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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chief Keef Plans to RAISE the Murder Rate in Chicago

Written By: Jim Allen
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The South Side of Chicago Rapper known as Chief Keef (Keith Cozart) has set social media ablaze claiming that his new album Bang3 is going to raise the murder rate in Chicago. I guess Mr. Cozart view parents burying their children hit in the head and chest by stray bullets as a joke?!

So basically in essence Chief Keef purposely went into the studio with his team...created and developed hype music to incite violence. Crack music for crack babies. Selling an image to fatherless kids in Chicago that if they act like him they'll be successful, when in fact if they act like Chief Keef they'll be either dead or convicts.

I understand Chief Keef is a fatherless kid who became a famous Rapper, however, by now he should of been able to purchase common sense with all the millions he has...or he purports to have. At what point is Freedom of Speech abused and greatly mis-used? Defamation. Inciting a riot. Hate Speech. Anytime you claim your music is going to raise the murder rate in any American City you should be arrested and tried as an Urban Terrorist! Please click below LINKS:

Parents, please monitor what your children are listening to and watching. Also, for the record Chief Keef is NOT the Chief of the entire Black Disciple Nation! The King Jerome "Shorty" Freeman that I knew would of never excepted Chief Keef and his "Message of Murder".

Tha Movement University honored the late King Jerome "Shorty" Freeman for his peace initiatives. We had no clue he would die days later. Please click below LINKS:

King Jerome "Shorty" Freeman made it his business to bring PEACE to the streets of Chicago so if Chief Keef is going to run around claiming to be a Black Disciple then he should model himself after King Jerome "Shorty" Freeman!

Lastly, the Freeman family called and personally thanked Tha Movement University and Jim Allen for honoring their dad and telling the real history of what he stood for! Chief Keef get your mind right young man!

must be boycotted
December 25, 2013! 

Obama shakes Castro's Hand: WHO CARES?!

During his appearance at former South African President Nelson Mandela's "Memorial Service" President Obama shook the hand of Cuba's President Raul Castro (brother of Fidel Castro). The question remains...who gives a damn?! The crazy conservative right-wing pundits and talking heads give a damn. In fact they've managed too make a great deal out of it.

Most Americans couldn't tell you anything about the United States of America and Cuba's past relationships, and or why sanctions have been placed on Cuba by the United States of America. This post isn't to rehash that history but rather to point out the frailties and hypocrisies of the right-wing conservative media!

President Obama and President Castro 

For one, former President Nelson Mandela was a man of peace, forgiveness and healing. I think he would of supported President Obama shaking President Castro's hand at his "Memorial Service". The Service was about Nelson Mandela not some stupid political silliness between two Countries.

For two, a handshake isn't an endorsement. In 2009 at the G8 Summit in Italy, President Obama shook the hand of President Muammar Gaddafi. In 2011 President Obama supported the removal of Gaddafi. So in short shaking hands mean absolutely NOTHING!

President Gaddafi and President Obama 

Saturday, December 7, 2013


The Black man in America has systemically and institutionally been discriminated against. Even through such evil, tyranny, and pain there remained a faithful few of White men and women who advocated for the freedom of the Black man. These people were called Abolitionist.

Tha Movement University wants to give a special shout out too modern day Abolitionist. May GOD continue to bless these brothers in all their righteous endeavors! Click below pics.

Ronnie Hawkins Jr. 

Justin Francis 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chicago's Youth Leadership Ages 13 - 40

Jim Allen

There's a growing disenchantment among Chicago's youth leadership ages 13 - 40 as it relates to taking more serious roles within various neighborhoods and communities. This particular age bracket has become frustrated with Elder leadership and has made claims of being restricted, restrained, ignored and alienated. Youth leadership has taken its plight to social media blasting Elder leadership as being out of touch with Generation X and the Millennial Generation.

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"...However, youth leadership fails to
realize several important factors."

My service begin under the tutelage of the late great Rev. Rosetta Henry in 1996. Under her leadership I was elected youth president of Lawndale Gardens complex (1996-98) I was also recognized by the Chicago Housing Authority for my service as youth president and community activism. The point I'm making is youth leadership must understand the importance of SERVICE!

Please click above photo

Every great leader served rather in the Abolitionist Movement, Civil Rights Movement, Women's Rights Movement, Gay Rights Movement or Immigrant Rights Movement. Even the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., served in SCLC. Youth leadership ages 13 - 40 must serve in various social organizations: NAACP, SCLC, Rainbow Push Coalition, Urban League, National Action Network, ETC...

click photo

Before he become President of the United States of America, Barack Obama served as community organizer. Serving means to participate, pay dues and remain involved. Serving means waiting your turn. Youth leadership ages 13 - 40 if you're not apart of any social, recreational or religious organization you can forget about receiving any leadership role of prominence. Power is taken, however, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Leadership is passed down! You must align yourself to receive leadership. You must receive the anointing and blessings of the village Elders' in order to effectively lead. You must endure your rites of passage, your initiation of service in order to serve. YOU MUST GO THROUGH IT, YOU CAN DO IT!

Youth ages 13 - 40 you must pay your dues! No one comes to the construction site as a Master, you must first start as an Apprentice and work your way up the food chain of leadership. Although my activism started in 1996 I was licensed a Minister in 1998 (Bethlehem Healing Temple / 12 S. Oakley)...I currently serve as Ambassador of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago and has been affiliated with Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago since 2007.

If you are a young leader looking for a platform to serve please consider the below Churches and Organizations:

West Side of Chicago:
@ClarenceStowers (twitter)
Mars Hill Baptist Church

@IraAcree (twitter)
Greater St. John Bible Church

@PastorHannah (twitter)
New Life Church

@BishopHermanJac (twitter)
Ark of Safety Apostolic Church

Rev. Marshall Hatch

Rev. Walter Jones

Downtown Chicago
DeAnna Sherman

South Side of Chicago
Diane Latiker

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

Phillip Jackson

@drhoracesmith (twitter)
Apostolic Faith Church

@PastorHannah (twitter)
New Life Church

@CoreyBBrooks (twitter)
New Beginnings Church

@MichaelPfleger (twitter)
Faith Community of St. Sabina

@CharlesJenkins7 (twitter)
Fellowship Chicago

@om3 (twitter)
Trinity United Church of Christ

@revjamesmeeks (twitter)
Salem Baptist Church

@keepyoheadup (twitter)
Bethlehem Star M.B. Church

At the end of the day the number one place for at-risk youth, youth leadership and all leadership to be is Church. Especially at-risk teens, if you're an at-risk teen you should consider joining a Church - Church will provide you structure and positive role models of family. Join a Church ASAP! Just walk in any Church in Chicago and say "Jim Allen of Tha Movement University sent me".

Please click photo.
I'm asking all
Youth Leaders in Chicago,
let's help in this
great effort.
If you have a coat to
give away please call

Chiraq (HURTING) Black Chicago

The term Chiraq was created by rapper Chief Keef and his band of fatherless thugs. In short it means Chicago is more dangerous than Iraq and resembles Iraq relative to being a war torn City. The war in Chicago is centered around gang violence and the effects thereof. Basically gang violence is seen as sectarian violence in comparison to various foreign Countries.

Chief Keef is a known member of a re-organized faction of the Black Disciples street gang. I say re-organized because before his demise Jerome "Shorty" Freeman the patriarch of the Black Disciples used his energy and influence to change the image, philosophy and methodology of the Black Disciples by making the Black Disciples Nation centered around peace and redemption.

The image of Chiraq has circulated the globe. What people fail to understand is various Countries have Consulate Generals located throughout the Chicago, mostly Downtown. In 2009 I created and operated a program called THE ORDER OF SCHOLARS which was a summer youth program for girls and boys. The program operated mainly in Downtown Chicago. Each day participants of the program was given assignments to write about. They could write about any subject they wished. The program was educational first and recreational second. Among the many places I took my youth group were: BET Headquarters in Chicago, Ariel Capital Management, Amnesty International, Harold Washington Library, Millennium Park, True Star Magazine and of course several Consulate General offices.

One of the duties of the Consulate General is to provide his/her Country with a tourist report. The Consulate Generals office is also in place to help its people as it relates to transitioning from their home Country into their new place of residence, it also helps exchange students as well.

France has been told via their Consulate General and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform it's tourists when in Chicago AVOID the West Side of Chicago and the South Side of Chicago beginning at 59th street. To some this may not be a big deal, but to others such as myself I see this as another way to marginalize and stereotype African Americans and Hispanics who overwhelmingly live on the West and South Sides of Chicago.

Did you know the United Center is located on the West Side of Chicago? Did you know the mighty headquarters of the Rainbow Push Coalition and the Nation of Islam are located on the South Side of Chicago past 59th Street? Did you know the second richest street next to Michigan Avenue is (26th Street / Little Village) located on the Southwest Side of Chicago? Did you know the only Black news station celebrating 50 years WVON1690AM is located on the South Side of Chicago past 59th Street?

Who do we blame, do we blame Chief Keef and his promotion of the image of Chiraq? Do we blame Gangs? Or is the media to blame for continuously reporting gang violence in Black and Brown neighborhoods and communities?

According to Superintendent Garry McCarthy crime in Chicago is down, especially in comparison to the 1990's when tourism was at an all time high. No matter who's to blame rather the French Consulate General or the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they both are dead wrong in categorizing entire neighborhoods and communities as unsafe. An apology should be made for such racist ignorance.

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jim allen

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chicago Pastors' and SUICIDE

Pastor Teddy Parker Jr.,
and Family

written by: jim allen click below LINK

Suicide- the act of killing oneself on purpose (Webster's New World Dictionary)

On November 10, 2013 Teddy Parker Jr., Pastor of Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church took his own life. According to reports he sent his family ahead of him to church, then shot himself. His body was found in his driveway. The World Wide Web has been ablaze relative to the issue of suicide as it relates to Heaven and Hell.

Many Conservative Christians has written Pastor Parker off and have played GOD by putting him in Hell via their misinterpretation of scriptures. Of course suicide isn't something I promote as a solution; however, only GOD has the last say no matter how we die.

"...Even though he took his life, Pastor Teddy Parker Jr.,
remains a champion of HOPE thwarts depression and
mental illness simply by the fact he could of killed
his wife and children before he killed himself, but he didn't!".

please click above photo

The most thankless job in America is being a Pastor and with the explosion of the Cable TV Reality Show Preachers of LA - Pastors and preachers continue to be demonized and ostracized. There are 3 professions in America that has the highest suicide rates: Preachers, Lawyers and Physicians.

Lest we forget the drug overdose of Pastor Zachery Tims, Jr., in each cases we see gifted, young, handsome, strong and intelligent men, yet battling mental and spiritual demons. Its important to note suicide isn't just physical. There are many who have committed suicide mentally and spiritually, they are the living dead who can careless about themselves or others. In Chicago there are many young men and women who have committed mental suicide which is why violence is so high because the conscious of a generation has been self inflicted by poverty, disenfranchisement and fatherlessness.

The plate of a GOOD Pastor is always full. S/he is bombarded with the problems of their parishioners and their personal problems as well. Pastors are sometimes charged of not caring enough for their flocks, then when they go home they're charged with not spending enough time with their families. Its tremendous pressure on all sides. They have to give a sense of stability even though they feel their souls slipping away.

"I haven't made love to my wife in nine months, can't pinpoint why? My children are rebelling. My daughter is pregnant and not married. My son can't seem to keep his pants up. I'm on the brink of having an affair. How can I convince members the importance of paying their tithes and offerings? The strain of striving for higher position in my denomination. My wife wants a $75,000 Lexus for her birthday. Keeping up with personal insurance for the family. Church foreclosure, loans, debt, pressure..."

Another thing to look at is the culture of Black men. For Black men its not manly to be gay, to ask for help, to be broken. Many men, and Black men in particular are broken and have been broken since daddy left mommy and never re-entered their lives. We have Black men in our Churches well dressed, smelling good, looking like a picture of perfection, nevertheless, deep within they are broken.

Black men (not all) simply do not believe in counseling nor do Black men accept the fact they might be suffering from depression or bipolar disorder. They'd rather allow ego and a macho attitude to overpower clinical or spiritual diagnosis and treatment. Most Black men aren't whole, but in a World where Governments shutdown and tsunamis wipe out tens of thousands of people at one time, I guess the entire World needs to be made whole? Being whole doesn't mean ONE is perfect, but ONE has the tools to: manage, deal and cope with life's situations.

"Never allow your passion to consume you!"

At the end of the day we're all human. We have emotions, and even the brightest of us have made gross decisions and mistakes. World Governments have murdered millions based on reasonable doubt not absolute truth. As we evolve relative to mental paradigm shiftings: Slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights,  Immigrant Rights, Human Rights may we embrace those who fight for us no matter their intention and motivations.

May we embrace through candid love our Public Servants, and in particular our Pastors' on the front lines. Call your Pastor. Email your Pastor. Tell your Pastor you love him/her. Support your Pastor as much as you can.

Every Church has an ANGEL in it. The ANGEL is the PASTOR (Revelation 1:20) when Pastors' realize GOD views them as ANGELS over his flock they will truly begin to give their problems and the flock's problems to GOD (Jeremiah 3:15).

Please click below website:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pastors & Ministers: Chicago Defender

please click photo (Left to Right)
Ronald E. Childs (Interim Publisher/Executive
Editor of the Chicago Defender)
 and Jim Allen

Some of Chicago's Pastors and Ministers have agreed to ask their members to buy a Chicago Defender Newspaper every Wednesday. Often in Chicago we're bombarded with negative images of Black and Brown youth. The Chicago Defender is the opposite of what many have been falsely told about Black Chicago. The Chicago Defender was founded in 1905 which makes it over 100 years old.

please click photo
(Left to Right)
Bishop Roosevelt Watkins,
Ronald E. Childs (Interim Publisher/
Executive Editor) of the Chicago Defender

When one reads the Chicago Defender they'll get a bird's eye view of the World through the soul of Black excellence. The Chicago Defender covers World news, National news and Local News. Here's another fact, when you support the Chicago Defender you directly support the Bud Billiken Parade which is the largest and oldest African American Parade in the United States founded in 1929 by Robert S. Abbott who also founded the Chicago Defender in 1905.

So the next time you're at the corner store, gas station or downtown be sure to support the Chicago Defender. Make a habit out of supporting the Chicago Defender Newspaper by buying one every Wednesday.

Below are the Pastors' and Minister's
in support of the Chicago Defender Newspaper:
Rev. Clarence Stowers
Pastor John Hannah
Bishop Roosevelt Watkins
Rev. Cy Fields
Bishop Herman Jackson
Min. Darius Randle
Min. Kendra D. Spearmen
Rev. Joyceann Crump
Min. Tasha Gates
Rev. C.L. Brookins
Min. Wanda Norris
Rev. Ira Acree
Rev. Marshall Hatch
Father Michael Pfleger
Bishop James E. Dukes
Pastor Merrick Jackson
Dr. Darlene Allen Nickols
Pastor Chuck Rogers
Min. Melody Winston
Rev. Jacquie Lewis
Pastor Tim White
Pastor Corey Brooks
Rev. James Meeks
Bishop Larry Trotter

Rev. Joyceann Crump
and Jim Allen

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meet Chicago's (WEALTH COACH)

LaTorya Street

There's a great "Wealth Coach" in Chicago providing people with knowledge as it relates to investing. Her name is LaTorya Street and she's a State Farm Insurance Agent. LaTorya's agency is located on the West Side of Chicago but reaches across the City and State.

Here's something startling, who wants to be a millionaire? "A person 21 years old investing $1,000 monthly in State Farm Whole Life Insurance would have a total of $1,000,000 by age 60!" Here's another startling fact "A Pastor or Business Owner age 30 - 35 who doesn't have a (401K Plan) investing $200 monthly in State Farm Whole Life Insurance would have a total of $85,000 by age 60!"


Here's another great fact "For only $30 DOWN and $15 MONTHLY a person could have State Farm Life Insurance good for AUTO LOANS, BURIAL EXPENSES, HOME MORTGAGE, OUTSTANDING DEBT, and EDUCATIONAL EXPENSES!" The cheapest funeral is around $5,000 "With State Farm Life Insurance you only put $30 DOWN and pay $15 MONTHLY and you'll have a $50,000 BURIAL INURANCE POLICY!" Do what's best for yourself and your family, contact LaTorya Street ASAP!

State Farm Agent
LaTorya Street
5215 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60651


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chicago (Emerging Talent) Miranda Gonzalez

please click ALL photos

Born in Dover, Delaware raised in the great City and State of Las Vegas, Nevada...Miranda Gonzalez has overcome amazing odds. At age 11 she was raped by boys in her neighborhood. She left home at age 17 and suffered abuse and homelessness. She was gang affiliated with the notorious Bloods street gang. Miranda was also an exotic private dancer, yet she isn't bitter about her past.

Miranda was bullied in High School, yet through sports she found an outlet to soothe her pain. Miranda played point guard as a freshman playing on the varsity basketball level and received a scholarship. Headed for college (North Carolina State) she got derailed by having a child at age 18. They say jealousy is as cruel as the grave which explains why Miranda Gonzalez has been rejected by many (especially women) due to her amazing beauty and loving spirit.

Miranda Gonzalez turned her PAIN into PURPOSE by becoming a licensed addictions specialist, domestic violence advocate, she's also an actress, educator, mentor, volunteer (North Lawndale), community outreach worker, minister/prophetess and radio personality. Ms. Gonzalez attended Malcolm X College and Kennedy King College of Radio for media, drama and communications. She has reached THOUSANDS around the world via social media and her radio commentary.

"...Miranda is a Cancer survivor
and member of the great New Life Church
under the Leadership of Pastor John Hannah".

Her heart bleeds youth/young adult ministry as she heals the broken hearted through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her gift has brought mental, spiritual and emotional healing to many fatherless and broken men. She has traveled the United States of America as a Missionary and Motivational Speaker to Churches and Denominations. She's also an awesome mother of 3 children and member of the great ΦΘΚ organization.

"Her work as a HIV educator, tester, and facilitator for 
gay men ages 18 - 24 is simply amazing!" 

There's no stopping or boxing in Miranda "World Changer" Gonzalez, she's an in demand Gospel and Secular Radio personality and Motivational Speaker with a broad knowledge of many topics. Chicago is blessed to have her here as one of its shining STARS! Be sure to follow Miranda Gonzalez by clinking the below LINKS:

"...Miranda Gonzalez has been
deemed the next Oprah"

written by jim allen
follow me on instagram, click below LINK 

Have You Heard the Ask-Dr-Ron-Show?

Had a blast this past Tuesday (October 29, 2013) on the Dr. Ron Ford Show. We discussed the impact negative and positive of the Preachers Of LA! Of course I'm in support of the Preachers Of LA. I think the show provides raw insight into the ups and downs of Christian leadership. We must remember, Pastors' are HUMAN, they hunger, thirst and have sex drives just like all of us. Please click below pics. Be sure to listen to the ASK-DR-RON SHOW every Tuesday at 4PM CST please click this LINK:

Left to Right (Jim Allen and Miranda Gonzalez)

Could someone please inform Miranda "NO ONE
Left to Right (Dr. Pam, Jim, Miranda)
Left to Right (Jim Allen and Miranda)
Left to Right
(Dr. Pam, Jim, Miranda, Chris "Mayhem" Base)
Left to Right (Dr. Ron Ford and Jim Allen)
two Masonic brothers.

Meet West Side of Chicago RISING STAR!

Help me in supporting Blake Sercye in becoming the next Cook County Commissioner of the 1st District. He's an attorney who on the side does pro bono work: Fair Housing and Prisoners' Rights Litigation. He's active with the West Side of Chicago NAACP. He's a brother of the great ΦΒΣ fraternity. Mr. Sercye has a Law Degree from the University of Chicago and a bachelor's with honors from Princeton University. We need this great talent in Office fighting for us!   


Sunday, October 27, 2013


For only $30.00 DOWN and $15 MONTHLY you could have 
State Farm Life Insurance good for:

Auto Loans
Burial Expenses 
Home Mortgage 
Outstanding Debt
Educational Expenses 

State Farm Agent 
LaTorya Street 
5215 W. Chicago Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60651 

Please click below website

"Only $30.00 DOWN and $15 MONTHLY



please click above photo

The Almighty Vice Lord Nation is one of Chicago's oldest street gangs and largest. The gang has had many leaders, one of the most notable leaders was a man named Minister Rico who was released from prison in August 2012. For years Minister Rico was looked upon as the supreme leader of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation.

Since Minister Rico's release many are eager to work with him relative to creating, developing and implementing strategies of PEACE. Its difficult because efforts of bringing peace can be tricky and what isn't needed is a miscalculation by law enforcement leading to the rearrest of Willie Johnson i.e. Minister Rico.

The Minister, through the power of GOD has turned his life around, he's turned a new leaf and is now working to better the lives of those caught in the revolving doors of gang violence and recidivism. His release is much needed to the peace and security of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods and communities.

The Conservative Vice Lords of which the Almighty Vice Lord Nation sprung out of and its over 20 factions is currently searching its soul, going back too its primitive roots as a community organization that once marched with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., please click below link:



"An Untold Story of the 
Conservative Vice Lords".
Spirit of Truth Church 
November 1, 2013 
3443 W. Harrison Street 
6p - 8p 

Be sure to support our 
at-risk youth program.
Click below LINK:

Racism In America (Halloween 2013)

click above photo

The murder of Trayvon Martin gripped the conscience of America's soul relative to racism. Of course not all Whites believe Trayvon's killer was not guilty nor did some Blacks believe Trayvon was completely innocent; however, just about all believe he didn't deserve to be stalked and murdered.

Even the President of the United States got involved in this hot race debate stating if he had a son he'd look like Trayvon. Click LINK:

Just as America is still trying to heal from the Trayvon Martin case, some idiot on instagram posted a hideous Halloween picture that has the World Wide Web fuming in disgust and total shock! This picture is an insult to all Americans' no matter race or nationality.

the above picture was posted 
October 25, 2013 by 
@ktcimeno on instagram 

Hopefully everyone in the above picture enjoyed their 5 seconds in the HALL OF SHAME! America now see's your stupid racist faces! Hopefully these clowns learn a lesson from their diabolical actions!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chicago Pastors $UPPORT Chicago Defender 2013-14

Tha Movement University (the HOTTEST blog in Chicago) is calling on all Chicago Pastors' to encourage their parishioner's in supporting the Chicago Defender Newspaper. We need everyone to buy a Chicago Defender Newspaper every Wednesday in 2013 and 2014.

Lets support this great historical Black institution that has done so much for our community. We're calling on Pastor John Hannah, Rev. James Meeks, Rev. Ira Acree, Rev. Marshall Hatch, Father Michael Pfleger, Rev. Corey Brooks, Rev. Leon Finney, Rev. Clarence Stowers, Rev. Charles Jenkins, Rev. Greg Livingston and many, many others too please encourage your members in supporting this noble endeavor.


"...the Chicago Defender has been
around since 1905!"

click above photo...

Jim Allen

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who Are The African American "FOUNDING FATHERS?"

click above photo

Of course we know America's "Founding Fathers", but who are the African American "Founding Fathers?" This is important to know simply because the African American narrative is quite different then any other Race, Creed or Nationality in America. 

Crispus Attucks
1723 - 1770 

African Americans by LAW were discriminated against for CENTURIES! The American Revolution of which the first person to die for was African American (Crispus Attucks) yet after the American Revolution African Americans were still slaves. 

"..Remember, this is African American history...not African history. 
We are focusing on African American 'Founding Fathers' only"

Benjamin Banneker 
1731 - 1806

Tha Movement University is working with several institutions and various individuals in naming and creating a document as well as paintings of our African American "Founding Fathers". These documents, paintings and pictures will be in our homes, churches, schools, businesses, etc., in a show of pride for our ancestor who diligently fought for Freedom and Civil Rights. 

Richard Allen
1760 - 1831

Please be sure to check the below LINKS: 

Prince Hall 
1735 - 1807 

Frederick Douglas 
1818 - 1895 

Organized By:
Jim Allen, Master Mason