, I hosted it and sponsored it, and that ain't no secret and the world can know it!
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  • Jim Allen The meeting was secret. Why would you guys hold a secret meeting with the opponent only days before the debate at the same location? That political forum was a setup and was greatly comprised.
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  • Ira J. Acree Print all the lies you want on your website, but don't implicate me Reverend and undermine my work in the community or my integrity. You are the first community leader in 25 years of service to ever overtly lie on me. I'm appalled at the level in which you have stooped to support your candidate. I digress.
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  • Jim Allen It's not a lie on you. It's a digging for truth. Alderman Graham was ambushed, disgraced, and it was all planned. The Austin Weekly News stated it seemed like an indicted and inquisition of Alderman Deborah Graham. It was more than that. It was an organized scheme that will be played on CAN-TV. It's really unfortunate.
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  • Jim Allen It's no hard feelings. However, to meet with any opponent or incumbent at the location of the debate just days before the debate doesn't seem comprised and/or bias to you? That wasn't kosher.
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  • Ira J. Acree What are you talking about? I can host a meeting with Austin clergy whenever I want to at the church that I pastor. In fact if I wanted to have an endorsement of the candidate the day of the debate I could have done it. I am not a member of the west side NAACP and had nothing to do in the planning. I simply allowed them to use my facility at no cost. And by the way if I had anything to do with the line of questioning the incumbent would not have gotten off so easily. She would have been forced to defend her record. Know that!
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  • Jim Allen Rev, you know the meeting was compromised. It was an organized plot to disgrace the Alderman.
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  • Ira J. Acree One thing I'm happy about is I now know who you are., and you are not who I thought you were. Why don't you come clean and admit that I also invited you to my meet and great meeting with Taliaferro. Even if you are being paid by Graham's campaign, be careful in rupturing relationships and assassinating people's character for personal gain. Politicians come and go but the clergy will still be standing when it's all said and done.
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  • Jim Allen I'm glad I didn't attend that meeting especially now knowing there would of been a candidates forum with the guy in question. The political forum was tainted and compromised. Shameful.
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  • Jim Allen For the record, Alderman Deborah Graham wouldn't pay me nor have I physically seen her in years. The bottom line is you know that political forum was a setup to destroy Alderman Graham's character by making her look incompetent in front of a hand picked audience as the cameras rolled. That's disingenuous.
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  • Ira J. Acree I hope you know Rahm and Alderman Graham's campaign spending is public record. All paid consultants will be listed on a line item.
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  • Jim Allen That's awesome. And when you see I haven't received a dime I'll use my LINK card and by you breakfast 
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  • Ira J. Acree No thank you Rev.! You may poison me, considerring how quick you have gone to social media to to assassinate my character. ...The bible says love your enemies, it doesn't say we have to hang out with them
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  • Jim Allen Lol, wouldn't dare poison someone over a disagreement. I stand by my statements on that meeting. It was a setup.
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  • Ira J. Acree I stand by my judgement on you character, you had me fooled.
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