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Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Reach MILLIONS of New Customers

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I have been in advertising and marketing for a number of years now. I've worked as an advertising and marketing consultant for: The Windy City Newspaper, North Lawndale Community News, and The Voice Newspaper on Chicago's West Side.

I've assisted many businesses on Chicago's West Side relative too their business plans, advertising and marketing concepts. I've also hosted as well as attended various business mixers and socials. In my travels I find many fail to understand the importance of advertising and marketing which is the lifeblood of their business.

Take McDonald's for instance...although its a multi-billion dollar operation they yet bombard us with commericals, radio ads, social media ads, etc., on a daily minute by minute basis, why? Because the highly degreed executives at McDonald's understand the concept of "OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!"

In order for your business to remain successful you must continue to remain in the public's eyes and ears. I fully understand advertising and marketing can be expensive; however, there's a wonderful advertising and marketing tool called The Black Mall - The Black Mall has made advertising and marketing easy, simple and extremely affordable.

"....for only $15 you can reach MILLIONS of customers and clients 
waiting to see your Services, Products, and Business"

Contact The Black Mall and for only $15 you can list your your Services, Products, Business and/or Company on their website. The Black Mall has a reach of over a MILLION customers and clients waiting to see what you have too offer. So, no more excuses! Contact The Black Mall ((NOW)) and let them help you.

The Black Mall

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