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Friday, March 28, 2014

3 Questions: Chicagoland

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The HOTTEST Blogger in Chicago...

Jim Allen is hands down
the HOTTEST blogger in Chicago...

Be sure to check him out on INSTAGRAM 
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bill Gates For President 2020

"New Order of the Ages!"

As the world turns we seem to be grid locked in ideologies from the past. Sure, certain things have changed relative to freedom and civilian rights; however, our politicians are still mentally living in the 60's and 70's! Yes, the United States of America has produced the 1st African American President (Barack Obama), and will probably produce the 1st woman President Hillary Clinton; however, our Senate and Congress remains to be ran by old school politicians who were around when John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy were slain. They've been around since the attempt assassination of Ronald Reagan. We have old Senators and Congressman in support of the Confederate flag and proudly frequent restaurants and country clubs where the Confederate flag is visibly displayed.

As of now under President Obama our Congress remains locked out and locked down. The American people is losing hope in it's Government! We're seeing massive cuts, Government shutdown, lies and hate. The United States of America hasn't been this segregated and separated since the days of the Civil War. We have Republican Governors rejecting federal assistance for their States, why? Because a Black man is in office. We have Republican Governors rejecting the Affordable Care ACT, why? Because a Black man initiated it even though it was modeled after former Republican Governor Willard Mitt Romney of Massachusetts!

"...our agenda as the illuminated ones
is to move our Country forward!

Where do we go from here as a Country? Do we elect another Clinton (Hilliary), do we elect another Bush (Jeb), or do we move towards more progressive, younger leadership? I say we elect Bill Gates (President) and Mark Zuckerbeg (Vice President) of the United States of America. Why? Its simple, they've already benefited the World in serious ways. They're both billionaires which means they know how to generate finances, both are great managers of people.

I'm sure politics may not be in their thoughts right now, but I'm asking they reconsider! We need them to take our Country out of the dark ages of political racism and seclusion. We'll give Hillary Clinton the Presidency in 2016, but in 2020 let's elect Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg President and Vice President of the United States of America!

jim allen 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Black Daughters ABUSED by their Mothers.

Many thanks to President Obama and his My Brother's Keeper initiative. Programs across the country are focusing on the systemic poverty and violence of at-risk Black and Brown young men. However, there's a group being left out. That group is Black women ages 21 - 40.

A lot (not all) of Black men ages 21 - 40 were abandoned by their fathers. A lot of Black women (not all) ages 21 - 40 were abused by their mothers.

When I say abused I mean verbally and physically. The abuse isn't getting any better, I've personally heard mothers in their 50's brag about how they physically and verbally abused their daughters as if it was an honorable thing.

"How many times have you seen Black mothers ages (21 - 40) on facebook fighting or at times punching their daughters 
in the mouth?" 

The abuse of Black women ages (21 - 40) by their mothers is a taboo subject and will only be discussed if a woman trust you enough to tell her stories of horror, pain, and abuse. I know we must focus on at-risk Black and Brown youth but at the same time we must focus on broken Black women ages (21 - 40) as well. We're losing a generation of girls to abuse and violence. Something must be done.

I'm humbly asking Churches to focus on healing broken Black women ages (21 - 40). Listen to their stories, hear their pain...they need clinical, psychological and spiritual help. Will you help?

Of course we must forgive; however, we must deal with this issue head on. Many Black mothers' ages (21 - 40) are repeating this vicious cycle of horror, pain and abuse. A generation of girls are being told you're a whore, bitch, trick, loser. We must attack this at its roots. If you're guilty of this viciousness please seek help immediately.

Click below LINKS of Black mothers beating their daughters.
I see LINKS like this all day on facebook.
Mothers' look to be in the age bracket above:

In Chicago we're working on a program called
"The Broken Cup Initiative"
the program is designed to reach
broken Black women ages 21 - 40
for purposes of healing.

jim allen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Volunteer w/ Jim Allen the Ambassador

As you all may or may not know I'm an Ambassador for Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago. On March 30, 2014 we will be volunteering with BANK OF AMERICA for their SHAMROCK SHUFFLE Race which is one of the most popular Races in Chicago. We will check people in and give bags to participants.

I'd really, really, really LOVE if you could join The Ambassador. This is a wonderful opportunity for those ages 16 and up, you're also gonna meet amazing people from around the World seeing that this is a World class event. You have until March 24, 2014 to sign up! We'd love to see you there. Please signup by clicking below LINK: 

Click photo (Left to Right)
Kally Walsh, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Jim Allen, Daughter Allen,
we're at Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago!

Why Are Pastors' Upset W/ Gay Marriage?

"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..." This quote is taken from the Treaty of Tripoli "Article 11". This Treaty was submitted to the Senate by then President John Adams in 1797, click below LINK:

The Treaty is clear...the GOVERNMENT of the United States of America IS NOT, IN ANY SENSE FOUNDED ON THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION! What does that mean? It means although the United States of America is predominantly a Christian Nation the Government isn't! The NATION and the GOVERNMENT are two different entities which is why the Untied States of America's Constitution supports freedom of religion (U.S. Constitution Amendment 1).

According to the Constitution (NOT) the Bible, gays have the legal right to marry! Why? It's simple yet complicated. The Government can't prohibit gays from marrying simply because religious books speaks thwarts homosexuality. The Government of the United States of America is ran by the Constitution, not the Bible.

This is why in many States gays are winning the legal right to marry. The Government can not discriminate based on religious belief, sex, color, or creed. Then, there's the SEPARATION of Church and State that must be taken into account as well. Click below LINK:

In my humble opinion the Church has no legal right to tell the State what it should or shouldn't do, just as the State has no moral right to tell the Church what it should or shouldn't accept! Should gays have the legal rights to marry all across the United States of America? Of course they should!

Written By:
jim allen

Monday, March 17, 2014

BOAZ Logistics

Please click photo

BOAZ LOGISTICS has already assisted many companies and individuals in reaching THOUSANDS of potential clients, customers and voters. Our team is highly qualified, our prices are second to none! If you're looking to reach the masses or expand your base then we're the people you need to call.

Please click photo 

Please click photo 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Please click above photo 

Today (March 9, 2014) BOAZ LOGISTICS was able to provide job opportunities for 2 at-risk Teens. We were able to pay them $10 an hour all thanks to Gina A. Crumble "Democrat For Judge" 11th Judicial Subcircuit. BOAZ LOGISTICS seeks to provide job opportunities for at-risk in the Chicagoland area. We wanna sincerely thank Gina A. Crumble for allowing us to distribute her campaign materials. 

If you live in the 29th Ward, 36th Ward, 38th Ward of Chicago /or/ if you live in Melrose Park, Oak Park, Elmwood Park or Maywood please vote for Gina A. Crumble on March 18, 2014 be sure to punch #171 
below are some of her accomplishments and achievements:

- Supervising Assistant State's Attorney Cook County State's Attorney's Office.
- Invited Trial Advocacy Faculty, Loyola University Chicago School of Law.
- Former Regional Counsel Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
- Former Assistant Public Guardian Cook County Office of the Public Guardian.

- Northwestern University School of Law, Juris Doctor.
- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Bachelor of Science.

- Member, Chicago Bar Association.
- Member, Black Women Lawyers' Association.
- Associate Member, Fraternal Order of Police.
- Member, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. 
- Board Member, West Suburban Special Recreation Foundation. 

- Cook County Democratic Women 
- Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge 7 

Please click below link:

"...This is who we need in office, a Judge who 
has compassion, a Judge who is fair".

MARCH 18, 2014 
PUNCH #171 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ukraine LOVES Tha Movement University!

Please click photo. Ukraine views of
Tha Movement University! 

Tha Movement University is honored to have 335 views (February 2, 2014 - March 3, 2014) from the Ukraine! Many thanks for viewing our site we pray our site inspires you in your times of bereavement, war and upheaval. May GOD continue to give you strength in the face of seemingly hopelessness.

This to shall pass and the Ukraine shall emerge victorious. Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you dear brothers and sisters! May GOD strengthen your SOVEREIGNTY, may all forces against you be humbled and defeated!

Please click photo. Ukraine views of 
Tha Movement University!

Jim Allen, founder of
Tha Movement University  

1st District Cook County HEAVY WEIGHT Fight!

1st District Commissioner Earlean Collins has announced she is retiring. Her announcement caused many to seek her office. Come March 18th residents of Cook County's 1 District will vote to replace the honorable Earlean Collins (primary). Those on the ballot include Richard Boykin, Isaac Carothers, Ron Lawless, Blake Sercye and Brenda Smith.

This race has generated a lot of interest and spirited conversation. Please be sure to vote March 18, 2014! Check out some of the candidate's websites below:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Chicago: Next Generation Leadership Council

(Left to Right) Carl West & Jim Allen

March 1, 2014 was the Next Generation Leadership Council "Winter Mixer". Please be sure to attend the next mixer. The NGLC is powered by the Illinois House of Representatives Black Caucus and a host of social, educational, business, religious and political leaders.

Follow the Next Generation Leadership Council on facebook by clicking the below LINK:

Please click below pixs as well.

(Left to Right)
Allyson Scrutchens and
Commissioner Kari Steele 

in the middle is our CNN & BET Shero 
Diane Latiker of Kids Off The Block

(Left to Right) Jim Allen & Tenille Jackson 

Many thanks to Maze Jackson, St. Rep. Art Turner Jr., 
St. Rep. Ken Dunkin, Allyson Scrutchens, Commissioner Kari Steele
and so many others!