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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Right: These Hoes Ain't Loyal!


Pastor Jamal Bryant has come under intense fire from the church world and from women's groups for saying in a sermon these hoes ain't loyal as he preached about relationships and other matters of the heart. Was he right for doing so and who was he calling hoes? In my view I agree with him on many levels!

1) When one cheats on their spouse... these hoes ain't loyal!

2) When one creates a love child and not inform their spouse... these hoes ain't loyal!

3) When one make a baby or babies and then run for cover... these hoes ain't loyal!

4) When one fails to take care of his/her own kids but will marry someone else and take care of their husband/wife kids... these hoes ain't loyal!

5) When one screws 2 - 10 sisters at church and have no plans on marrying not a 1... these hoes ain't loyal!

6) When one has a good man/woman at home but has a side person... these hoes ain't loyal!

7) When one is only with someone out of convenience and not love... these hoes ain't loyal!

8) When one commits adultery then use King David of Israel as their excuse... these hoes ain't loyal!

I applaud Pastor Jamal Bryant for being honest, raw and truthful. For too long people have heard watered down messages that do not reflect real life! We need more Pastors' that will tell it like it is, in so doing people will be set free. The term hoe means whore. There are men as well as women whores who will prostitute themselves (socially, physically, mentally, and sexually) for whatever they want in life.

To be honest, relationships are scary, especially in the Black world of America. So may Black women have gotten away from what Big Momma stood for. These women are demanding and extremely impatience. They want what they want now! They have no fortitude whatsoever, they will cut you off as soon as possible. I don't know if the evolution of the Black woman in America is a good or bad thing or simply both. Black women are the most educated group in America, best believe that came with one hell of a price.

jim allen

Tupac Gives A Shout Out To Wallace Gator Bradley!


Why does Black Leadership in Chicago continue to block Wallace Gator Bradley from positively impacting the gritty streets of Chicago?! Its simple, they know Gator has the power and the solutions. As you listen to the above YouTube video you'll hear Tupac give a shout out to Gator Bradley around 7:39 minutes into this unheard phone conversation.

"...Tupac gives a shout out 
too Wallace Gator Bradley!"

Tupac candidly talks about not supporting Black men killing other Black men (gang banging) he also talks about creating Black political power as it relates to creating voting blocks after seeing the power of 21st Century Vote. Hopefully law enforcement and Black leadership will allow Wallace Gator Bradley to freely work as the urban translator he is. The man has the answers!

Be sure to follow Wallace "Gator" Bradley 
by clicking the below LINK:

(left to right) 
Jim Allen, IL Governor Pat Quinn, Wallace Gator Bradley 

jim allen