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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

JULY is HIP HOP Heritage Month In Chicago!

On July 9, 2003 Chicago Hip Hop Heritage Month was adopted by the Chicago City Council. The initiative was introduced by one of Tha Movement University's BEST Chicago Alderman - Alderman Walter Burnett. Many thanks to this great man of Phi Beta Sigma for all his hard work down through the years. Alderman Burnett continues to fight for the poor and disadvantage. He continues to fight for ex-offenders relative to assisting them in living better lives as law abiding citizens.

Make no mistake about it, Hip Hop has changed the World for the better. Some may ask what is Hip Hop? Hip Hop is a genre of music linked too a culture founded by African Americans that promotes education, being cool, having swag, dressing sharp, working a job and being able to spit rhymes of poetry over a funky beat.

When you hear artists and groups like: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Salt-n-Pepa, LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Kid 'N Play, Nas, TLC, BBD, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Guy, Digital Underground, Jay Z, Eric B and Rakim, and some of Tupac and Biggie Smalls, etc., you are hearing the power and influence of Hip Hop. Hip Hop also sort of encompasses the New Jack Swing era. Hip Hop tells a story of overcoming the hood, it tells a story of consciousness over criminality and misogyny. Hip Hop lyrics and beats have been featured in fortune 500 companies (commericals). Hip Hop continues to change paradigms and shape cultures around the World.

Although African Americans invited Hip Hop the art form isn't exclusive to African Americans only. Hip Hop is a culture and religion for anyone within the World who desires to overcome systems of oppression. Last but not least... Hip Hop is ((NOT)) Gangster Rap...although some Gangster Rappers make Hip Hop music the art form itself is SEPARATE from Gangster Rap!

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The VICIOUSNESS of Arlene Jones

Arlene Jones 

What's up with Chicago West Side native Arlene Jones and the vicious articles she writes that demeans and degrades the poor, single Black women and Pastors? Do this woman have any respect for public decorum and why does a very well established West Side Newspaper allow her silly articles to be published?

Here's an example where Arlene Jones basically blamed Heaven Sutton's mother for her untimely death. Click this LINK: the woman has no compassion or understanding when she writes. At first I thought it was just a fad. I thought, well maybe she's trying to build an audience for her articles/columns, but month after month and year after year its the same ole garbage.

Now, whenever I pick up that wonderful West Side Newspaper I simply turn pass Arlene Jones column simply because I know it's filled with hate, disgust, disdain and contempt for people not in her social/economical stratosphere. Hey Arlene, there's no LAW against children selling candy at 11pm with their mom in order to save money for a trip to Disney world!

Arlene, if you don't like how the hood / ghetto is being ran why don't you run for Alderman and change things? I forgot, you ran several times and lost. Black men wearing $2 t-shirts, Black women on welfare is all you seem to talk about. Degrading preachers is what you're known for, how shameful is that when our preachers and politicians are the main ones making a difference in Chicago?!

I got nothing but love for you Arlene and I really hope people buy your book. Maybe the people of the ghetto whom you love to degrade on a weekly basis will buy your book, buy a lotto ticket and strike it big like the girl in your book did? Until then, can you please stop bashing poor people, single Black women and pastors in your wacky articles/columns? Many thanks sweetheart :)

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