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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Should Blacks Celebrate July 4th?

This question has been asked for decades. As an African American, Negro, Colored, Black man I struggled for years with this very question until a few years ago. Of course the history of the Black man in America is one of tragedy and hope; however, to not celebrate July 4th would be a smack in the face of great African Americans who fought and gave their blood for Civil Rights.

The first man to die for INDEPENDENCE from the British was a Black man named Crispus Attucks! Many have argued the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution didn't include African Americans...that may be true, but nor did it include poor White men who didn't own property, it also didn't include White women as well which is why we had a Civil Rights Movement and a Women's Suffrage Movement.

Although Blacks as a whole may not have been included then, they are included now. Thank GOD for 1865 and 1964! African Americans literally freely built the economic and educational backbone of the United States of America directly and indirectly. Many of our Ivy League schools were funded by African American slave labor. Please click below LINKS:

African Americans and their struggle changed the moral fabric of America. The Black man of America has every right too celebrate July 4th! The Black man of America should be proud to celebrate July 4th! Without Frederick Douglas pressuring Abraham Lincoln where would America be? Without the brilliance of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois where would America be? Without the courage of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Mary McLeod Bethune where would America be? Without Martin L. King, Medgar Evers, Ralph Abernathy, John Lewis, Jesse L. Jackson Sr., Whitney Young, A. Phillip Randolph where would America be? Without 4 Whites and 2 Blacks where would the NAACP be, thus where would America be?

African Americans have made tremendous advancements for American society as a whole. Without African Americans its possible segregation and the second class treatment of women would of went on longer then it did. The United States of America is a better Country because of the struggle and ultimate sacrifices of African Americans. Please click below LINKS and read the US Congress and the US Senate apologizing for African American Slavery and Jim Crow.

"...Be proud to be a Black man or woman! Know that you come from a people that 
has overcome amazing odds. You come from a forgiving people, a creative people,
a people of tragedy and a people of HOPE!"

"Say it LOUD... 

This is our Country rather you're Black, Brown, Yellow, Red or White! This is our America! This is our Nationality! We all have a RIGHT to celebrate July 4th in light of its primitive meanings, in light of the blood sacrifice of Blacks and Whites in the American Revolution, Civil War and war for Civil Rights and Women's Rights! In light of Black leaders assassinated for Civil Rights we celebrate July 4th! The sweat, tears and blood of many was not in vain thus we shall CELEBRATE!

Love your Country! Raise your flag! Celebrate the 4th of July! Praise the LORD and pass me the hot sauce! E pluribus unum "OUT OF MANY, ONE!"

Jim Allen,
Tha Movement University 

Are BIG Churches ((KILLING)) Small Churches?

In the mid 1990's there was an explosion of BIG BOX, MEGA Churches in the United States of America, especially within the African American community. Most of these churches are centered in poverty stricken areas surrounded by high crime and drug dealing which makes them all the more appealing relative to offering an alternative to the madness of urban life.

Is there a science behind building a big box, super mega church? I ask is there a science relative to the fact just about everything we do is centered around science, rather politics (political science) or our everyday habits (social science). Is there a science behind building a huge church and does that science intentionally /or/ unintentionally involve taking members from smaller churches?

"...are we witnessing the DEATH 
of storefront Churches?" 

Are we seeing the "Death of the Storefront Preacher" as s/he continues to lose members to more attractive and bigger churches? Can smaller churches thrive and survive or should they close up and merge their congregations with the big box, super mega churches?

What do you think,
please feel free too comment below?

jim allen