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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ukraine LOVES Tha Movement University!

Please click photo. Ukraine views of
Tha Movement University! 

Tha Movement University is honored to have 335 views (February 2, 2014 - March 3, 2014) from the Ukraine! Many thanks for viewing our site we pray our site inspires you in your times of bereavement, war and upheaval. May GOD continue to give you strength in the face of seemingly hopelessness.

This to shall pass and the Ukraine shall emerge victorious. Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you dear brothers and sisters! May GOD strengthen your SOVEREIGNTY, may all forces against you be humbled and defeated!

Please click photo. Ukraine views of 
Tha Movement University!

Jim Allen, founder of
Tha Movement University  

1st District Cook County HEAVY WEIGHT Fight!

1st District Commissioner Earlean Collins has announced she is retiring. Her announcement caused many to seek her office. Come March 18th residents of Cook County's 1 District will vote to replace the honorable Earlean Collins (primary). Those on the ballot include Richard Boykin, Isaac Carothers, Ron Lawless, Blake Sercye and Brenda Smith.

This race has generated a lot of interest and spirited conversation. Please be sure to vote March 18, 2014! Check out some of the candidate's websites below: