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Thursday, August 21, 2014

DESTROY ISIS in the United Kingdom!

James Foley murdered by a British religious
fanatic of ISIS! 

We now know the man who beheaded American journalist James Foley is a British radical Muslim who goes by the name John! The British government has authenticated this animal and know exactly who he is. Tha Movement University is demanding the British government to DESTROY the idiotic pseudo Muslim sect known as ISIS within its 16 realms and beyond!

"...if you live in the United Kingdom and you 
see or hear anyone talking about joining ISIS 
or any radical jihad groups please contact 
the police and your government officials! 
ISIS is a threat to FREEDOM OF 


From July 22, 2014 to August 20, 2014 more than 100 views of this site Tha Movement University came from the United Kingdom. We're asking all in the United Kingdom to report all members of ISIS to your local government officials and police! This cruel and demonic organization must be stopped! We're also being told ISIS is attempting to unite with Mexican drug lords, if that's the case they might as well prepare to die because the great giant America has awoken and she shall stomp her enemies and grind them to dust!

"We're also asking all gangs in the United Kingdom
and in America to NOT became sympathizers of ISIS!" 

To you young Brits and those in the United come from a rich history of Kings and Queens why debase yourselves by joining radical animals and rapists who cloak themselves under the disguise of a religion that promotes peace?! You're better than that, don't disgrace your family by converting to any jihad, radical, murderous group claiming to do the work of GOD, JEHOVAH or ALLAH! If so you will eventually die and burn in hell with Hitler and all those who kill innocents! PLEASE CLICK BELOW LINK:

Jim Allen

Monday, August 18, 2014

Don Dirk & Wallace Gator Bradley: PEACE IN CHICAGO!


Chicago Churches GIVING BACK!

On August 16, 2014 I was blessed to attend two different Back To School Events for children on the West Side of Chicago. Both events was filled with power, prayer, food, children and an amazing time...My first stop was? 

There's me on the far right. Since I represent 
Sigma Pi Phi these two Alphas made me cover 
my arm. LOL! The gentlemen on the far left 
is Albert D. Tyson III he is Presiding Elder of the 
North Chicago District African Methodist Episcopal 
Church. The man in the middle is Mr. Howard, 
he's a member of St. Stephens AME Church. He's 
also a lawyer and scholar. I was able to pick his brain 
as it relates to various topics. This was my 1st stop. 

There's me again in the middle of my good friends 
Elder Glen Richardson and his lovely wife my 
former Sunday School Teacher L. Renee Richardson.
Had a blast seeing these two, they did a wonderful 
job hosting and overseeing their EXTRAVAGANZA
at the historic Christ Temple Church. WOW, what 
an amazing weekend it was! 

There were many other churches giving away FREE school supplies in various neighborhoods and communities across Chicago. Often times we hear of violence in Chicago, however, there are many churches, groups and organizations doing wonderful things in Chicago so be sure to join one and be apart of the solution! 

Click below LINKS:

Negro League (BASEBALL) Chicago Legend

(Left to Right) Ray "Boo Boy" Knox and Jim Allen

The man I'm standing next to is a legend. His name is Ray "Boo Boy" Knox, he's 82 years old. He played baseball in the Negro League for the Chicago American Giants and the New Orleans Eagles. He was a Catcher. The Negro League had nearly 70 teams at that time the Major League had only 16 teams. Also, 6 White men and 3 Black women played in the Negro League. Know your history, be proud to be part of a Race that has overcame amazing odds. Been knowing Mr. Knox for 5 years, what an AMAZING guy of manhood!

If you desire for Ray "Boo Boy" Knox to speak at your engagement please contact him at:

Ray "Boo Boy" Knox 
P.O. BOX A3738
Chicago, IL 60690-3738
CELL: 312/859.7788 
FAX: 208/247.0934 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10,000 Church Envelopes: ONLY $399

Be sure to get your church envelopes from Mahogany Graphics (MBE) in Chicago. 10,000 church envelopes for only $399! BEST PRICE IN TOWN! We offer other quantities as well. 






Mahogany Graphics
5623 W. Madison Street 
Chicago, IL 60644

Monday, August 11, 2014

Black Media & the ATTACK on Bruce Rauner

The race for Governor of Illinois is increasing by unprecedented, record breaking numbers relative to fundraising, mud slinging and commercial ads. Black folks in Illinois and especially Chicago are being dumb down to think they must vote for a Democrat at all cost. Behind this dumbing down is Black media pundits on social media and on Black radio. The support for Governor Pat Quinn by Black media pundits is unfair and unconstitutional.

Black people are being misled as it relates to Bruce Rauner as a person and politician. Black folks are being told by Black radio personalities not to vote for Bruce Rauner with no reasons why besides the fact he's a republican. The Democratic Machine in Illinois and Chicago has paid and bought Black media and uses it as a conduit to disseminate unfair innuendos about Bruce Rauner.

Most Blacks in Illinois have no clue Mr. Rauner graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth with a degree in economics. Most Blacks don't know Mr. Rauner has an MBA from Harvard University. Don't know Mr. Rauner was named "2008 Philanthropist of the Year" by the Chicago Association of Fundraising Professionals. Financial supporter: Chicago Red Cross Regional Headquarters, YMCA in Little Village, Six New Charter High Schools and recently pledged a million dollars to a struggling Black/African American South Side of Chicago Credit Union.

However, Mr. Rauner is being called an insensitive billionaire whose gonna destroy the Black community. FALSE! Its really unfortunate that in America one can be stigmatized for playing by the rules, going to college, working hard and making a success out of themselves. Currently the State of Illinois is in serious debt, and so is Chicago. In Chicago over 40 schools were closed by a Democrat. The State of Illinois is viewed as one of the most corrupt States in the Union, the State of Illinois (House, Senate, Secretary of State) is ran by Democrats.

"...the strategy of painting Bruce Rauner as 
a rich, republican white guy who is gonna 
take away gay rights and eliminate Black 
social programs is disingenuous and dangerous!"

At the end of the day Blacks in Illinois need to know the facts about both candidates. I'm humbly asking Black radio personalities on WVON1690AM to fairly report news on Governor Pat Quinn and candidate Bruce Rauner. The Black community deserves to know the truth about Mr. Rauner and his record! We can't afford to keep electing people simply because they are Democrats...that's ignorant and voter discrimination!

(Disclaimer) this post isn't insinuating the management of WVON1690AM is discriminating thwarts Bruce Rauner; however, most of the radio personalities are.

Jim Allen

Saturday, August 9, 2014

United Spiritual Council of Nations

Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D 

There are many great Bible teachers in the land; however, there aren't a lot of spiritual teachers skilled in the Bible, Eastern Studies, Astrology and Ancient Mysteries. I thank GOD daily for blessing me to find Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D., a woman skilled in all the sacred sciences and an adept to the highest degree. Her skill in theology is second to none! Since the days of Elizabeth Aldworth, Helen Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Mattie B. Poole has the world seen such a powerful, gentle, strong woman of spirituality.

United Spiritual Council of Nations 

The turmoil in the world and in our lives are because we are out of alignment. The powers (human leaders) that be (not all) aren't respectful of various universal principles, therefore, our lives may seem unbalanced at times. We must return back to our spiritual nature for we are 2/3 spirit. We are made up of 19 elements of spirit and 16 elements of earth. The earth isn't in balance because we "the people" are out of balance. Remember, we must respect the earth for we came from the earth (Genesis 2:7). There are many things within the universe we fail to understand simply because we have not a Master Teacher... Dr. Mahala is a Master Teacher we've been seeking!

Dr. Mahala is an international adept, advisor, psychological astrologer, counselor, medium, spiritualist and educator. Her readings are like no other and she can foresee things in the spiritual realm most can't. She uses her powers for the benefit of mankind and to make earth a better place for us all. Those who feel lost, burden down, or those looking to understand the metaphysical should attend the classes and services of Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D.

Please click the flier below for more information
click below link as well. 

Written By:
Jim Allen, 
Master Mason