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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chicago (Emerging Talent) Miranda Gonzalez

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Born in Dover, Delaware raised in the great City and State of Las Vegas, Nevada...Miranda Gonzalez has overcome amazing odds. At age 11 she was raped by boys in her neighborhood. She left home at age 17 and suffered abuse and homelessness. She was gang affiliated with the notorious Bloods street gang. Miranda was also an exotic private dancer, yet she isn't bitter about her past.

Miranda was bullied in High School, yet through sports she found an outlet to soothe her pain. Miranda played point guard as a freshman playing on the varsity basketball level and received a scholarship. Headed for college (North Carolina State) she got derailed by having a child at age 18. They say jealousy is as cruel as the grave which explains why Miranda Gonzalez has been rejected by many (especially women) due to her amazing beauty and loving spirit.

Miranda Gonzalez turned her PAIN into PURPOSE by becoming a licensed addictions specialist, domestic violence advocate, she's also an actress, educator, mentor, volunteer (North Lawndale), community outreach worker, minister/prophetess and radio personality. Ms. Gonzalez attended Malcolm X College and Kennedy King College of Radio for media, drama and communications. She has reached THOUSANDS around the world via social media and her radio commentary.

"...Miranda is a Cancer survivor
and member of the great New Life Church
under the Leadership of Pastor John Hannah".

Her heart bleeds youth/young adult ministry as she heals the broken hearted through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her gift has brought mental, spiritual and emotional healing to many fatherless and broken men. She has traveled the United States of America as a Missionary and Motivational Speaker to Churches and Denominations. She's also an awesome mother of 3 children and member of the great ΦΘΚ organization.

"Her work as a HIV educator, tester, and facilitator for 
gay men ages 18 - 24 is simply amazing!" 

There's no stopping or boxing in Miranda "World Changer" Gonzalez, she's an in demand Gospel and Secular Radio personality and Motivational Speaker with a broad knowledge of many topics. Chicago is blessed to have her here as one of its shining STARS! Be sure to follow Miranda Gonzalez by clinking the below LINKS:

"...Miranda Gonzalez has been
deemed the next Oprah"

written by jim allen
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Have You Heard the Ask-Dr-Ron-Show?

Had a blast this past Tuesday (October 29, 2013) on the Dr. Ron Ford Show. We discussed the impact negative and positive of the Preachers Of LA! Of course I'm in support of the Preachers Of LA. I think the show provides raw insight into the ups and downs of Christian leadership. We must remember, Pastors' are HUMAN, they hunger, thirst and have sex drives just like all of us. Please click below pics. Be sure to listen to the ASK-DR-RON SHOW every Tuesday at 4PM CST please click this LINK:

Left to Right (Jim Allen and Miranda Gonzalez)

Could someone please inform Miranda "NO ONE
Left to Right (Dr. Pam, Jim, Miranda)
Left to Right (Jim Allen and Miranda)
Left to Right
(Dr. Pam, Jim, Miranda, Chris "Mayhem" Base)
Left to Right (Dr. Ron Ford and Jim Allen)
two Masonic brothers.

Meet West Side of Chicago RISING STAR!

Help me in supporting Blake Sercye in becoming the next Cook County Commissioner of the 1st District. He's an attorney who on the side does pro bono work: Fair Housing and Prisoners' Rights Litigation. He's active with the West Side of Chicago NAACP. He's a brother of the great ΦΒΣ fraternity. Mr. Sercye has a Law Degree from the University of Chicago and a bachelor's with honors from Princeton University. We need this great talent in Office fighting for us!   


Sunday, October 27, 2013


For only $30.00 DOWN and $15 MONTHLY you could have 
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The Almighty Vice Lord Nation is one of Chicago's oldest street gangs and largest. The gang has had many leaders, one of the most notable leaders was a man named Minister Rico who was released from prison in August 2012. For years Minister Rico was looked upon as the supreme leader of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation.

Since Minister Rico's release many are eager to work with him relative to creating, developing and implementing strategies of PEACE. Its difficult because efforts of bringing peace can be tricky and what isn't needed is a miscalculation by law enforcement leading to the rearrest of Willie Johnson i.e. Minister Rico.

The Minister, through the power of GOD has turned his life around, he's turned a new leaf and is now working to better the lives of those caught in the revolving doors of gang violence and recidivism. His release is much needed to the peace and security of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods and communities.

The Conservative Vice Lords of which the Almighty Vice Lord Nation sprung out of and its over 20 factions is currently searching its soul, going back too its primitive roots as a community organization that once marched with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., please click below link:



"An Untold Story of the 
Conservative Vice Lords".
Spirit of Truth Church 
November 1, 2013 
3443 W. Harrison Street 
6p - 8p 

Be sure to support our 
at-risk youth program.
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Racism In America (Halloween 2013)

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The murder of Trayvon Martin gripped the conscience of America's soul relative to racism. Of course not all Whites believe Trayvon's killer was not guilty nor did some Blacks believe Trayvon was completely innocent; however, just about all believe he didn't deserve to be stalked and murdered.

Even the President of the United States got involved in this hot race debate stating if he had a son he'd look like Trayvon. Click LINK:

Just as America is still trying to heal from the Trayvon Martin case, some idiot on instagram posted a hideous Halloween picture that has the World Wide Web fuming in disgust and total shock! This picture is an insult to all Americans' no matter race or nationality.

the above picture was posted 
October 25, 2013 by 
@ktcimeno on instagram 

Hopefully everyone in the above picture enjoyed their 5 seconds in the HALL OF SHAME! America now see's your stupid racist faces! Hopefully these clowns learn a lesson from their diabolical actions!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chicago Pastors $UPPORT Chicago Defender 2013-14

Tha Movement University (the HOTTEST blog in Chicago) is calling on all Chicago Pastors' to encourage their parishioner's in supporting the Chicago Defender Newspaper. We need everyone to buy a Chicago Defender Newspaper every Wednesday in 2013 and 2014.

Lets support this great historical Black institution that has done so much for our community. We're calling on Pastor John Hannah, Rev. James Meeks, Rev. Ira Acree, Rev. Marshall Hatch, Father Michael Pfleger, Rev. Corey Brooks, Rev. Leon Finney, Rev. Clarence Stowers, Rev. Charles Jenkins, Rev. Greg Livingston and many, many others too please encourage your members in supporting this noble endeavor.


"...the Chicago Defender has been
around since 1905!"

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Jim Allen

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who Are The African American "FOUNDING FATHERS?"

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Of course we know America's "Founding Fathers", but who are the African American "Founding Fathers?" This is important to know simply because the African American narrative is quite different then any other Race, Creed or Nationality in America. 

Crispus Attucks
1723 - 1770 

African Americans by LAW were discriminated against for CENTURIES! The American Revolution of which the first person to die for was African American (Crispus Attucks) yet after the American Revolution African Americans were still slaves. 

"..Remember, this is African American history...not African history. 
We are focusing on African American 'Founding Fathers' only"

Benjamin Banneker 
1731 - 1806

Tha Movement University is working with several institutions and various individuals in naming and creating a document as well as paintings of our African American "Founding Fathers". These documents, paintings and pictures will be in our homes, churches, schools, businesses, etc., in a show of pride for our ancestor who diligently fought for Freedom and Civil Rights. 

Richard Allen
1760 - 1831

Please be sure to check the below LINKS: 

Prince Hall 
1735 - 1807 

Frederick Douglas 
1818 - 1895 

Organized By:
Jim Allen, Master Mason

Monday, October 21, 2013

The SECRETS of African American Freedom

Federick Douglas
Grandfather of Civil Rights in North America &
Grandmaster Architect of African American Freedom

Do you suppose the freedom of African Americans was some lucky accident? Surly you couldn't be so naïve. There have always been abolitionists Black and White advocating for the freedom of an oppressed people in America known by various names: Nigger, Black, Colored, Afro-American, African American.

Of course by now you know in 2008 the US Congress apologized for African American Slavery, the US Senate apologized for African American Slavery and the effects of Jim Crow in 2009, but before the apologies of the 21st Century we must clairvoyance back in time where we meet one Federick Douglas.

Among the many things Mr. Douglas accomplished one of his accomplishments was influencing President Abraham Lincoln a man who once told Douglas "the only way for your people and my people to get alone is for your people to go back to Africa", thus the Country Liberia was founded; however, it was Federick Douglas working the conscious of President Lincoln into drafting the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION.

Federick Douglas was a man of tremendous courage, even the slave-breaker Edward Covey couldn't break Douglas into excepting being a slave. Douglas and Covey ended up in a fist fight and young Douglas prevailed. Its interesting, because Donald Rumsfeld former US Secretary of Defense now owns a vacation home where slaves were sent to be broken by their masters, in short, Mr. Rumsfeld own Edward Covey's old slave breaking home.

The initiation Federick Douglas endured relative to slavery gave him a deeper understanding into the light of darkness that covered the minds of those according to Human Rights illegally possessed humans as slaves against their will and destiny. Douglas became a mighty man in America, Africa and Europe. As he travelled he learned various secrets along the way. Those secrets were then guarded and given to those deemed for leadership in a World that despised the Souls of Black Folk.

After the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Federick Douglas had to deal with President Andrew Johnson who didn't see the needs of improving the lives of Black people but rather putting them under the dominion of White people. Click below LINK:

"once again, Federick Douglas prevails!"

By the time Federick Douglas dies he's well educated, travelled, connected and initiated. At the time of Douglas's death Carter G. Woodson is 20 years old. W.E.B DuBois is 27 years old. George Washington Carver is 31 years old. Booker T. Washington is 39 years old. These men were given the "Royal Secret and Torch" from the Grandfather of Civil Rights Federick Douglas. It's important to note the above named didn't always agree with one another.

W.E.B. DuBois one of the greatest African American scholars and sociologist became the custodian of the "Royal Secret" and before his death in Ghana (1963) had already initiated various one's into the knowledge of "the SECRETS of African American Freedom". The secrets were given to Oscar De Priest, A. Philip Randolph, Martin Luther King Jr, Whitney Young, Harry Belafonte, Thurgood Marshall, Julian Bond, Andrew Young, John Lewis, Jesse L. Jackson and a few others.

These TOP SECRETS are hidden in various private Black fraternities and sororities. They are hidden in various public social organizations such as: Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rainbow Push Coalition, National Action Network and the NAACP!

DuBois breaks from his original notion of a Talented Tenth and expands to a Talented One Hundredth, which is the root organizing philosophy of 100 Black Men organization. Please click below LINK:

Are you ready to receive the "Royal Secrets", do you have what it takes to endure pressure and to peaceably fight against unfairness and injustice? Have you positioned yourself? You must SERVE in one of the above private /or/ public organizations in order to get started!

"...The work goes on, the cause endures,
the hope still lives and the dream shall never die"

written by: jim allen

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chicago's HOTTEST Underground Rapper!

Of course you know by now Chicago is full of talent. This is a champion City: Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox, and of course the Chicago Bulls. Chicago has produced another platinum artist named "YoungCeleb ThaGod"

This young brother is blazing the airwaves and various clubs in ChiCity with his gritty yet raw emotion that captures the ethos of the modern day plantation i.e. the hood. The great thing about him is one can actually understand what he's saying. This young brother is something special! 

To hear a sample of his music please click below links:


the INTERNATIONAL appeal of 
"YoungCeleb ThaGod" (click photo)

the INTERNATIONAL appeal of 
"YoungCeleb ThaGod" (click photo)

the INTERNATIONAL appeal of 
"YoungCeleb ThaGod" (click photo)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chicago Public School Students (BLOGGING) About Violence

As you may already know Tha Movement University is the HOTTEST blog in Chicago with over 280,000 views Worldwide and growing. Tha Movement University has featured stories from the gritty Chitown Streets to the Downtown Suites. From the Crack House to the White House.

September Views: 7,607

THOUSANDS around the World have Tha Movement University in their daily rotation. We are a must see blog who prides itself as being top dog! Its for this purpose Tha Movement University has teamed up with Blogger relative too challenging Chicago Public School students grades 7th - 12th in starting a blog and writing about VIOLENCE in their neighborhoods and communities.

Tha Movement University sincerely believes we need to hear the voice of our children through the screen of their writings. We need a fresh look into the ethos of violence in Chicago. How do children feel about their City, do they feel safe, are Safe Passage programs and routes working?

Children, if possible please involve your parents in your blog...some of you may not have parental participation, that's okay, don't let that stop you. GET INVOLVED! OPEN YOUR MIND! MAKE YOUR PEN BLEED! CREATE, DEVLEOP AND IMPLEMENT YOUR BLOG!

International Page Views of
Tha Movement University
September 12, 2013 - October 11, 2013  

Click below website,
lets get to work...

Who knows, you may end up with over a quarter million views!
So lets change the World!

"text me your blog
and I'll add it to mine's
jim allen
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Tha Movement University

Friday, October 4, 2013


Miriam Carey

On October 3, 2013 a beautiful young 34 year old woman was brutally murdered by US Capitol police as she battled a mental condition while driving her car the wrong way near the US Capitol. As screams and guns were drawn in her face I'm pretty sure she freaked out and tried to drive away from the scene.

We now learn Miriam Carey suffered from metal illness and postpartum depression. Its possible Miriam Carey could have suffered a mental breakdown which lead to her reckless driving and untimely demise. Many in the African American community suffer from mental illness and bipolarism. Click below LINK:

Take former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., his mental illness caused him to do irrational things leading to jail time for him and his wife of whom thought he was mentally stable. The face of mental illness isn't always clear to see. Miriam Carey was a smart woman, had a great job...a Dental Hygienist makes around $41 an hour, roughly 61K - 76K yearly.

My daughter had no history of violence said Idella Carey! Did she deserve to be killed as if she was some sort of terrorist?

"...If she was other than Black would police have shot her tires flat and then negotiated with her relative to her exiting her vehicle safely? Didn't police see she didn't physically fit the description of a terrorist or some type of threat, or were they so pissed off they're working without pay they decided to fill her body with bullets?"

This happens all the time in Chicago! Police use excessive force and have killed many children who they deemed a threat and had a gun...turns out the poor kid had a brush or cell phone in his hand while trying to make it home from buying some Uncle Remus Chicken! But who cares about Black life?

Do you have a clue what it's like dealing with someone who has mental illness? They can have up to several personalities. One minute they're smart as a whip, next minute they can't tell you their name, colors, or dates. They are easily swayed by public opinion and greatly attempts to fit into society by going along with public perception. The free radicals in their brain causes them to routinely make bad decisions and mistakes. Their logic isn't always sensible.

60 Minutes did a special over the weekend on Cook County Jail as having the largest population of the mentally ill in the Nation. In other words the Government wont fund programs for the mentally ill yet they'll fund to lock em' up in prison. Click below LINK:

There needs to be an investigation relatively to was deadly force necessary in this case? This seems to be an over reaction to all the silliness going on in Washington! The Government shutdown! US Capitol Hill cops working without pay! Anger and frustration! Having a mental breakdown driving while Black and ending up DEAD!

jim allen

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boycott the Chicago Sun-Times & BGA!

A recent article written by Andy Shaw, President of the Better Government Association has surfaced attempting to link Terry Peterson (CTA Chairman) and Larry Huggins (Riteway-Huggins Construction) to violence in Chicago. Click below LINK:

The article is so stupid and way off base to the degree I can't believe I'm actually responding to it. Basically Mr. Shaw is somehow suggesting because certain Black leaders supported Larry Hoover (Chairman of the Gangster Disciples NOW Growth and Development) almost 20 years ago relative to him being released from prison is somehow still connected to Larry Hoover's organization?

Total madness! Mr. Terry Peterson has been an outstanding public official for decades. Mr. Larry Huggins is trying to provide construction jobs for at-risk youth. I say 'trying' because Blacks receive roughly 5% of construction contracts in Illinois.

"...When was the last time the Chicago Sun-Times told a 
positive story about Black Chicago?! 
You're better off buying the Chicago Defender!"

So what's your real INTENTION and MOTIVATION Mr. Shaw?! Why are you rehashing a situation that happened almost 20 years ago? Sounds like RACISM and not journalism to me sir! An attempt to display Black Chicago professionals i.e. Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., Larry Huggins and Terry Peterson as street thugs! Its interesting because the Chicago Sun-Times is known for shining a special light on crime in Black Chicago.
Nevertheless, I'm reminded of the late great United States Senator Robert Byrd (1917 - 2010) of West Virginia who once was a member of the KKK; nevertheless, history doesn't judge him by his past but rather by his future. People change Mr. Shaw! Rehashing the past the way you did in the above article is disingenuous and divisive. You should be ashamed of yourself and your goofy reporting in the above article.

Be sure to $upport the Chicago Defender Newspaper! Click below website:

Click Below Website: