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Monday, June 30, 2014

Iggy Azalea: The NEW Queen of HIP HOP!

You heard it here first,

Iggy Azalea will be the our newest Queen of Hip Hop and she was almost crowned last night at the BET Awards (June 29, 2014) held at the Nokia Theatre; however, the gods at BET didn't see fit to crown this beautiful 24 year old Australian Artist just yet.

After receiving her 5th straight BET Award for best female Hip Hip Artist of the year Nicki Minaj went into a silly rant about some mystery person not writing their own material as if we all didn't know who she was referring too? That only proves Nicki is feeling intimidated by the presence of a younger up and coming Artist on the horizon hailing from Sydney, Australia.

Nicki Minaj (31 years of age) has reigned as the best Hip Hop Artist according to the BET Awards for five straight years, she's not getting any younger and her lyrics, career as well as content isn't evolving the way MC Lyte and/or Queen Latifah lyrics, career and content evolved. As Lionel Richie said during his speech "soul isn't a color, its a feeling!"

Being Queen of Hip Hop isn't a color, its a feeling! Its time Hip Hop produces more female MC's from different Countries around the World. I wanna hear about stories through Hip Hop from female MC's from India, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, Asia, Palestine, Israel...I wanna hear their pain and successes through music.

"...Hip Hop is about changing a culture through revealing 
the good, the bad and the ugly yet in a way that glorifies
success, hard work and education! There's a difference 
between Hip Hop and Gangster Rap! Hip Hop isn't 
and never will be Gangster Rap. Hip Hop promotes 

Tha Movement University crowns 
Iggy Azalea as Hip Hop's newest 

jim allen

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Violence In The Black Community

The violence we see in Chicago and even on the Internet via clips of young Blacks fighting each other, (knock out game), etc is solely the product and failures of Black men around the Nation. When men make babies and disappear chaos then becomes the step-father of their children. Of course I'm speaking of Black men on the lower levels of society which sadly to say are the masses relative to statistics.

Black men on the lower levels of society i.e. drug dealers, gang bangers, criminals have allowed themselves to be caught in the doors of recidivism at alarming rates. They'd rather sell drugs and gang bang then get a legal job or learn a trade. These men aren't fit to be fathers, but what is a woman in the ghetto to do when her environment is filled with these type of men?

Then there's the negative impact of gangster rap that supports and reinforces negative behavior through music and songs, example please click link: the encouragement of drug dealing. In order to sell drugs one must be apart of a street gang and we all know what street gangs do. They shoot and murder in order to control their drug areas.

This is what the Black man of lower society is caught up in. He wasn't raised with a father so he care nothing about being a father. He cares nothing about having 4 and 5 baby mommas! He cares nothing about his children growing up without a positive male role model! Honestly the only thing he's good for is making babies, killing innocent people and sex.

" apart of your children's lives. 
take them to the park. spend time 
with them. tell em' you love them.
do something!" 

The only way to turn the tide of violence in Chicago and around the Nation is for men to step up and be fathers, especially in the Black community! Brothers', its high time you all step into manhood and stop being immature. You're to old to be selling drugs, this isn't the 1990's! Get in school, learn a trade, do something because right now you aren't contributing to society besides making more and more babies to be on welfare or to be aborted!

jim allen 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who Are Chicago's DUMBEST Activists?

the FLIER that got poor Todd FIRED!

Chicago has some of the most DUMBEST activists in the United States of America. Below is our list of crazies. Pretty sure this may piss a few people off but hey, thank GOD for freedom of speech and expression. Feel free to comment below :) 

Coming in at #1 is Mark Carter- this little black poodle has made a name for himself for threatening senior citizen politicians and busting in on their meetings just to get a few views on YouTube. Mark has never had a real job besides a bogus contract he received as the head of Carla Oglesby company of which Carla went to jail while Mark is free. Sources tell us Mark turned states on Carla and had that poor single mom locked up. Mark and his crew of ex-cons use to roll up on construction sites and beat the manager into hiring his crew of ignorant thugs who have no skills in construction what so ever. After Mark was discovered of doing such actions he went underground. Mark was one of the main voices behind the NO GAMES movement that thwarted Chicago from receiving the 2016 Olympics. Mark was also a voice crying against Rahm Emanuel becoming Mayor of Chicago simply because Rahm is a Jew and Mark is a Black Nazi. Some how Mark became involved with Todd Stroger's campaign. Mark created a group called SOLDIERS 4 STROGER. This group of uneducated men passed out over 500 thousand racist fliers that went viral and was seen on all Chicago's major news networks and in Chicago's major newspapers. The flier alone sunk good ole Todd's campaign ship. Nowadays Mark has nothing to do besides call WVON1690AM and complain about the White man holding him down. Please click LINK:

Coming in at #2 is Paul McKinley- this clown is the sidekick of Mark Carter and was present just about every time Mark high jacked meetings of real politicians. Paul was also a main voice in the NO GAMES movement that thwarted Chicago from receiving the 2016 Olympics. Paul ran for Congress as a Republican and actually won the primary, I mean hey...only 10 people voted so of course his chances of winning was obvious. Needless to say Paul got mopped during the general election. Paul is now somewhere in a mental institution looking out of a window wondering what his name is? 

Coming in at #3 is Queen Sister- this nutcase was so upset she lost her aldermanic bid against incumbent Alderman Carrie Austin to the degree she actually stood outside of poor Alderman Austin's house calling her all kinds of names but a child of GOD. No one knows why the Queen wears a toilet seat around her head, sources say she stole it from the dollar store. Queen Sister, Mark Carter and Paul McKinley were on TV quite often a couple years back trying to get Rahm Emanuel knocked off the ballot. Queen Sister said "the million man march produced nothing but brothers on the downlow!" From what I hear the Queen has bought herself a new hat and is trying to better herself. She'll be starting school soon in pursuit of her G.E.D. 

Coming in at #4 is Harold Davis Jr.- At one point Harold was so fascinated with the Jackson Family to the point he made mock funerals of Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr! Good ole Harold is a regular speaker on a CANTV show that airs on Sundays. You'll find Harold on there speaking the last 3 minutes of the show...I guess because light skin, pretty boys have to wait their turn? Harold is one of Chicago's biggest conspiracy theorist. His rants and comments are pointless and lack facts! Check out the mock funeral of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., created by Harold Davis Jr., and tell me if this fool hasn't lost his got damn mind?! Please click LINK:

Coming in at #5 is Clifton Bradley- this confused soul made the list because of his ignorance relative too filming Queen Sister as she verbally abused a sitting Chicago Alderman and Grandmother directly in front of her house. Cliff, that was a dumb move my brother yet you continued to film and then put the footage on YouTube. Stop allowing yourself to be a conduit of stupidity. Cliff needs to keep his mind on creating a better show besides his wacky CANTV underground railroad silliness! Please click LINK:

Coming in at #6 is Karen Lewis- her legendary disrespect of the Mayor of Chicago has caused the Chicago Teacher's Union to be marginalized and blackballed. She's viewed as an educated troublemaker. Sources on the street tell us Karen is thinking about running for Mayor of Chicago. Hopefully those sources are wrong! Under Karen's watch over 50 Chicago Public Schools have been closed and recently over 1000 school teachers were cut. But this Karen's fault? Of course it's not her fault solely; however, Karen lacks the respect needed to even compromise and/or negotiate with the Chicago Public School Board or with Mayor Rahm Emanuel! Karen is only using the Chicago Teacher's Union as an easel for her own personal gain. She's better off as an activist who screams in meetings instead of a Teachers Union President. Karen should quickly resign so someone with better sense can rise up and better lead represent the Chicago's Teacher's Union. It's nothing personal Karen, I actually find you very attractive... Please click LINK:

" sure to click all 
photos for a better 
view of Chicago's 

Well, there you have it! The DUMBEST activists in Chicago. Be sure to click below LINK as well:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Open Letter To Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

Hello Mr. Hayes,

I watched your reporting and segments on violence in Chicago which I believe aired June 25, 2014 on MSNBC. I respect you as a journalist, reporter and TV personality. Actually, I watch your show quite often. Your light as a reporter is growing brighter and brighter each day. I remember in the past seeing you as a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show and thinking this guy needs his own show. He's intelligent, smart, funny and quick witted.

However, your Show on violence in Chicago sort of rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not doubting your statistics or your theories, nevertheless, violence in Chicago is more so sectarian then it is some blind, senseless phenomenon that came out of a big bang. Sure Race and Color are parts of Chicago's poverty line which in some cases could lead to criminal activity, but that's majoring in the minor. The biggest problem is crack cocaine which some believe the Government under the Reagan Administration allowed to freely flow into Black and Brown communities in the 1980's as a sideshow to fund the Contras.

Be that as it may it still doesn't excuse Black men voluntarily selling crack cocaine to their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. I grew up in the Chicago Housing Authority projects and witnessed Black men become millionaires selling crack cocaine and other drugs. I personally saw various drug areas make over 20K a night. Therefore it is my belief violence will cease in Chicago (in Black and Brown communities) when men stop selling poison, learn a trade and become fathers to their children.

Click photo (Rainbow Push Coalition) 
marching thwarts violence in Chicago

In your Show you indirectly gave the impression the Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department are dazed and confused relative to handling violence in Chicago. You indirectly gave the impression the Chicago Police Department lies about its numbers and figures (homicides) which leads to the imagination of what else will and/or are the Chicago Police lying about?

"Your claims the West Sides and South Sides 
of Chicago are angry with Mayor Rahm Emanuel 
are false and disingenuous!" 

It is in my view I think you made a bad situation worse in a public sense. What I mean is you gave an EXCUSE to those who say "Don't trust the police! Never snitch! The police doesn't like us! Code of silence! The Black/Brown community are the way it is because of the Government!" Your reporting gave validity to a small group of pseudo activists in Chicago who never wanted Rahm Emanuel as Mayor in the first place. A pseudo group of activists who are stuck in the 1960's and are against the progression of this great City. A pseudo group of activists who use Race as an excuse to commit crime and undermine the agenda of the Mayor of Chicago!

"...your bias reporting on the violence 
in Chicago just may have economically 
hurt our City from trade shows,
visitors and tourists!"

Too top it all off you didn't give any solutions to the violence in Chicago. You didn't give honor to Chicago leaders who make a difference thwarts violence on a daily basis such as but not limited to: Tim King, Founder of (Urban Prep Academies), Pastor Jedidiah Brown (Young Leaders Alliance), Phillip Jackson (Black STAR Project), Rev. Darius Randle (Young Leaders Alliance), Pastor Corey Brooks (Project Hood), Diane Latiker (Kids Off the Block), Ronald Holt (Purpose Over Pain), Father Michael Pfleger (St. Sabina Church) and Tha Movement University.

I think you owe the Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department an apology as it relates to how you portrayed their leadership abilities in making the City of Chicago a safe place to live and visit.

Jim Allen 
Tha Movement University 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The BEST Chicago Alderman Are?

Alderman Emma Mitts (Ward 37)
Alderman Joe Moreno (Ward 1) 
Alderman Jason Ervin (Ward 28) 
Alderman Deborah Mell (33) 
Alderman Walter Burnett (Ward 27)
Alderman Ed Burke (Ward 14) 
Alderman Roderick Sawyer (Ward 6) 
Alderman Robert Fioretti (Ward 2)
Alderman William Burns (Ward 4)
Alderman Scott Waguespack (Ward 32)
Alderman Deborah Graham (Ward 29) 
Alderman Joe Moore (Ward 49) 
Alderman Willie B. Cochran (Ward 20)
Alderman Michael Chandler (Ward 24)  


Monday, June 23, 2014

Chiraq and ISIS

June 21-22, 2014 saw 6 dead and over 20 shot in Chicago where some are calling this great City (Chiraq) because of the murders and shootings that are more frequent than those in war torn Iraq. Is there a solution is what community residents are asking? In certain neighborhoods of Chicago all one hear are police and ambulance sirens just about every other 10 minutes.

The situation is dire in neighborhoods and communities such as but not limited to: Austin, Roseland, Lawndale, Auburn Gresham, Little Village, Garfield Park, Pilsen, Back Of The Yards, Humboldt Park and Grand Crossing. The insurgents/gangs have completely taken over as they rule the above areas through brute force and fear.

It's a cultural disease known as code of silence by use of fear tactics the insurgents have wroth on the community. Many pastors and community activists are doing what they can but the situation calls for more specialized skilled training from law enforcement. Many are calling for the NATIONAL GUARD, but I think what's needed is a more strategic approach. The CIA and FBI along with other law enforcement intelligence is needed.

I say the CIA because this force we're fighting thwarts uses 3rd World war tactics and guerrilla warfare. Intelligence must be gained relative to breaking this domestic threat down and eliminating it. The insurgents have sworn their allegiance to their perspective gangs, thus they are not American citizens and are not covered under the American Constitution. These are urban terrorists and enemy combatants of law and order!

This violence is an epidemic of great proportions! We need State and Federal Hearings on the violence in Chicago which is the murder capital of the United States of America! No child deserves to grow up in fear, no child deserves to not be able to play in their backyard or at the local park because of fear of being killed. Something must be done, not now, but RIGHT NOW! Gang tactical unit must be reassembled, stiffer punishments for war crimes thwarts American citizens.

jim allen 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

YLA: Taking The Streets of Chicago


Once again members and associates of the Young Leaders Alliance are taking back the streets of Chicago and providing hope to neighborhoods/communities struggling with drugs, senseless shootings, youth and gang violence. On June 17, 2014 the YLA took to the gritty streets of Altgeld Gardens to march, protest and demonstrate the best Chicago.

"Pastor Jedidiah Brown and Darius Randle 
are the new Civil Rights leaders so desperately
needed in Chicago for such as time as this!" 

Many neighborhoods and communities are asking YLA to come to their areas. I wanna thank Pastor Jedidiah Brown and Minister Darius Randle for continuing to press forward even in the midst of the folly of low-class wannabe community activist such as but not limited to: Mark Carter, Paul McKinley and Queen Sister who tend to write silly comments under each positive post in hopes of stopping these two young brilliant activists.

If you desire Young Leaders Alliance to come to your neighborhood or community please follow their Facebook page by clicking below LINK:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lil Durk says: PUT THE GUNS DOWN!

After Tha Movement University reported a credible threat to kill Chief Keef during his concert his concert was cancelled relative to safety and security concerns. Please click below link:

Tha Movement University is in full support of young, talented Black men making it out the ghetto no matter what legal field they enter. After seeing Chief Keef's concert cancelled and other Towns, Villages and Cities deny him entry into their communities has prompted many Chicago Rappers to change their words and actions relative to the promotion of Chiraq and violence.

Several Mayors' in Illinois personally told me "as long as these guys are promoting violence we will not allow them to perform in our Cities and put innocent people at risk because of their gang feuds and ties!"

Be that as it may I still wanna thank Lil Durk for being a stand up guy and denouncing violence! May this young man and others who will follow his example continue to be successful in their art form. In the coming days Tha Movement University will be meeting with Lil Durk, Chief Keef and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


Jim Allen

below is a tweet from Lil Durk

Even doe we live and roc in the streets of Chicago stop the violence put the guns down I don't promo violence I just rap fax #

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Has Gangster Rap DESTROYED The Black Man?

Lets not get it confused... Gangster Rap and Hip Hop are two different genres of music. Hip Hop promotes diversity, swag, overcoming the hood, being successful and conscious of one's being within the great scheme of things. Gangster Rap on the other hand is just that (Gangster Rap). Its an art form that promotes drive-by shootings, promiscuity, street gangs, racism, misogyny, sex, drugs, violence and homophobia to name a few.

Gangster Rap was born in the 1980's around the same time crack cocaine hit the ghettos' of America. In the 80's the main voices of Gangster Rap was Schoolly D and Ice-T, however, Gangster Rap was popularized by a group called N.W.A. (Niggas With an Attitude). In the 80's N.W.A. rapped about all things ghetto pertaining to the Black community and as people were being hooked on crack cocaine, N.W.A. was promoting the sell of crack cocaine with hits like "Dope Man" among many others.

The late 80's saw a rise in a young, talented, tongue twisting brother named DJ Quik who rapped about Compton and the ghetto in general. The 1990's saw the rise of Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and others. By the time of the mid 90's Black men had no problems calling a woman BITCH even if that woman was the mother of his children. But before Gangster Rap could totally change the mental paradigm of the Black man he was first influenced by R&B and Hip Hop.

Groups like New Edition, Guy, Mint Condition, Jodeci, TLC, Rude Boyz, Color Me Bad, Black Street, Black Stone, Sub Way, SWV, En Vogue, Tony Toni Tone, Boyz 2 Men and individuals such as Babyface, Gerald Levert, Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, etc., were positively impacting the Black man's mind with songs of love, faith, hope, being a family man, being a provider, being faithful was dominant in the Black man's psyche. Then came Gangster Rap telling the Black man "you're a sucker for acting out what R&B and Hip Hop is promoting...f*ck these ho*s! These bit*hes ain't sh*t but h*es and tricks!"

Black men went from New Jack Swing an era of fun, education, swag and coolness to Gangster Rap a mentality of steal, kill and destroy. This isn't to compare what Heavy Mental and/or Rock-N-Roll did too White children in the Suburbs. Gangster Rap is the only genre of music that claims to live what it speaks.

"We ain't no motherf*cking studio gangsters, 
nigga we gangsters for real"
- Tupac. 

If the music reflects reality then why are Gangster Rappers rich and their listeners are mainly poor? What has Gangster Rap done for the achievement of the Black Race in the United States of America as a whole?

" Chicago, 
Gangster Rap has caused the demise of many 
up and coming Rappers who felt the need to diss one another 
in an attempt of scoring a record deal like Chief Keef and Lil Durk".

Years ago the rapper Nas said Hip Hop is dead... I agree! Hip Hop (Abel) was killed by his brother Gangster Rap (Cain). Only the gods of lyricism can raise Hip Hop back to a state of consciousness, but where are those lyrical gods at and do they have the master's grip needed to raise the consciousness of a subculture that's telling at-risk and confused Black men "young nigga move that dope?" Pharrell, Pusha T and Future.    

Whats worst to the Black community, the emergence of crack cocaine or the emergence of Gangster Rap? Do Gangster Rappers have to continue promoting gang banging, drug dealing and murder for their albums to sell meanwhile Black youth are taking their words literally and dying in Cities like Chicago, Compton, New York, Boston, etc., because after all they said i.e. Gangster Rappers they are living everything they rap about? Of course parents play a role as well, but what is Gangster Rap responsible of relative to the psyche of the Black man in the United States of America?

What do you think...has Gangster Rap DESTROYED the Black Man?

jim allen

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PLOT TO KILL Chicago Activist Jim Allen

Harold Davis Jr and Marc Sims 

After I told the world how to catch a wolf and how to lock up rapists and senseless killers via an interview I did on a syndicated radio show, please click below link: I came under fire by idiots who desire to see Chicago in chaos such as: Mark Carter, Queen Sister, Paul McKinley and Harold Davis Jr., in the above video at around 5:59 into the video you'll hear Harold Davis Jr., talking about your's truly.

click photo

Mark Carter, a guy who has made a living off of busting into meetings of senior citizen politicians is the ring leader of this madness thwarts me. Mark claims to be an activist but no one really knows what he's fighting against or for. Mark is the main reason Todd Stroger lost his Cook County Board Presidential seat after he and his sidekick Paul McKinley handed out the below RACIST flier that went viral and was carried by all major news networks in Chicago and even seen in major Chicago newspapers. The flier made Todd look like a RACIST even though he didn't approve of the fliers, Mark and Paul passed them out anyway!
please click photo to view

Mark Carter is also upset I support Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago. Mark Carter then jumped out of a car out the clear blue with his crew and filmed me. His desire was for the YouTube video to lead to my demise. He hoped gangs would see his video and kill me. Check the video: the video was then given to Queen Sister of whom posted it on her YouTube page.

click photo

Queen Sister created a fake facebook page of me with all kinds of malicious claims. I guess Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Queen Sister and Harold Davis Jr., had serious issues with me working with law enforcement to eradicated the ghetto of rapists and senseless killers? Since 2010 until now I remain in a constant war with these clowns and their affiliated networks. They love to anonymously post silliness on all of my blog posts. They love to call private and make death threats. I just simply laugh because I know one on one I'll kick their asses!

click photo

These clowns have made a living off the ghetto by promising poor people jobs, having them assemble and protest against organizations and individuals they know nothing about. The poor protesters have no clue Mark, Paul and Queen "Pissy Hat" Sister are paid to have them show up in droves screaming and looking like idiots. That's their con-game, to deceive would be politicians into thinking they i.e. Mark Carter and Paul McKinley can bring out the youth vote, ex-convict vote and hip-hop vote to the polls when in fact they're only bringing out a few crack heads and low life thugs who aren't gonna vote and in most cases aren't registered to vote. 

Mark Carter and his crazies use to pull up on construction sites and threaten the construction manager into hiring his buddies even though his buddies didn't have the skills or experience to work, hell most of them don't even have a G.E.D., let alone a certificate in masonry, plumbing or anything pertaining to the construction field.

"...could someone please tell 
these cowards Jim Allen fear 
no man but GOD (Exodus 15:3)?!" 

After Mark and Paul was exposed for extortion attempts they then somehow crept into Todd Stroger's campaign and was awarded illegal contracts. Click below LINK: The funny part is Carla Oglesby went to jail but Mark Carter didn't, wonder why? Oh, he turned states on her. LOL! 

Now-a-days Mark, Paul, Harold and Queen Pissy are broke and out of work. I honestly don't believe they ever had real jobs to begin with. I'm willing to bet neither one can produce a W2 dating from 2000 to 2014. Maybe Harold Davis Jr., can produce a W2 with his wacky farming program but the other three...well, you already know! 

click photo


It is because of uneducated fools such as: Mark Carter, Paul McKinley and Queen "Dirty Saucer Hat" Sister Chicago lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics. When the "Olympic Committee" came to Chicago to visit they were met by dumb ass wanna be activists Mark Carter, Queen Sister, Paul McKinley and a bunch of ignorant protesters screaming "Chicago isn't safe, Derrion Albert was murdered here, no to the Olympics!". These clown fools thought they were hurting former Mayor Richard M. Daley when in fact they only harmed the South and West Sides of Chicago from getting jobs and contracts! They used Derrion Albert's tragic murder to convince the "Olympic Committee" Chicago wasn't a safe place to have the Olympics. This is what happens when ignorant people are allowed to be a so called voices for the poor. Click below LINKS:

These dummies were so busy fighting short term battles against former Mayor Richard M. Daley to the degree we lost the long term economical war of having the 2016 Olympics that could of benefited Black and Brown communities! 

"...the sad part of it all is the 2016 Olympic Games would of been a nine year contract. Black and Browns could of been working for nine years, but no, stupid people wouldn't allow it too happen!" 

The coalition of No Games Chicago was spearheaded by a few liberal Whites and a few stupid small minded Blacks that included Mark Carter and Paul McKinley as their point men relative to bringing out ignorant protesters to greet former Mayor Richard M. Daley and the "Olympic Committee" in screaming NO GAMES! 

In the below footage you'll see Mark Carter stupid black ass on the stage screaming "No Games!" How can these stupid so called activists fight against Chicago receiving one of the biggest contracts in it's history?! Click below LINK:

jim allen

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Right: These Hoes Ain't Loyal!


Pastor Jamal Bryant has come under intense fire from the church world and from women's groups for saying in a sermon these hoes ain't loyal as he preached about relationships and other matters of the heart. Was he right for doing so and who was he calling hoes? In my view I agree with him on many levels!

1) When one cheats on their spouse... these hoes ain't loyal!

2) When one creates a love child and not inform their spouse... these hoes ain't loyal!

3) When one make a baby or babies and then run for cover... these hoes ain't loyal!

4) When one fails to take care of his/her own kids but will marry someone else and take care of their husband/wife kids... these hoes ain't loyal!

5) When one screws 2 - 10 sisters at church and have no plans on marrying not a 1... these hoes ain't loyal!

6) When one has a good man/woman at home but has a side person... these hoes ain't loyal!

7) When one is only with someone out of convenience and not love... these hoes ain't loyal!

8) When one commits adultery then use King David of Israel as their excuse... these hoes ain't loyal!

I applaud Pastor Jamal Bryant for being honest, raw and truthful. For too long people have heard watered down messages that do not reflect real life! We need more Pastors' that will tell it like it is, in so doing people will be set free. The term hoe means whore. There are men as well as women whores who will prostitute themselves (socially, physically, mentally, and sexually) for whatever they want in life.

To be honest, relationships are scary, especially in the Black world of America. So may Black women have gotten away from what Big Momma stood for. These women are demanding and extremely impatience. They want what they want now! They have no fortitude whatsoever, they will cut you off as soon as possible. I don't know if the evolution of the Black woman in America is a good or bad thing or simply both. Black women are the most educated group in America, best believe that came with one hell of a price.

jim allen

Tupac Gives A Shout Out To Wallace Gator Bradley!


Why does Black Leadership in Chicago continue to block Wallace Gator Bradley from positively impacting the gritty streets of Chicago?! Its simple, they know Gator has the power and the solutions. As you listen to the above YouTube video you'll hear Tupac give a shout out to Gator Bradley around 7:39 minutes into this unheard phone conversation.

"...Tupac gives a shout out 
too Wallace Gator Bradley!"

Tupac candidly talks about not supporting Black men killing other Black men (gang banging) he also talks about creating Black political power as it relates to creating voting blocks after seeing the power of 21st Century Vote. Hopefully law enforcement and Black leadership will allow Wallace Gator Bradley to freely work as the urban translator he is. The man has the answers!

Be sure to follow Wallace "Gator" Bradley 
by clicking the below LINK:

(left to right) 
Jim Allen, IL Governor Pat Quinn, Wallace Gator Bradley 

jim allen

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Put The Guns Downs Concert 
June 14, 2014 (7PM)
Olympic Theatre 
2137 S. Lombard Ave.
Cicero, IL 

Wanna thank the thousands of followers of Tha Movement University for always remaining loyal to our blog. This just in from a couple of reliable sources that work the gritty streets of Chicago. The concert scheduled for June 14th by Chief Keef and GBE is being targeted by a vicious group of paid killers. The target is Chief Keef and anyone connected to his GBE family.

The killers were told to be at the concert 30 minutes before it starts and to leave the concert 30 minutes before it ends. The plan is to surround the concert on the outside. The mission is to kill Chief Keef and any members of GBE.

Someone has put 100K on Chief Keef's head and many are stepping up for the bounty. I'm humbly asking all parents to please keep your children home. I'm asking all young men to please not attend this event unless Chief Keef allows law enforcement to have a serious presence in, around and backstage of his event. If not then please do not risk being shot!

I really don't know how large the Cicero, Illinois police department is but they better be prepared because this isn't a joke. If  they aren't prepared this just may be the worst evening in Cicero, Illinois recent history. I trust my sources and I trust the information that was given to me. Hopefully this post will detour the killers but if not just know you been WARNED!

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2014 
Chief Keef concert CANCELLED 
after security concerns. Please click 
below link:,0,547678.story

Jim Allen
"I told you all this threat was real.
My goal in exposing this attempt murder
was so that Keef and his fans would be safe!"

Monday, June 2, 2014


(Left to Right) OTF NuNu and Lil Durk 

On the afternoon of May 31st an up and coming rapper named OTF NuNu was gunned down on Chicago's South Side. OTF NuNu who's government name is McArthur Swindle is the cousin of gangster rapper Lil Durk who is involved in an all out beef with several gangster rappers including but not limited to: Chief Keef, the Game, Lil Wayne, Tyga.

"...was OTF NuNu a victim 
of a gangster rap beef?" 


With DefJam and Interscope signing gangster rappers to multimillionaire dollar contracts this move has attracted many gangsters to become rappers. They aren't rapping about the ills of the hood as it relates to overcoming and surviving. No! These guys seem to be glorifying murder and mayhem. They've given Chicago and name Chiraq because more people was killed in Chicago than in Iraq during United States occupation under the Bush-Obama Administration. The problem is these gangster rappers are intertwining street beefs on their albums. Gang banging on wax while their followers are ending up in wooden coffins.

Checkout OTF NuNu's twitter page. Click below LINK: 

Even the Almighty Sosa (Chief Keef) rarely visits Chicago, he's also planning on moving to California if he hasn't made that move already. A few weeks ago Chief Keef's cousin Big Glo was murdered. Its really a sad turn of events in Chicago. We have multimillion dollar gangster rappers influencing murder, mayhem and chaos for the sole purpose of record sells regardless of the collateral damage.

Click Below LINKS for answers to (maybe) why OTF NuNu was killed:

Stopping VIOLENCE in Chicago! MUST SEE!


I (Jim Allen) will continue to work with Law Enforcement against senseless shootings and killings, rapists and robbing of elders and senior citizens! Many thanks for this video coming across my desk via email! STOP THE VIOLENCE, SAVE THE BABIES! By any means necessary!

Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, Nation Of Islam (UNITE)

Jim Allen at the mic, to my left is Mark Carter 
and Wallace GATOR Bradley. 
"Silence while I speak to the masses, 
they come to hear the Master at work".


Stop The Violence, 
Save The Babies! 

Vice Lords, Disciple Nation, Latin Kings,
Mickey Cobras, Black P Stones, El Rukin, 
Growth & Development, ETC...

Be sure to support Tha Movement University 
by giving $10 many thanks and GOD bless. 
Click below LINK: